Making Progress

I feel like I was actually able to make some progress at work today. I was able to get through a lot of my email and even check a few things off my to do list. Dell can’t seem to get their act together though and the laptop I was promised I would have by tomorrow at the latest isn’t scheduled to ship till Monday. I’ve informed them multiple times now that if I don’t have it this weekend, I don’t want it. They are now proposing to ship it Saturday for Monday morning delivery I think. I really don’t want to cut it that close but I guess if that is what it comes down to. Otherwise I may just have go find one locally.

Institute was great as always tonight. It is so hard to quantify what we learn each week, but I am really starting to get a better understanding of so much of the old testament that I’ve never had before. It is slowly sinking in and I am very grateful for Sister Dowden’s help.

I found a few comments on my post regarding prop 8 from last night which was kind of exciting. I hope we are on the right track. I completely understand why people are against the proposition, I just know what we need to do everything we can to make sure it passes to protect marriage.