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Redirection – categories to tags url

I just wanted to give a shoutout for this plugin I just found, activated and which solved my problems in seconds! I was looking for something to redirect any requests for /category/ to /tag/ since WordPress decided to delete all my categories after converting them to tags the other day. I tried doing this with a redirect in cpanel and .htaccess which didn’t seem to work (I don’t know why) and I discovered I should have been doing this with mod_rewrite already, but again it didn’t seem to work.

In any event, this plugin seems to solve the problem in seconds and I like the log it gives. I may actually look at moving the rest of my redirects (for old pages before wordpress) into this system so I can more easily track them as well.

Redirection – Manage 301 redirections without modifying Apache | Urban Giraffe

The only config I had to do after dropping the plugin in and activiating it was putting the following redirection in place:

Source URL: /category/(.*)
Target URL: /tag/$1
Type: Simple redirection
Method: Pass-through
Regex: checked

(courtesty of perassi.org)

Happy blogging!

Teaching Plans

It amazes me how no matter how much I think I’m going to get home at a reasonable hour it never happens! I should have been home by 9, but ended up staying after a Sunday School meeting and talking with Brother Rodriguez, Marissa and Stephanie for over an hour and now it is almost 11! We had a good meeting tonight and are going to work on meeting more regularly in the future. I guess i will be teaching a quarterly teacher improvement class and maybe we’ll run a teaching the gospel class over the summer to thin out our numbers in gospel doctrine. We’re going to try to start taking attendance in Sunday School to see who is sticking around and how our numbers are really looking. I just need to figure out when I’m going to teach this said class and what in the world I’m going to teach. I’ve got some thoughts, but they need more pondering.

I found out on Sunday that Brother Kowallis and I had the exact same sickness on the exact same time frame, or at least it appears that way. We both got sick early Tuesday morning, were feeling better on Wednesday and then got sicker again on Thursday with similar symptoms. I was presuming I picked it up from NAMM, but I don’t think enough time would have passed for me to get it anywhere else. Unless we both got it from the temple somehow on Saturday. I don’t even know if he went then, I’m just reaching for ideas.

I got caught up on a lot of things today at work which was great. I’m hoping tomorrow I can start working on undertaking some new projects I have been wanting to start on for a while now. We went shopping at Costco this evening where I was able to get some more of the good picture frames, but still can’t find any of the multi frames which I’d really like to get my hands on. I may have to venture outside of Costco for my framing business, but I just like the products they have so much I don’t want to have to find quality but reasonable products elsewhere.

Tara made it through the MTC and had an absolutely wonderful time there. I’m anxious to hear more about how things are going for her now that she is settled into Florida.

Starting to Feel Better

I think I’m starting to feel better. I actually made it through a whole long day and I’m still standing, well, was until I sat down to start writing. Yeah, anyway, I still feel exhausted, but I’m hoping I will be back to my weird self shortly. I really don’t have much to report from today. All went well at work.

As I was headed home this evening I decided to return some calls from the past few days. I had some voicemails from when I was sick and I managed to leave my cell phone in my car today at work so I had a few calls from today to return. That led me to stopping at the GT on my way home tonight instead of going tomorrow night and taking the next step of our plan to rule the world.

I didn’t make it to FHE tonight. I’m starting to think I’m on the verge of being inactive. Maybe February will be a better month for me! I think I’m going to bed now since my brain went there about an hour ago.

President Hinckley Died

President Hinckley passed away this evening. I’m sure his time had been coming, the man was almost certainly ready for it. I’m happy that he will be able to be with his wife again and be reunited with so many souls. He did great things not just for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but for the world and will be missed by many. We assume that President Monson will be taking over and be sustained later as prophet. It will be interesting to see what changes that brings and what directions he or whoever the next prophet is will be able to take the Church. Hinckley is the only prophet I’ve been a member under so far and I will remember him fondly, especially for his work in bringing temples closer and publicizing the Church.

Other than that news, the day was pretty good. I got to sleep in, but still had plenty of time to get ready for Church. I probably didn’t spend it in the most productive fashion available, but I’m still recovering, right? Church was good. Sierra Morris spoke about charity – the pure love of Christ and Trevor delivered a good message as well. Marissa did a great job as always with some great visual aids and good on topic class discussion.

Tonight at the Dowden’s was fairly mellow. I was thinking about cutting out early, but it didn’t happen and I didn’t even make it to branch prayer. I’m anxious to get a good week in since it seems like it has been so long since I could get dedicated to work and maybe make it back into some church activities as well.

President Gordon B. Hinckley Dies at 97

Just in case you haven’t been surrounded by LDS friends this evening or didn’t get a call/text message, Gordon B. Hinckley, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died at home this evening around 7 p.m. MST.

Here is a preliminary article from the Church. I’m sure more information will be following shortly.

LDS Newsroom – Beloved Church President, Gordon B. Hinckley, Dies at 97

Salt Lake Tourist

I made it to Salt Lake safely this morning. I managed to wake up even 15 minutes before my alarms and was able to get out of the house on time, right about 3:30-3:45. I made it to the airport with plenty of time and all seemed to go well. Meeting Shelly at the airport worked out well. Her flight came in just after mine.

Once we got the car, we headed to temple square. We spent some time there going through the visitors centers and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We then decided to walk to lunch which ended up being an adventure. We were headed for Olive Garden, but they were having problem and weren’t open. Shelly shot down going across the street to Macaroni Grill because last time she ate there it wasn’t that good. We then started the search for Benihana’s. I’m thinking it was torn down or is closed for remodeling because we couldn’t find it. We decided to walk to the Gateway Center where we ate at California Pizza Kitchen.

It was pretty much too cold to do anything once we had warmed up inside CPK, so we decided to watch a movie. I Am Legend ended up working out for us, so we saw that. It was good, but kind of sad in some places. It’s an interesting story plot which I could imagine actually happening way too easily.

After the movie we went to the Church History Museum and then back to the car at the conference center. We drove to the hotel, got checked in and situated and then decided it was time for something to happen, with the obvious next step being dinner. Since I really wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory since they finally opened one here, we went, but discovered it had a 2.5 to 3 hour wait for the two of us! We walked around the mall, but that only took 30 minutes! Shelly talked me into going to Olive Garden for dinner and we settled on Cheesecake for dessert. I think we eat too much! (We ate too much too.)

It started snowing a bit when we were coming back from the movie, but it picked up in intensity around dinner time. After dinner it was actually coming down with some volume.

I think we had a good time today. We probably could have used a break in there somewhere to take a nap or read a book, but I guess the movie kind of filled that spot. It was cold, but it didn’t seem too bad except when you had just come out of a warm building. Tomorrow should be a bit more relaxing with nothing planned in the morning, Tara’s church in the afternoon, who knows what for dinner and then I think at least Shelly and I are going to go to Temple Square to see it lit up at night. And we need to get our pictures in!

Now, I think I’m either headed straight for bed or I’m going to watch one episode of 24 and then fall dead asleep.

Fallbrook Gives Via Monserate LDS Meetinghouse OK

I’m very happy to see that the Fallbrook Community Planning Group approved the meetinghouse the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been trying to build at Via Monserate and 76. It has been a lot of work for those involved and it seems like it has been going on for years upon years. I think Fallbrook could certainly use a second meetinghouse and I am very glad that one will be coming close to my house, even if I won’t be here for much longer.

Looking for a Good Home

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are looking for a good home. From what I know, they are brother and sister and are about six years old. I believe they are a shepard mix. Have only had one home since being adopted and have been inside most of their lives with only minimal suburbia backyard time. They should be up to date with all shots and such and are currently registered in Tucson. They are fairly quiet and friendly, but kind of camera shy.








We are looking for a good loving home for the two of them. We only ask that they be kept together.

Toyota of Temecula Oil Change Woes

As my car was getting close to needing an oil change about two week ago, I made some calls to find out what it would cost. Originally, I was trying to find out what an express lube type place was going to charge, but was appalled when they told me the price. I then found out that the Camry hybrid needs some kind of “premium” oil. I called a few other places, and found that the local dealership would be the cheapest place.

Chris from Toyota of Temecula originally told me that it would be an hour or two to get the oil changed and that I didn’t need an appointment. I tried to get it changed Thursday afternoon, but they told me they were too backlogged and to come in Friday morning. When I came in Friday morning at around 10, I was told it would be about 3 before it was done. I explained I needed to be on the road by 3. I got a ride to the office and got some stuff done before calling them at 2 asking for a ride back. When I got back, they still hadn’t finished up. I waited to remind them I needed to be on the road, while they were trying to contact me to let me know my car was done. I went to pay for the oil change and after waiting for a few more minutes, the cashier told me that it was going to be another ten minutes because they were just starting to wash it. I told her I was late and needed to go and to have them bring the car out. She didn’t quite get it, so I told her to have them bring the car out wet so that I could go. A minute later I saw my car come flying around the corner and the driver hopped out and I was on the road.

I immediately noticed that something seemed different, aside from them moving my seat and rear view mirror. I realized last night that they had put the wrong oil in the car! Toyota recommends 0w20 or 5w20 for the Camry Hybrid. They had put in 5w30 according to the receipt!

I called toyota of temecula this morning, waited for them to figure out after a few minutes that the manager was out on a road test. The guy I talked to in his place, Rex, said that they only use 5w30 because that’s what the factory recommends and is the only thing they use in all of their vehicles. As I started to drive up to Temecula to meet with the manager in person, I called Toyota of Carlsbad and Escondido who both quoted me the normal price and said that they would only use what Toyota recommends, which is 5w20 or 0w20, no questions asked.
Jiffy Lube even came up with the same thing!

I told the manager this when I got here and he tried to give me the it doesn’t get cold enough here story. I explained to him that two other area dealerships wouldn’t put anything other 0w20 in the car. When I showed him I wasn’t giving up, he went to parts to determine if they had the oil and we got it setup.

They told me in the future that I will need to specifically request for them to put 0w20 in when I come in the future. So apparently, they are still going to try to rip everyone off by putting in the wrong oil because it is cheapest for them.

They are going to try to get it done within a half hour as a priority for me.

In the future, I will probably go to Jiffy Lube! If you live in the Temecula area, avoid Toyota of Temecula Valley. So far, they only thing they have been good at is the shuttle service.

Blue Screen of Death – On a Mac!

This is totally awesome… Are you tired of the panic screen showing up on your Mac? (Tired of it? How could you be tired – I can’t remember the last time I saw one!) Better yet, want to have some fun with a coworker?

Amit Singh has published information about how to change the screen that appears when a kernel panic occurs and he even gives us a way to invoke a fake kernel panic!

I must now always remember to leave my screen locked!

New York Trip?

Tempting, very tempting…

So, we’d thought you’d like to know that there is some ticket availability for some WICKED Wednesday performances in September (and only in September). Call Ticketmaster, visit Ticketmaster.com, or go directly to the Gershwin Theatre box office, as there are currently some tickets for the 2 PM matinees and 8 PM evening performances on the following Wednesdays: September 6, September 13, September 20 and September 27.

And, an added bonus: You will be able to see Eden Espinosa in her final performances as Elphaba, before she departs the Broadway cast on October 8!

Anyone want to fly to New York?

Wicked Tickets

Tickets go on sale on Monday for Wicked at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

We are thinking about getting a group together for a show on Wednesday, August 16th at 8 p.m.

Aug. 9, 2006 – Aug. 20, 2006
Segerstrom Hall
$28.50 – $74.50

According to the email I just got: The dates and times listed below have the best seating availability:

Thursday Aug 10th 2pm
Friday Aug 11th 8pm
Tuesday Aug 15th 8pm
Wednesday Aug 16th 8pm
Thursday Aug 17th 8pm
Friday Aug 18th 8pm

Please let me know if you are interested in going and what your limit is on ticket prices, so that we can figure this whole thing out. I would like to be in Tier 1 or 2, but there may be enough interest for multiple groups as we are limited to 8 tickets per address.

Mass Transit in SoCal

Today as I was filling my truck up with gas yet once again, I got to thinking (again) about how I could cut back on fuel costs with gas being $3 a gallon. You see, I drive by the Amtrak/Coaster yard every morning on my way to school and I think about what it would be like to be sitting on one of those trains being able to do something productive instead of driving my gas guzzling truck up the freeway. What a perfect solution this could be…

So, when I got home this afternoon, I started doing some research on the possibilities of using mass transit to get from Fallbrook to Fullerton and back home again. Some things were easy to figure out, and some others were just next to impossible. CSUF actually has a nice page on their site about using mass transit to get to campus and they have some handy links to all the transit providers. They even had a link to a site that supposedly integrated all the transit systems in SoCal so that you could plan a trip to anywhere. It worked, but not that great.

Anyway, here are my conclusions as to why no one uses mass transit in Southern California:

First, it doesn’t save you any money. It cost me $28 roughly to fill my truck up today. I had last filled up on Tuesday in Fullerton and since then had driven round-trip to home in Fallbrook and driven three times from home to the high school or into town. Now I was thinking that it would be $3, maybe $5 to ride the train from Oceanside to Fullerton. This is where my thinking went wrong: It’s almost $10 regular fair one-way! That’s $20 round trip for the day, and that doesn’t get me from my house to campus. I would still have to drive to and from Oceanside, which is not that much less than about half of my commute. Cost savings of mass transit: $0, possibly even negative.

OK, so maybe it won’t save me money so to say, but it will save me time sitting in traffic, right? Well, I think I figured I would have to leave the house 30 mins earlier in order to catch the train in Oceanside and I might make it to my first class at 7 in Fullerton on-time, but realistically, I’d probably be 5-15 minutes late. The train would leave Oceanside at 5:22 and if everything went according to plan (and I could do a transfer from train to bus in two minutes), I should be across the street from the campus at 6:56 (or something close to that). If I drive, I leave home (20-30 minutes from Oceanside) at 5-5:15 and get to Fullerton 6:15-6:30. Conclusion: So maybe I could get some work done on the train, but I’d be loosing another half hour of sleep!

Now we still have to factor in the inconvenience factor. There is the whole issue that I wouldn’t have my car with me, so I would have to take anything and everything I wanted for the day with me and carry it all day long. Then there is really the problem that there isn’t trains when I really need them. To give myself some time to spare, I would have to catch a train at about 4:45 from Oceanside, that would mean a whole hour less of sleep. Then on the return, I wouldn’t be back in Oceanside until about 5:30, which means probably 6:30 before I’m back in Fallbrook. That would make for one long day… Fourteen and a half hours! I’d be so exhausted from all the work of traveling that I don’t think I would be able to experience all the time that I “saved.”

So here’s the deal California: I would love to do my part to help cut down on freeway congestion, air pollution, our dependence on oil and all that stuff, but you have to make the system beneficial, or at least usable.

  • Make it cheaper
  • Make it save me time
  • Make it easily accessible
  • Make it flexible enough so that I can find a train every 10 minutes or something.
  • Figure out how to plan trips from A to B without having to be a rocket scientist after contacting multiple different agencies.
  • Bonus: Give me decent WiFi on the ride so I can get stuff done.

So that’s it… I wanted to try something different. I wanted to save money. I wanted to cut California’s pollution, but nothing is anywhere near as easy as just getting in your car and driving. Maybe I should just get a more fuel economic car to get me from A to B… Nah!

Customers First

Here is one way of constantly reminding yourself of that:

Siebel Systems (San Mateo) names conference rooms after major customers. The artwork on their walls is from customer ads or annual reports.

Daft. Management. Pg. 89.

Promoting What you don’t Believe?

Do you advertise for stuff you don’t believe in?

sarahs wants to know “Why?”

I think I have seen things like this myself and it is slightly disturbing.

I agree with Sarah that one shouldn’t promote something they don’t believe in. Just because it looks cool, does that mean you should use it? No. Figure out what it means and then if you actually support the real thing, then wear the logo, promote the product.

I am in no way saying that it isn’t good that people think religious/etc symbols are cool, I just don’t understand why you would promote it if you don’t actually believe it yourself.

Look at the Not of this World logo as an example.


I know people who thought that was cool and wanted to get one for their truck because it looked cool. Many thought this was the logo for a band or something. Fortunately, all those that I know of who eventually found out what it stood for decided against promoting it because they didn’t believe.

I can’t think of a better example than the one Sarah had: would you wear the swastika just because it looked cool?