So it looks like I’m back to going to Maui by myself. I guess it will be an interesting week.

Today seemed like it dragged on at work and I even left for lunch. I was ready for lunch at like 10 and the hours after lunch seemed even longer. When 4:45 rolled around I decided I was done and started wrapping things up.

I’m disgusted that this prop 8 battle is continuing. The people have spoken and approved to designate marriage as being between only a man and a woman. The people who have lost need to understand that only 2-5% of the citizens in California are LDS. Our church is not pushing anything on anyone, we simply headed up the campaign on a moral issue. I still maintain that because only a man and a woman can create a family only a man and woman should be entitled to be married. This is discriminatory, I understand, because it is biology. We also discriminate against many other things in life. Birds can fly, people can’t. Can we change the laws of gravity? No. Can we change the laws of marriage? No.

I must take a minute to publicly thank the no on 8 supporters who have made it clear exactly the level of tolerance they would expect from us. Even after the election, the hate continues as well as protests. I think they have actually helped our fight by indicating to the public that they aren’t able to tolerate the public opinion.

I am appalled though at the attacks on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Protests outside of our temples and attempts to take away the tax exempt status of the church are uncalled for.