Daily Archives: 11/23/2008


OK, so I’m totally a slacker. I don’t even have good excuses for not writing or doing anything this past week. I think I was just too tired most nights to even drag the laptop upstairs. In fact my trusty macbook pro didn’t even come out of it’s sleeve from Monday night till Thursday!

Let’s see, Monday I think Larilyn came over and made cheesecake. Tuesday I was planning on going to the Rodriguez’s, but got a call that I was making pancakes on the way back up from the temple. Maegan actually ended up doing all the cooking, I just provided the kitchen. I must be honest that they weren’t want I was expecting, but they were pretty good and by Friday they were really growing on me. Larilyn, Batch and Melissa D came to partake in the goodness of strawberry Oatmeal pancakes as well.

Wednesday was another one of those attempts to eat with the Rodriguez’s. I got a phone call on the way over there to stupidvise at the stake center. So, I was planning on getting lots of things like home teaching done, but I ended up siting and talking most of the time with Michelle and then later Melissa and Larilyn came to join in on keeping me company. They all made fun of my spaghetti which I was grateful the Rodriguez’s gave me.

Maegan came over on Thursday and we both worked from home in the afternoon. I was able to get caught up on my email from the past week and the current week so it was a great accomplishment. It actually cleared the path for me to get through the mail on my desk at the office on Friday. We tried to go exploring downtown Murrieta, I’m not sure if that was the result of a joke or what, but we quickly determined that there is nothing to do or see after dark in downtown Murrieta. We grabbed dinner at Chili’s and then she dropped me off at a meeting at the stake center before institute. We took the Cheesecake over to the Dowden’s for institute and then left it there so I couldn’t have any tonight when I wanted some.

I felt like I got a lot done in the office on Friday. I was able to almost clear up our account with FedEx which is huge. We had missed some bills back in January and March which no one caught and was causing a heck of a lot of confusion. I realized today that I’m only going to be in the office two days next week if I don’t ditch out on one of the other ones to hit up Disneyland. That’s going to be one heck of a short week!

Last night I actually fell asleep doing laundry. Well, not in the process of doing it, but while waiting for the last load I gave up and was out cold. This morning I went to the temple for our initiatory assignment and ended up working the entire shift as well as covering two veils before hand. I’m always glad to be at the temple, but I hope I never spend four hours in initiatories again. That’s hard work and I give serious credit to Cynthia for being able to do it for an entire shift. It probably didn’t help that I hadn’t ate lunch either and it was nearly 7 o’clock before I got home after grocery shopping and was able to eat.

I hung out at home tonight being lazy watching TV, texting and surfing facebook. I still haven’t posted pictures, nor have I written about Maui yet. Maybe I’ll have some time tomorrow. Nah, probably not.