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May Our Efforts Have Been Enough

Well, it is going to be too close to call tonight. As of 10:25 p.m. we’re looking at 29% of precincts reporting with 52.3% supporting a YES vote on Proposition 8 to protect marriage. I truly hope that our efforts will have been enough. I pray that the difference will be made up for us. I think we made our best efforts on this and I hope we emerge victorious in the morning and the coming days.

The fight has gotten really nasty in the last day. The home invasion video was so absurd. I called most of the Los Angeles and San Diego television stations on my way to the temple at 5 o’clock this morning and left messages for the advertising directors imploring them not to air the video. Since I wasn’t watching TV most of the day, I couldn’t tell you if they played them or not.

I had a good time at the temple this morning and was happy I was there and not somewhere else stressing about this proposition. I got to go through a session and then officiated for one. It was kind of nerve-wracking to officiate, but I heard I was a winner. Of course I have some things to work on, but I’m sure I can get it down shortly. I’m really bummed to be missing my shift next week. Sadly, I’m not looking forward to this vacation, but I’m sure after a few days I’ll be able to enjoy myself. It’s been a while since I’ve had some real time to myself I guess. I even looked at flights again tonight and they are too expensive now to consider bringing someone along. Actually, I guess that is just my flight. There are some other ones with a stop in Honolulu that could work I guess and maybe even some from SAN. I need to figure out that game-plan tomorrow. This may be your last chance, so speak now or forever hold your peace!

I also need to get to sleep. Didn’t I say i was going to get some sleep once this prop 8 thing was over? Well, I guess it isn’t over quite yet, so I haven’t broken any promises.

Steal a Yes on 8 Sign – 1 year in Jail

I totally think I saw some lady this morning going to steal a YES on 8 sign near the San Diego Temple. I should have stopped and taken pictures, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at 6 o’clock on the morning I guess.

So, even though it is over now, something to keep in mind. Steal a sign, get a year in jail or pay $1,000. I wonder if that is per incidence…

YouTube – more arrests for stealing Yes on 8 signs

Mormons’ $22M Backing of Prop. 8 Incites Critics

Clearly not the best article I’ve ever read, but you may find it useful nonetheless.

Mormons’ $22M Backing of Prop. 8 Incites Critics :: EDGE Boston

Here’s some logic for you: If Man and Woman can create a family (i.e. children) then they should be the fundamental unit of the family through marriage.

Most Men & Women can create children. I don’t know of once instance where a man and a man or a woman and a woman were able to create children.

Therefore, it follows logically: Only the combination of a Man and a Woman can create a family and therefore only a man and a woman can be married.

Stoning Mormons for standing up for their values by funding Prop. 8

Here is some more hate from the “no on hate” campaign. I wonder if these guys understand how to practice what they preach. Do you see the Yes on 8 people doing this? No. Have we asked some people to make donations to Yes after they made donations to No? Yes. Is that the same as sitting outside a family home presumably with the intention to intimidate? I think not.

Stoning Mormons for standing up for their values by funding Prop. 8