Daily Archives: 11/27/2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-11-27

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I wish you a happy and safe time with family and friends or whoever you may be spending time with today. #
  • Got Google Reader down to 132 items to read this morning from over 300. Now I think it is time for a Krispy Kreme break! #
  • Promo and Lindsay are finally engaged! #
  • Heading to Thanksgiving dinner with dad, step-mom and brother. Maybe I’ll share my last pumpkin spice doughnut with them. #
  • going home and probably going to watch Amazing Grace. let me know if you want to join. #

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I’m thankful for this quiet day to get some things done which I have needed to do for a long time. I was able to get through a lot of receipts and even tried to start reconciling some accounts. I feel like I made a lot of progress even if that progress isn’t visible to anyone but me.

I went down to Fallbrook tonight for dinner and hung out with the family for a while. We just sat and talked for a while after dinner which was good. Matthew is applying to all sorts of crazy schools, 4 UC’s and 4 Ivy leagues.

I came home and stayed up too late watching Amazing Grace, a movie about abolishing the slave trade. It was good, but I was way too tired and should have opted to go to sleep instead.

Quickly, I am thankful today and everyday for the people in my life who have made me who I am today. To those who help lift me daily and those who are there to support me when needed. To those who have been examples for me to look to and those who have helped me raise the bar. I’m so grateful for the hospitality of so many people to welcome me into their homes night after night. I am grateful for friends and their love. I am so grateful for my membership in Christ’s resorted church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our recent involvement with Prop 8 may have certainly taxed a lot of resources and lost friendships for some, but I am thankful for the opportunity to have been involved in this monumental issue. I am so ecstatic that we were able to emerge victorious! I am thankful for the atonement and the opportunity to use it in our lives. I am thankful to the missionaries and friends who brought me into the fold. I am grateful to serve in the House of the Lord weekly and thank those who gave their lives to bring the blessings of the temple to us.