Cheesecake Factory Love Story

So, the Cheesecake Factory doesn’t let you write much of a love story. This is what I ended up posting there:

Megan and I met when a friend invited her over to my house for movie night. We started talking. I invited her to join us for dinner at CF next week. To my surprise she decided to join us for Disneyland too. We started talking constantly. That Saturday we ended up going to Disneyland and of course going to CF Anaheim.

Tuesday we were texting and made plans for the night. We were already planning on going to Disneyland the following day. Since it was April fools day, I told facebook we were married. We started making up stories that we were having our Disney fairy tale wedding. I don’t remember all that happened, but it was the day that I knew. The next day I knew I wasn’t alone. That weekend I met her family.

Monday, I was giving her the night off, but a friend called and said let’s go to CF, and I said let’s go! I called up Megan and we all went to CF Riverside. We haven’t had a night off since that Tuesday. The following weekend, we had Easter brunch at her parents. After, I had her do an Easter egg hunt. Most of the eggs were easy to find and they all had a note in them. When she put them in the right order, it said where the remaining egg was. She searched and was starting to give up when I gave her another hint. By the time she had the egg opened, I was down on one knee behind her. I asked her to be my wife as she pulled the ring out of the egg.

So, we really met March 21st and were engaged April 12th. There were a few more trips to CF over the coming months. We took engagement pictures in Laguna Beach, followed of course, by the original Cheesecake Factory that I had wanted to go to for a LONG time in Redondo Beach. We went to Pennsylvania and West Virginia for a week where we visited the CF in Pittsburgh. May 30th we were back in Redondo Beach at CF. We were married June 26th. Our reception was the following day and on our way to our honeymoon, you can bet our first stop was at CF Pasadena.