Twitter Updates for 2008-12-12

  • wants to just stay in bed this morning and not go to work. #
  • Sounds like it’s going to be a small work Christmas dinner tonight. Anyone want to fill some of the seats? #
  • Eating out way too much. Lunch at islands with Alison and @crbatchelor in Temecula, CA #
  • These clouds look great! Bring on the rain! #
  • The moon looks awesome tonight with the clouds. I could just sit here all night and watch the clouds roll by. #
  • Came home and cleaned the house for nothing before dinner. We didn’t end up coming back here. Probably going to watch a thriller now. #
  • Just watched prom night. Totally predictable and not very intriguing. I felt like I was back in high school with the basic plot. #
  • Murrieta PD is rolling code and talking about Doreen Dr and Longbranch. I hear dogs barking as well. #
  • Rancho Springs has an 18 yr old male stab victim on site. Unknown if related to other Murrieta PD activities, but I assume. #
  • Murrieta PD checking area around Whitewood/Carmel Hill/Doreen Dr for anyone on foot. #
  • Shots fired in Temecula Wine Country – Murrieta PD asked to respond. Sounds like a big night. #
  • More Murrieta pd response nb on whitewood code 3. #
  • Murrieta pd just completed check of doreen dr with searchlights. #

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