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leap second

And another example of the mess that we have gotten into:

Just a second, 2009 _ the Earth needs to catch up.

Here’s my take: Forget this stupid connection to time. For all practical purposes, the sun will rise around the same time for an entire generation and set in the same basic time period. The timing changes minutes per day, does it really matter if it changes a few seconds over one person’s lifetime? I think not. Let’s get rid of time zones. Let’s get rid of leap seconds and above all, let’s abolish daylight savings time. If you want there to be more light when you come home in the afternoon, start work at 7 in the morning instead of 8. That’s all DST accomplishes, it just involves everyone having to reset their clocks to pretend it is the same time.

Do whatever you want, just don’t make it a pain for the rest of us! Has anyone ever calculated the amount of money lost implementing stupid things like Daylight Savings Time? I imagine it is even way worse in years when we decide to differ from the standard rules regarding the start and end. Maybe we could get both the state and federal government out of debt if we didn’t waste our money on archaic things like this.

Article found from Joel Dehlin.

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-30

  • The peppermint bark is all gone! Only here for Megan. @ Cheesecake Factory #
  • Haven’t even used the iPhone today (been in temple) and battery is 75% dead. Maybe it is trying to communicate directly to Idaho. #
  • How does a bus with Hawaiian plates end up on a freeway in southern California? #
  • Netflix denied my affiliate application. I’ve sent them so much business and this is how they treat me? Go use Redbox or Blockbuster! #
  • Got an email from Krispy Kreme about new mini doughnuts. Didn’t we get those like two-three months ago? More examples of bad management. #
  • anyone driving to BYU-Idaho/Rexburg in the coming days from SoCal that has room for one more and his stuff? A friend needs a ride. #
  • Should I watch hancock or traitor tonight? #
  • It may have taken me four hours, but I watched Hancock tonight. I will side with Allison, it was kind of weird. Debating 2 or 3/5 stars. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-29

  • Sad story about life as a modern-day slave. Really makes you think about how we live. #
  • Sitting in traffic to get into the mickey & friends parking structure at disneyland. It is almost backed up to ball rd! This doesn’t look gd #
  • Finally on the tram. 45 minutes later! #
  • Ready screamers! #
  • so apparently I have to relocate my AT&T phone before I can port my number. Could this be any more work? #
  • How do you add an existing contact to a group on iPhone? It isn’t very clear to me and I’m too lazy to go to mac’s address book. #
  • Had a good time with Ashley at disneyland today. It was really packed though, almost at capacity they said. Going back on new years! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-27

  • It’s officially freezing in Murrieta. #
  • Why can’t the iPhone do picture mail or just forward them to you email address? #
  • 28 degrees last night in Murrieta! Dang. It’s getting cold! #
  • After 6 months in the new house, I finally mounted the fire extinguishers to the walls! Maybe I need more 6 day weekends! #
  • wants to know what’s up with the status updates on Facebook. The order keeps changing, some are missing, some come and go. #
  • Being lazy by the tv. Watching movie trailers, music videos and misc. Any suggestions for something to do tonight? #
  • Ok. Taylor Swift loves Cracker Barrel, she’s cool in my book. #
  • Going to watch War of the Worlds tonight. If you want to join, come soon. #
  • Like the opinion piece “Show tolerance while seeking tolerance” in The Californian today p. A-6. Too bad I can’t find a link! #YESon8 #
  • Here is a copy of the show tolerance while seeking tolerance opinion piece, no thanks to The Californian/NC Times: #

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More Cookies?

I had a pretty lazy day today. I pretty much just cleaned up my messes from yesterday and hung around the house. In fact, other than to get the mail, I never even left the house and I really don’t think that counts for much!

Sibonet tried to talk me into making chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it with snicker-doodles, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and fudge still sitting around. I think we can do it later in the week once some of the other items have disappeared a bit.

I am starting to like how downstairs is looking without all the junk that I’ve moved up to the office. It is kind of nice not seeing a laptop on the kitchen table, all my mail and church stuff everywhere. I’m sure the laptop will come and go, but I think I am on the right track. I was really eyeing a Mac Pro today, but I just don’t have the money for it. I priced out a comparable Dell and it was quite a bit more expensive, so I guess it is still true that you get more bang for your buck with Apple. The problem is they have no middle of the road machines. I don’t think I need a fully loaded Mac Pro to do my pictures, and have a hard time justifying $3,000 just to import and export pictures. My laptop just isn’t cutting it and there doesn’t seem to be much between my MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro in terms of real speed difference. Maybe I’ll have to start saving up and just make do with what I’ve got for now. It would probably help if I used a faster external drive and maybe that will be step 1.

As much as I have been going crazy with all this time off, I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to getting back to the nitty gritty tomorrow. I know it isn’t work tomorrow, but Sunday’s and all the church stuff tends to make it quite a day.

I watched War of the Worlds tonight. I remembered that Nathaniel had loaned it to me and I didn’t remember watching it. Well, as soon as it started playing I remembered the film, so either I did watch it and just forgot to give it back, or I’d seen it before and couldn’t remember it when he asked me if I wanted to watch it. In any event, I’ve seen it now, and now it needs to go back. I didn’t mind watching it again, it’s a decent enough movie and since I had nothing from Netflix, I had to resort to watching something I had in house or risk going out to find something. I actually recorded a few things on TV as a backup plan just in case too.

Protesting Utah oil and gas leases

Here is an interesting article on what kind of protesting is legit. The brief mention to prop 8 makes it hit home for me.

Protesting Utah oil and gas leases – Los Angeles Times.

All matters of protest aside, I think he was somewhat justified in his actions. I can understand the possibillity for fraud charges though if he was bidding with no intent of following through. That’s an interesting matter. Maybe I’m biased as I don’t want to see beautiful Utah torn up to collect oil.

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-26

  • Score on dark m&m’s! @ Target #
  • Just ran into one of the guys I work at the temple with. Got lots of chocolate, not much else. @ Target #
  • Done shopping for the day I think. Time for lunch now. in Temecula, CA #
  • got a new desk for the office, thanks to @crbatchelor. Discovered the need for a lamp/light fixture. Guess I’m going shopping again. #
  • For the second time today. Looking for a lamp for my office. @ Costco #
  • Going home to watch get smart. #
  • Get Smart was great. Best tv show remake/movie I’ve seen. Added a few more movies to my Netflix Queue. I’m up to 9 now! #

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Setting Up Office

It seems like I got a lot done today, but it also seems like all I did was make a mess! I scored good at Target this morning with the chocolate. I decided to limit myself to twelve bags of dark M&M’s. Normally it seems that I just empty the shelf and take everything I can find, but today there seemed to be a lot to choose from. I didn’t find much other than chocolate at Target, but I did get some cards and some wrapping paper for next year.

The one thing I was really hoping to find was some LED Christmas lights to put on the house for next year. I’d rather buy them at 50% off and hold them than buy them next year. Well, I decided to try Home Depot and Lowe’s to see if they had anything, and neither did. I was able to take care of a few things at Lowe’s that I needed to get off my list though, so it was good to be there. They had essentially no Christmas stuff left. I understand they did some deep discounts before Christmas to make sure they weren’t left with any inventory. I was also looking for possible gifts for people I hadn’t found them for yet. I completely struck out on that front. I also stopped at Best Buy to look for gifts, but didn’t find anything that I was feeling good about and the line was way too long to check out.

I swung down to Costco to get gas and then decided to go inside and do some shopping. It was mostly groceries and stuff. I was amazed at how empty the place was the day after Christmas. I guess everyone was shopping at places that had specials and that’s not Costco. Shortly after I got home, had lunch and got the car unloaded and was organizing the pantry to get all the goodies in, Mr. Batchelor called me and asked if there was anything I needed with a truck. I’ve been wanting to get the office setup at home for a while, so I asked if he would go desk shopping with me.

We went and visited our friends at Murrieta Office Furniture and got essentially the same desk I have at the office. I was able to use the extra bridge which was nice to one, use and two, not have to purchase! We came back and got that setup just in time to realize that there is no light in the bedroom I’m using as the office. So, while he returned the truck, I went to Costco for the second time today and purchased some lamps. I was worried they wouldn’t provide enough light in here, but two of them actually seem to do a pretty good job. I actually like them so much that I might think about going back to get more of them for other rooms and uses.

So, it seems like I will be cleaning the house tomorrow and probably working on getting more of the office setup. In the long term I’m going to have to run some ethernet from the main switch into the office and before summer comes around I’m sure I’ll need to install a ceiling fan.

Batch and I watched Get Smart tonight. I was actually pretty impressed. Most movies made from TV shows, especially the older ones, just don’t ever make the grade. This actually seemed very natural to me, maybe because Get Smart has been a bit more distant to me, or maybe because they were more true to the actual characters and their roles. I’d say the story line was very similar to a typical episode as well which I’m sure helped. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it.

I got busted today for using the MySpace application on my iPhone. I’ll admit that I signed in to remind myself of someone’s name and then minutes later I got a text from Nathaniel that asked me about the iPhone. I guess MySpace brodcasted a message that I added the MySpace for iPhone application. I must actually admit that MySpace works way better in the application on the iPhone that I have ever seen it work on their website in any browser. It probably helps that there are no ads!

Well, I should probably call it a night before I turn into a pumpkin. Good night to all and to all a good night. 🙂

Twitter Updates for 2008-12-25

  • I must have forgotten 2 giv Santa my change of address. Or mayB ive bn rlly naughty this year. Making waffles & bacon 4 breakfast! #
  • I wonder how many people really go to Disneyland on Christmas day… #
  • Have you requested your free admission to Disneyland on your birthday? #
  • Even Disneyland annual passholders can get something special on their birthday, so everyone sign up. #
  • finished wrapping presents for the family. Now on to figure out what to do for a few hours. More cookies? #
  • CHP stopped all traffic SB 15 just past S79. AMR on scene now. Flatbad tow in route. #
  • Had a good time with the family. Stocked up on fudge. Going to watch csi and go to bed before shopping in the morning. #
  • so apparently the iPhone refuses to remember two different networks with the same SSID. Don’t you think that would be common? #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-24

  • Going grocery shopping. Need supplies for cookies! @ Vons #
  • The grocery store is a mad house! Reminder to anyone giving electronics: don’t forget batteries! #
  • just realized I was going to get something printed at Costco this afternoon that I already have sitting back at my office! #
  • completely caught up on Google Reader. What in the world am I going to do with a 6 (-.5) day weekend? #
  • Grabbing some dinner and going home to watch a movie @ Pizza Hut #
  • thr is just something about pizza on a rainy day that hits the spot! gonna watch “The Invasion” 2nite, yes, on Xmas eve. #
  • I love the soundtracks of horror films. It’s just awesome music. The invasion was really good, I enjoyed it. #
  • Apple got my hopes up for nothing! RAW compatibility version 2.4 doesn’t add support for Nikon D700. Come on Apple, give me a break! #

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So I have been taking the approach of my tweets counting as my end of day blogging now that the auto digest is working. There are, of course, things that don’t make it into tweets that I could blog about though.

Let’s see. Christmas is here and upon us now. It is Christmas eve and I have spent this one in the utmost capacity to go against Christmas by sitting around by myself and watching a movie. I did actually enjoy the movie, The Invasion. It kept my interest the entire time and had a good story line. I would recommend it.

I left work around one this afternoon and have pretty much already gone crazy with not knowing what to do. I really don’t think I can handle essentially a six-day weekend. There are four days left and I have a feeling they could be kind of long. My parents asked if I was coming down to open presents in the morning and I pretty much said no. One, if I do get up that early in the morning, I’m not planning on being in Fallbrook and two, what would I possibly do if I was there all day long? I suppose I would find something to do, but lounging around my own home sounds good to me. I guess I’ve really captured the spirit of the season now – I really want to be alone!

I had a craving for hot chocolate this morning and we had none in the office, so I took a road trip to the store and got some. I got all the fixings as well: whipped cream, cinnamon, peppermint syrup. If I may say so, we made some dang good hot chocolate this morning. Starbucks has nothing on us! We can leave out the part where I knocked over the DVD display at the checkout with my basket.

Batch surprised me this morning with the car charger for my iPhone that I had been eyeing. It has two USB ports so you can charge two things simultaneously and it comes with both an iPod cable and a standard mini USB, which will charge both of my phones. I can then also use it for headsets, my centro and whatever else charges through USB which seems to be more and more everyday.

I spent some time shopping after the temple on Tuesday, but really only got Susan taken care of. I don’t know what to get most of my close friends as I just don’t know what they could practically use. I think it is kind of sad when we get to that point in life where we either don’t know people well enough to think of something they could actually use or when they already have everything imaginable that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars or more.

I ended up sending a package to Tara with a box of note-cards, cookies and a Target gift card. It looks like FedEx failed in their job on this mission, so on the bright side, I won’t have to pay for the overnight shipping costs. I am a bit frustrated that I worked so hard to rush and get the goodies to FedEx by the cutoff Tuesday though. If I wanted it to show up Friday, I could have taken my time and finished everything I wanted to do. Oh well. It is in Jacksonville, FL as of 1:15 this afternoon, they just didn’t get it to her. I hope she doesn’t think I forgot her tomorrow.

I just realized that if I had Christmas cards, I could work on sending those out tomorrow. But yeah, I haven’t even purchased those for this year yet! I have a feeling I’ll be hitting up a lot of sales on Friday, for both myself and for gifts!

I guess that’s about it for tonight. We’ll see what fun tomorrow brings.

Woodpecker Strikes Again

Here is some more information about the woodpecker incident with  my parents Internet and phone problems last week:

The cause of a recent telephone and DSL (Internet) outage in Fallbrook is shown in the following jpeg images:

Note the hole in the black-colored fiberoptic cable splice box (look for the white cord hanging out of the hole).  This is where a woodpecker penetrated the non-metallic box and proceeded to destroy the optical connections inside.  This assault cut off DSL and some phone service for about a day until the telephone company could make repairs (we were first told that repairs could take up to 11 days!)  This was the second successful woodpecker assault at this location in a matter of weeks.

The “white cord” is actually a plastic-like tube containing (I am told) 24 optical fibers.  The tube is about the diameter of a soda straw.  The tube loop shown in the photo was swinging back and forth in the breeze as if to advertise the location of the incident at the intersection of Winterwarm & Alta Vista.

Bob Gonsett