Daily Archives: 10/13/2008

NetMax Day 1

We got a good introduction to the product today and spent most of the day just talking about technical aspects of various products that related to Netmax. We started getting into the IRIS-Net software this afternoon. I can’t believe I went the entire day without seeing Carla. I’m sure she is busy getting things together for Maui. That girl works so much!

After class we went to TGI Friday’s for dinner and were there for a few hours. I was hoping to get back to the room and catch a movie tonight before falling asleep, but I got wrapped up in work and now am so past ready to go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a bit more free time to relax, or I’ll get wrapped up in something else.

It is so beautiful out here, it makes me miss living in the North. The trees are losing their leaves and they are changing colors. The driveway at Bosch was covered in autumn colored leaves it was so amazing. I’m really glad I’m here now instead of having come back in July. Maybe I can come back this winter when there is some snow on the ground!