Protect Marriage, Yes on Proposition 8

We had our broadcast tonight from Salt Lake City regarding Proposition 8. We were encouraged and given more counsel regarding voting yes and doing all that we can to support Proposition 8 in order to protect the sanctity of marriage. We need to do this as a moral issue and in fact to support tolerance. The worry is that our freedoms will be taken away by the minority that are always looking to press the envelope further. We’ve been asked to continue spreading the word to educate and now to persuade voters to vote Yes on 8. – an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. – the coalition of churches and other organizations working to protect marriage in California with a Yes on 8 campaign.
Church Readies Members on Proposition 8 – article from the LDS Newsroom

I just saw that Google is openly opposing Prop 8 (not sure if I should link or not). I think this just goes to show how much work in education we need to do. They say they don’t want us taking away rights, well we aren’t taking away any rights. In fact, the argument is that by allowing Prop 8 to fail, we will be taking away the rights of those that believe in traditional marriage. Shame on you Google. All that information at your fingertips and you can’t figure out what is really going on.

In other news, things were crazy at the office today. I tried to get through things to clean some things up before I leave next week, but it just wasn’t happening. I think I’m going to be spending some more extra time at work the next few days to get things ready. And stupid Dell isn’t sure if they can deliver on their promise to get me my new laptop by the weekend. I don’t think they understand that if I don’t have it by the weekend, I just don’t want it as I will have no use for it. Maybe I can twitter to get some results tomorrow. 🙂