Flying Solo

Tomorrow I leave for Hawaii. I will be traveling alone, even though I found lots of interested people today. I thought I had publicized a month ago that I was looking for people to join me, but I guess I didn’t do a good enough job. In any event, maybe I will be able to enjoy some alone time and get some things done I haven’t been able to do for a while. I’m not sure what all I’m going to do out there though activity wise. I want to travel to the temple, but I’m figuring it would probably end up costing me $300 by the time I do it. I will probably go see Scott & Desoree one of the days, and that is going to probably cost about the same. Maybe if I spent the night with them I could catch a plane to the other island the next day and make a round trip of it. Of course, it would be a little strange to be in a $300/night resort/hotel and not go back to the room to sleep!