Twitter Updates for 2008-12-19

  • Just rode big thunder mountain railroad 3 times in a row! #
  • just got home at 1:45 from Disneyland. Work might not be so fun in 5 hours… #
  • Houses have ice on roofs. A bucket of water in my backyard has a layer of ice on top. in Murrieta, CA #
  • Headed home. I don’t think I have any plans tonight other than taking it easy. Maybe a movie. #
  • I love that the less time you spend on the computer, the less there is to do! #
  • So I don’t watch tv for weeks and there is nothing on my dvr. Have there been no new episodes due to Christmas? #
  • Had to make pancakes for dinner after the great smell last night by La Brea Bakery at Disneyland. going to watch Flawless #
  • If the previews are the best part of the movie, I’m in for trouble! Let’s hope flawless is better than the previews before it #
  • I feel like I’m ready to tackle the cold. I’ve got 4 layers on top! I have a feeling it will get cold when I climb into bed. #

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