What Gay Unions Don’t Guarantee

We came across this article today which was rather informative. I had figured all this time that gay’s would be fighting for marriage so that they could reap the tax benefits and get all the benefits of a true married couple.

Well, according to this article, that won’t actually happen:

But given that the federal government views same-sex married couples as perfect strangers, ineligible for the many federal rights given to opposite-sex married couples, the question for gay couples is this: Is it worth it to tie the knot?

The Legal Advice Even Married Same-Sex Couples Need – NYTimes.com

So, my question comes back to, what do they gain out of this? We’re told they don’t care about teaching it in schools and making it mainstream. It seems that they don’t really get much more in the way of rights. So even if we fail to pass proposition 8, they will still not be truly married. So why do it? Why the fight? What is the real motive and what do they get out of it?