Daily Archives: 10/22/2008

Happy Birthday Mandi

I have been so exhausted lately I haven’t had a chance to write. Monday night I went to dinner and FHE at the Lee’s and was there until after 9. I was up early on Tuesday for the temple and then decided to ditch work. I just wasn’t feeling like going into the office Tuesday afternoon for some reason. After I stopped to get Pumpkin Spice doughnuts (Krispy Kreme) and some strawberry lemonade (Cheesecake Factory) there wasn’t going to be much time spent in the office anyway.

The temple was interesting Tuesday morning. I continued demonstrating at the veil for the most part of the day. I served as a patron in initiatories for a while as well. I felt really close to the people I was serving as proxy for this time. It was really touching. When we had some sisters from Idaho show up who wanted to do baptisms, I got to officiate in those ordinances as well. They didn’t bring any priesthood with them, so I was able to baptize them and I was happy to have had the opportunity to assist them.

I spent some time around the house and then went over to the Dowden’s. Maegan and I went and got some Pinkberry with Megan and then ran into Lauren S. Well, actually, Lauren nearly ran Maegan and I over as we were walking around trying to find a mailbox. After that I had a meeting to go over perfect home teaching districts. We were at the church until after midnight, but I feel that we were getting good work done.

I spent most of the day today playing behind computer monitors. I had six of them going for most of the day installing software on new machines and so forth. We went to Claim Jumper for Mandi’s birthday and then had cake at the Dowden’s. Melissa had a little problem with the candles, but the cake was delicious.

Maegan’s little black cat has been around a lot lately. This morning he wouldn’t let me leave at all and I was nearly late to work. He jumped in my car and when I would put him out he wouldn’t get out of the way. I was so nervous I was going to run him over so this went on for almost ten minutes! He’s been running up to me every-time I come and go lately. I’m trying to convince Maegan that is because he misses her and she needs to come around more.