Easter Egg Hunt for a Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Are you ready for the crazy news of the day? How about of the month or even the year? Chances are, unless you follow me on twitter or facebook, you’re wrong! Megan and I are officially engaged now. It seems like this has been such a long time coming, but it’s barely been two weeks!

I’ve had her thinking that it was going to happen in about two weeks. Our song is Then by Brad Paisley. The song talks about taking her back to the place I first met her, but for that it’s a little questionable. I thought maybe the song would be a good place, but I’m not sure if I would want to do it in the middle of a bunch of people or if I could be successful at all with getting us up on stage to really embarrass her.

In any event, I decided it was time to get things going and make this official. I was getting tired of the questions that I couldn’t really answer because nothing had been done officially. So as she was getting ready this morning, I stashed some easter eggs around the house for her to find later. Each one had some candy in it, but most importantly had a slip of paper. Most of the slips were exerpts from the lyrics of Then and the remainder were things that I personally wrote. I left most of the eggs out where they were fairly visible, but hid the magic one #12. The notes with lyrics on them also had a corresponding letter which when laid out accordingly produced a hint to find number twelve. The hint was pancake, which caused Megan to look in the fridge and in the pantry. She then saw the griddle on the counter, which isn’t where it is normally stored and started feeling around it. As I reminded her of the storage/warming drawer and she started to open it, I started to hit one knee. By the time she had figured it out I was there could do much more than shed happy tears. I think she was speechless at first, but gave me an excited yes answer!

She says that she had no clue it was coming until she saw the ring in the egg. I think the look on her face confirmed that as she looked like she was so surprised – I wish I had pictures!

This new addition to her finger gave us all lots to talk about at church today. This was the opposite of how things went this morning when we went to church in Riverside. I could see many of the sisters glancing or trying to glance at her finger, but finding it naked didn’t really know how to address me. I figured I couldn’t let her go through another church service without something there. I used the excuse that we needed to come back to the house before our church to get my stuff which I forgot here, oops! When she tried to stay in the car, I told her I had some work to do and she should come in. Then I told her to get started with the egg hunt as above.

Church went well and then we came home to post some pictures and then went to have dinner with my parents. That went pretty well and then we went off to branch prayer at the Prosser’s. Now I’m falling asleep at the keys, so I’m going to have to finish this up later!