Made of Honor

Wowsers! It’s after 1 in the morning and I wasn’t even out doing anything tonight! I came home after work, made dinner and watched Made of Honor. Larilyn has been wanting to see it for some time now, so I got it in a few weeks ago and just haven’t had an evening to watch it. Melissa and I discussed last night that tonight could be a good night. I texted Larilyn this morning and she said it would probably work even though she already had other plans. Well, Melissa invited Michelle and Michelle said something to Larilyn, so naturally I got in trouble for proceeding with plans before it was even known if Larilyn could come. I guess I was just hoping it would all work out or I would have watched it twice.

After the movie Larilyn made Cheesecake, so that took a few hours and then Michelle kept showing us funny things online. Next thing you know, Geoff is coming home and that’s when we know we’re up too late!