The One and Only

It was good to be back at church this week. I really missed being home last week. Many people told me I was at least a few shades darker. I guess that isn’t hard when you can serve as a white card. I don’t see it, but I’m sure I am. I did spend a lot of time out in the sun and didn’t wear much sunscreen.

We debunked myths regarding the atonement today. I really liked the style of the talk. It was so nice to have a homemade dinner at the Dowden’s tonight. I seriously need to come up with a plan for this week so I don’t have to go out to eat. Problem is there is nothing in my house to eat. I need some new food ideas for things that don’t cost me more than a meal at a nice restaurant. Maybe I just need someone to eat dinner with! I haven’t been over to the Rodriguez’s for a while, maybe its time I drop in there.

No one showed up for the CES Fireside tonight, which was fine with me. I just always want to make sure that people have the option. I’m sure most people who wanted to watch it watched it the night it aired or sometime in the past few weeks. But I guess you never know who could have been out there. I still have it if someone wants to come watch it. This is the only reason I have TV and a DVR in my house, so that I can watch these things on the BYU channel. I’m sure my roommates would love it if I canceled every channel but KBYU!

I spent some time talking with Sister Draper, one of Tara’s companions who has been released. That was kind of fun and got me thinking more about the one and only Tara of course. I guess she has really been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe some part of me knows that she is going through some harder times on her mission and wants to be there for her. Maybe it was just the Bosch trip which I’ve been dreading for a year since I knew she couldn’t come. Or I guess it could have been all the people that asked me about my wife on the trip!

Well, I think I’m going to toss in early tonight. I’m thinking about trying to get into the office early tomorrow to install some software updates before everyone else gets in, or at least to get some work done. I’m also thinking it will help me get ready for getting up early on Tuesday to be at the temple which I have missed dearly.