Personal Introduction

I was born March 5, 1982 at Kaiser Hospital in Hollywood, California. My parents divorced when I was in Kindergarten, but I was very fortunate that they stayed friends, and I have never had any of the big problems that some divorced families have. I switched back between their two houses, my mom’s in Pasadena and my dad’s in Altadena. I don’t know exactly when, but I’m guessing it was about third grade for me when my father remarried to my current step-mom, Susan.

I went to school at St. Mark’s Episcopal School in Altadena from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. At the end of sixth grade, we moved to Fallbrook so that I could attend public school, among other reasons. My dad wanted to get out of the smog of Los Angeles, and he had found Fallbrook through some work he had done down here. My dad is an astrophysicist for NASA/JPL at the California Institute of Technology. My mom also worked at Caltech in the Chemistry Department. She is currently working at the University of Arizona.

I attended Potter Jr. High School in Fallbrook where I spent most of my time helping out in the library and skipping classes to do odd jobs as needed for the school. During my eighth grade year I worked on the yearbook at the school and was responsible for moving the production of parts of the book from paper to digital using Adobe PageMaker.

About the same time I started seriously playing around with the Internet. I had been on it may times before, at Caltech, but it was nothing compared to what it is today. Back then it was mostly educational facilities and other big corporations who where on the internet. I designed my first webpage in eighth grade with the help of Gaylord Moxon. He was able to inspire me to continue with making webpages which I have done for numerous places including Fallbrook High School, which I am still responsible.

The Potter Jr. High School Librarian, Mrs. Joyce Miller, connected me with the “audio/visual guy” at Fallbrook High School, Mr. Fritz Schattschneider. This got me involved with TV Tech and quickly ASB at Fallbrook High. Ever since then I have been doing various audio, video and computer work around the high school and the community.

I currently work for Grand Tradition as their audio technician for weddings and other various events. In addition to Grand Tradition, I also work at Fallbrook Presbyterian Church as their technical advisor, doing sound, video and lighting. I have also become involved with Oceanside Unified School District’s Truax Theater at El Camino High School. I also still maintain the website for Fallbrook High School along with the marquee, and various other needs as they come up.

My plans for the future are kind of up in the air, as I am not sure if I want to continue doing sound and video work or if I want to pursue something else. I am currently working on getting my MCSE and CCNA certification as well as my WebMaster’s Degree from Palomar. I am currently thinking that I will venture back into the field of computers, although I’m not sure if I will focus on webpages or technical support.