Stalking Sister

I’ll make this short, or at least try, for better or for worse tonight cause I’m so tired. I had a good time serving in the temple today. I was trained on the recommend desk so I’m quickly getting more versatile. We had a packed session at 10 when I officiated with a few own endowments which was great to officiate for.

It was a little awkward when I felt like I was stalking one of the sisters from my session. I wanted to spend some time sitting in the celestial room after the session so after we wrapped things up I went in there and happened to try and go for the exact same spot. Then she left after a while and I stayed to ponder, then took my time getting back downstairs. As I was walking out she was right behind me. I almost wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to ruin the spirit. She didn’t show up at Krispy Kreme or Cheesecake Factory, so it wasn’t like this went on all day, it just seemed awkward to me for some reason.

I came home and did some work from home and then started trying to actually process the bills and receipts that have been piling up on my kitchen table. i didn’t make it very far, but I have made some improvements. Larilyn came over to make a cheesecake, but then we ended up going over to the Dowden’s for dinner and then ended up watching the 24 Redemption between season episode.

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