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Twitter Updates for 2008-11-30

  • cleaned the stake center. now its time for my house. #
  • I broke my swiffer sweeper. I always thought there was a weak point where it went from aluminum to plastic. guess I was right! #
  • ok. I give up. too much christmas music on the radio. let the decorating begin. #
  • why did I let the girls talk me into getting a stainless steel fridge? its not like they come over to polish it or anything! #
  • Finally hung some things on the walls, only had issues with one… Still need more art and picture frames to fill white space. #
  • is exhausted from cleaning all day and has no plans tonight. #
  • Figure it’s time for dinner about now. Sounds like chicken fettucini. It’s actually been a while believe it or not. #
  • Watching Stardust. #
  • Enjoyd Stardust tonight on HD-DVD. #
  • It is so nice to have a clean house. I love freshly vacuumed carpets! #
  • MoTab is signing Christmas music during Music & the Spoken Word this morning. #
  • May have been the last YSA to leave @LDSNana’s, but I’m still getting to bed at a reasonable time! Now for some blogging. #

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Two Weeks?

I tried take two on the blueberry muffins this morning. I cooked them at a lower temperature and checked on them every few minutes. The bottoms were still a bit overdone and the tops weren’t toasty yet, so I need to work on calibrating this oven definitely.

Church went well. David and I got some home teaching assignments fixed, so I feel like we are making progress there slowly but surely. Austin had a great talk today on testimonies. He shared some great stories to illustrate points from his mission. I really need to start taking notes or something because I can never seem to remember many of the details – or maybe I’m just too tired by this time of night.

Sister Dowden made some great french fries tonight. I’m sure the seasoning helped, but she did a great job frying nonetheless.

President Clegg touched on this during his instruction today (5th Sunday) and it was also the topic for branch prayer tonight. We talked about appropriate things to do on the Sabbath. The short answer is still whatever brings you closer to the Lord. This is one of those things that you must take in stages. I think a good answer to the question of if something should be acceptable to do on Sunday is it depends on what you would do with that time instead of the activity. If turning off the TV means you’re going to spend more time with friends and family, then yes. If the TV is keeping you from getting into bigger trouble then go for it. I keep thinking that I want to develop more missionary or activation type things to do on Sunday to better use my time, but seem to always fall short of implementation.

Carla made me go and get my camera at branch prayer tonight and then it seemed to be the night for people to talk about cameras. President Clegg is apparently looking to buy into the good stuff and Noelle seemed interested as well. PC also told the Skagg’s that I’m getting married in two weeks. This is news to me and I’m somewhat interested in who the unlucky lady is. He was talking about one of his nephews getting married last week, then a niece this next week and then he said Scott was getting married the following week. I figured he was referring to some other Scott, but learned quickly that he wasn’t. I guess we’ll see how this arranged marriage thing works.


I feel like such a bum, but I know I accomplished a lot today so I will overlook the fact that I never took a shower. I got up this morning and got right to cleaning the stake center and then came home and continued here. I vacuumed a good portion of the house, scrubbed the kitchen floor until the Swiffer Sweeper broke, experimented with table clothes, did some laundry, hung some pictures, rearranged some things and so forth. I feel like it was a big day and I am exhausted from it.

Frank moved out today. I’m really sad to see him go which is kind of strange because he was never here that much. I just feel like I’m going to be missing out things. Maybe I’ll end up seeing more of him now that he doesn’t live here, who knows. I guess this means I have an open room again (not that I didn’t technically to begin with). I also have to figure out what is going on with Geoff as he was supposed to be leaving soon too. It could be nice to have the house to myself again.

I watched Stardust tonight. I wasn’t too sure what was going to come of the movie, but it held my interest and I started to really get into it about half way through. The movie has the typical story line where a boy goes to get something for the woman he thinks he loves and then realizes he loves someone else. I hope I’m not ruining anything for anyone here, this should be common knowledge in these movies. In this instance he goes out to catch a shooting star. I did like the ending of the movie although I must admit i was confused at first.

Oh, I also got some calls done for home teaching. I’m meeting with David in the morning and I hope we can work on getting this bus back on the road. There were lots of things I learned tonight. Sometimes I wonder why it takes so long to figure things out and why people don’t move their records when they move!

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-28

  • enjoyed sleeping last night while the rest of you were out shopping! Not sure what I’ll be doing today, but I presume I won’t be shopping. #
  • the christmas music has started! let the countdown begin (to when we can stop playing it) #
  • I wrote to the one and only Sister Caldwell and got it out in the mail today. Can I go back to sleep now? #
  • Fully caught up on Google Reader. Now it’s really time for a nap! #
  • The worst part of taking all the pictures is loading them into iPhoto. I need a better solution. suggestions? Nikon View? Lightroom? #
  • If I keep getting 10 mbps downloads with fios, I might have to upgrade to 20/20 just to take back everything bad I’ve said. #
  • Trying to decide if I want to go to the temple early today or just for our branch’s baptisms tonight. Anyone want to join me if I go early? #
  • Baptisms for the Dead at the San Diego Temple tonight 5-7. Meet at the Murrieta Stake Center to carpool at 5:30. #
  • Our supposedly canceled baptisms trip went well. 6 bros & 6 sisters plus others. Guess I didn’t go early so I could orchestrate this. #
  • Building cleanup in the morning. I’ll be there at 8, hope to see you there. #

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Working with Pictures

It seems like I didn’t accomplish much today. I worked with my pictures from Maui for a while this afternoon and eventually got so frustrated with iPhoto that I decided to search for an alternative. I’d love to have something free or that I already have, but I’d rather pay for something that is going to work right. I started using a trial of Aperture and while the workflow is different and taking some getting used to, it seems that the process can be done much faster and it doesn’t choke with my 6 mb pictures like iPhoto does. Really I think my computer needs a faster hard drive and more ram, i.e. I should be doing this on a Mac Pro instead of a MacBook Pro. I wonder if it would be economical to upgrade the RAM in my mbp.

I wrote to the one and only Sister Caldwell this morning. I feel like we’re always writing, but not much information is being conveyed. Maybe I need to switch to a larger medium than the note cards. I really want to get back to writing her more inspiring things or talking about things I have learned. I actually had a hard time keeping some of the drama out of this one, but I don’t want to bore or distract her with that useless information.

We went to the temple tonight to do baptisms for the dead. Apparently the trip got canceled as I was getting ready to go. I called the temple and they said they would rather have some of us than none of us, so I told everyone I could that the temple trip was still happening and we went down. We had 6 brothers and 6 sisters which was pretty good for a cancelled trip. We did things in a kind of weird order tonight, but it got done and that’s what matters in my book.

I don’t really have anything exciting to report today. Maybe I should have gotten the mail. Or maybe I should just go to sleep!

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-27

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I wish you a happy and safe time with family and friends or whoever you may be spending time with today. #
  • Got Google Reader down to 132 items to read this morning from over 300. Now I think it is time for a Krispy Kreme break! #
  • Promo and Lindsay are finally engaged! #
  • Heading to Thanksgiving dinner with dad, step-mom and brother. Maybe I’ll share my last pumpkin spice doughnut with them. #
  • going home and probably going to watch Amazing Grace. let me know if you want to join. #

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I’m thankful for this quiet day to get some things done which I have needed to do for a long time. I was able to get through a lot of receipts and even tried to start reconciling some accounts. I feel like I made a lot of progress even if that progress isn’t visible to anyone but me.

I went down to Fallbrook tonight for dinner and hung out with the family for a while. We just sat and talked for a while after dinner which was good. Matthew is applying to all sorts of crazy schools, 4 UC’s and 4 Ivy leagues.

I came home and stayed up too late watching Amazing Grace, a movie about abolishing the slave trade. It was good, but I was way too tired and should have opted to go to sleep instead.

Quickly, I am thankful today and everyday for the people in my life who have made me who I am today. To those who help lift me daily and those who are there to support me when needed. To those who have been examples for me to look to and those who have helped me raise the bar. I’m so grateful for the hospitality of so many people to welcome me into their homes night after night. I am grateful for friends and their love. I am so grateful for my membership in Christ’s resorted church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our recent involvement with Prop 8 may have certainly taxed a lot of resources and lost friendships for some, but I am thankful for the opportunity to have been involved in this monumental issue. I am so ecstatic that we were able to emerge victorious! I am thankful for the atonement and the opportunity to use it in our lives. I am thankful to the missionaries and friends who brought me into the fold. I am grateful to serve in the House of the Lord weekly and thank those who gave their lives to bring the blessings of the temple to us.

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-26

  • so beautiful this morning. many of the trees on whitewood lost leaves, wet ground, sunlight through the rain clouds. its awesome! #
  • I love that the LDS Church advertises on #
  • Nikon had to tell me about the Black Friday sale. Don’t the realize they’ve already gotten enough of my money? Love the D700 btw. #
  • Changed the theme for fall and just updated many links on . What next? #

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The Rain Brings Such Beauty

It was so beautiful this morning I can’t describe in words what I felt as I was driving to work. It had rained last night so the roads were wet and the air just had that clean feel and clear look to it that only comes after the rain has purified things. A lot of the trees on Whitewood actually lost their leaves and there was a plethora of colors in some places. In some spots entire bushes or yards were covered with the autumn colors of fallen leaves. The sun was peaking through the clouds and giving them an awesome backlight while at the same time it was clear skies to the west. I could have spent hours taking pictures, but was trying to make it to work on-time so there was no time to stop and take pictures. In retrospect, it would have been worth showing up late to enjoy it a bit more.

Things were kind of quiet, but pretty busy at the office today. I spent a few hours teching an amp that came in for repair which involved me finally installing Windows XP on my Dell laptop. I was able to get some more things cleaned up on my desk and my email is actually under control, so I’m pretty much looking forward to a long weekend. I may go in on Friday for a while just to get some single user mode things done.

I came home a bit earlier than normal, but later than i was expecting today. I spent some time working on my site and updated the theme for fall as well as finally got all the RSS feeds in for the blogroll. I just wish I could get it to sort on time updated, but maybe that will come in a future update of the plugin.

I grabbed some pizzas and took them over to the Rodriguez’s for dinner along with returning their tupperware from the other night. I went to a missionary correlation meeting which I think could be better arranged for a time before or after church on Sunday instead of pulling us all together on another night. I then went to our branch’s pie night at the Prosser’s. I enjoyed some pumpkin pie and talked with people for a while. I ended up at the Dowden’s until I felt I was going to fall asleep and my contacts really started to bother me.

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-25

  • its sad that you have to pay $2 to park at fashion valley mall now. go away christmas! #
  • dosn’t look like the sister I felt I was stalking in the temple today followed me to Cheesecake Factory. #
  • I think this lady celebrating her birthday next to me is drunk and it is barely 1 o’clock. #
  • should I be worried that my employees tell me to go home? #
  • Up way too late, but enjoyed watching the 24 between season episode tonight at the Dowden’s. #

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Stalking Sister

I’ll make this short, or at least try, for better or for worse tonight cause I’m so tired. I had a good time serving in the temple today. I was trained on the recommend desk so I’m quickly getting more versatile. We had a packed session at 10 when I officiated with a few own endowments which was great to officiate for.

It was a little awkward when I felt like I was stalking one of the sisters from my session. I wanted to spend some time sitting in the celestial room after the session so after we wrapped things up I went in there and happened to try and go for the exact same spot. Then she left after a while and I stayed to ponder, then took my time getting back downstairs. As I was walking out she was right behind me. I almost wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to ruin the spirit. She didn’t show up at Krispy Kreme or Cheesecake Factory, so it wasn’t like this went on all day, it just seemed awkward to me for some reason.

I came home and did some work from home and then started trying to actually process the bills and receipts that have been piling up on my kitchen table. i didn’t make it very far, but I have made some improvements. Larilyn came over to make a cheesecake, but then we ended up going over to the Dowden’s for dinner and then ended up watching the 24 Redemption between season episode.

Apple iTunes


Today seemed like it was dragging on in the office. I was so ready to get out of there long before 4:30. The phones were pretty quiet and I was doing boring work most of the day along with a few more interesting projects.

Somehow or another I got out of taking Maegan to the airport in the morning. She had suggested coming up to Murrieta tonight to save time in the morning. I explained that I’d rather not drive to Fallbrook tonight to get her and would rather just get her in the morning. Soon after I was told Larilyn was going to take her so I must have offended her somehow. I guess that seems to be the theme for this week, which isn’t much good since this is supposed to be the week of Thanksgiving. What am I doing wrong? I am in that bad of a mood over Christmas that I can’t see my own actions?

I was thankful to go home teaching tonight with Kenny. I enjoyed the preparation time to ponder President/Elder Bednar’s talk on effective prayer from this past conference. I love his talks and feel so strongly connected to him. I probably got more out of it than Chris did, but I felt it was the one we were supposed to share. Hopefully it will help him as well.

Now I have to ask the question: Where is the line between complaining and critiquing? I’m worried some feel that I have been complaining when I have nearly been trying to improve situations. There are certainly times I complain, like about the way some things went down Saturday, but with regards to tomorrow morning, this correlation meeting and cheesecake, I haven’t been trying to complain, merely share my opinion in an attempt to arrive at a better product, use time more effective or waste less resources.

I hung out with the Dowden’s for a while tonight. I even called Sister Dowden at work this morning just to hassle her and she did such a good job with the phones I didn’t even know it was her!

I’m anxious to go to the temple tomorrow. I feel like I need that sanctuary from everything that has been going on lately. I don’t think I’m going to work after, so I may stay for a while after my shift just to enjoy. I think I got some cool sunset shots on the way home from work tonight. I stopped in the office complex by Exit Realty and took shots with the American flag there and the sunset in the background. The sunset was actually pretty good tonight, but one that would have been hard to capture without being in the right spot and so forth. I was content enjoying it in person and not worrying about getting perfect pictures, so that’s a plus.

Want to be my neighbor?

This is the listing for the house next to me. People have been looking at it like crazy this past week. I’m a little scared that there are no pictures of the kitchen, but I guess you’d never know until you looked at it. I’m assuming it will sell for well over the asking price unless there is damage that I’m not aware of.

36773 Doreen Dr, Murrieta, CA 92563 | $230,000 | Murrieta Real Estate | 080079286

On Edge

Today was interesting. I made blueberry muffins this morning for PEC, but they came out burned. I need to put a thermometer in this oven as I think it is cooking too hot or something. Everything seems to come out in way less time than has been required in the past. They were still OK, but they smelled way better than they tasted.

Things went fairly well at church today, but it just seemed like a day for things to go wrong or at least for people to be on the edge. It seemed that we got into it about having a meeting. We were just trying to purpose an alternate meeting date and venue, but people started to take things personally. I guess I’ll go try this meeting this week and see what it is all about and maybe I can talk some sense into people that we should be having all of our necessary meetings on Sunday and not waste time driving around and meeting during the week. If we have too many meetings, let’s eliminate them, not hold them on different days. I can’t understand why anyone would propose taking the missionaries away from their prime time of meeting with investigators or members to talk about how we are going to do the work. Let’s just get out there and do it!

I had dinner with the missionaries and the Lee’s tonight. The Lee’s made some amazing steak, probably the best non restaurant steak I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to the left overs tomorrow or later in the week. I think I may have to finish off Maegan’s leftovers in the fridge first, before they go bad. This is going to be a short week at the office with only going in two days.

I was talking with the Lee’s today about various things and we got to my dilemma that I need to get married before I turn thirty so I can continue to work in the temple. It seems like so long from now, but also seems so soon. It’s only three years away. Brother Lee said that when he was being released from his mission he was essentially told that they expected him to be married within six months. As crazy as I think that is, I almost understand it. I guess things have changed a lot since then, but yet we still have these written or unwritten rules about ages we need to be married by. Maybe that would also help with my Christmas spirit which I can tell is already getting tried.