Twitter Updates for 2008-12-13

  • Murrieta PD just cleared the helicopter after searching all the backyards in the area. #
  • Facebook integration with Twitter seems to be broken. I hope they are able to fix it overnight as I quite like it. #
  • Going to try and go to sleep here finally. I hope Murrieta PD has this incident under control now. #
  • How come I have no problem waking up on a Saturday morning, but can’t pull myself out of bed at the same time for work? I just want sleep. #
  • Should probably get out of bed and stop playing bubblets tilt. I still think it is totally cheating! #
  • Allowing loopt to update my Facebook. Let’s see if this works. in Murrieta, CA #
  • Retweeting @jennyonthespot: @spchester AHA!!! @twitter: Facebook app offline #
  • What does a circle mean instead of an E or 3G on the iPhone? You’re in Fallbrook? AT&T is a piece of useless garbage? #
  • 29 of my ancestors, incl. mom, were given the chance to accept baptism as we performed baptisms for the dead at the San diego temple today. #
  • I’ve officially gone Christmas. The decorating is done! 4 bags of mint M&M’s baby! 🙂 #
  • The lack of picture mail on the iPhone is a huge setback. AT&T could at least provide automatic forwarding from MMS to an email address #
  • is so much better than the Facebook application. You can actually see events, post times are right and more. #

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