Daily Archives: 3/12/2009

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-12

  • This time change is killing me. Running quite a bit late again today. #
  • date cancelled on my for tonight, so what am I to do now? #
  • signed up for a music service to get Here Comes Goodbye and then Rascal Flatt’s releases it on a single! What’s up with that? #
  • I love that I can download an album from iTunes in a few seconds, but it takes about 15 to navigate to a new page on the iTunes Music Store. #
  • at least Google will let you sync your to do list now since Apple couldn’t build that into their own iPhone! #
  • Always love the #mormon ads on http://weathercurrents.com/murrieta/ Does your happiness go down with the dow? #lds #
  • How is row KK cheaper than row QQ? I so don’t understand how concert ticket pricing works. Anyone want to go see Rascal Flatts Saturday? #
  • new facebook home page just freaked me out. #

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