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Day at Home

I spent most of the day at home. I had people coming throughout the day for various things and was busy making progress. I got almost all of the baseboards and windowsills vacuumed this morning before the electrician and pest control came. The washer and dryer showed up and the delivery guys had fun lugging those beasts upstairs. They did a remarkably good job getting them to fit in the laundry room which is great. I was expecting them to not fit so nicely side by side, so I am impressed.

After the pest control was done I had to leave the house for a few hours so I went and got my refund for the couch that wasn’t going to work and then went to SK to purchase the sofa and loveseat for the living room. Batch was kind enough to pick that up for me on his way back to the office and we got it all setup. I had been working with Ashley Furniture here in Murrieta on some other things. Shelly suggested I give the store in Colton a try and they were able to give me the items for will call today and give me a much better price to make it worthwhile to drive there! I think I saved close to a thousand dollars and got things faster by driving to Colton!

Nathaniel and Batch were kind enough to drive up in the truck to get my new furniture and then stay to help set it up. We made sure to stop at Cheesecake in Riverside on the way back and then I made, if you can call it that, strawberry shortcake after we got finished assembling everything.

After I get gas tomorrow, I feel like things will be complete enough to actually enjoy the house instead of just constantly working to get it ready to live in. It will have actually only taken me a week which Is pretty impressive! There will, of course, always be more things to do and I have a long list of upgrades to make and such, but I think I can actually start enjoying it and just having weekend projects instead of spending my life cleaning. I almost can’t wait to use my new washer and dryer tomorrow night!

Escrow Moving!

Whoa! Today was crazy! It started off pretty quiet, in fact I was thinking about heading home after lunch cause there really wasn’t much that I could do. I guess all that started to change when I started giving escrow a hard time about not progressing with things. They still hadn’t received the docs from the seller, so they couldn’t fund the loan and so forth. I guess I lit a fire under them or something cause not five minutes later I had a response about having received the docs from the seller. Then the loan docs were being worked on and would be sent over. Then I was being asked if I could sign docs tomorrow!

So, I’m signing docs tomorrow afternoon. I think I understand they have to go back to the lender for approval and then they fund the loan, the sale has to be recorded and we are on our way to craziness! I’m hoping that we can get recorded on Wednesday and take possession on Thursday so I have the weekend to worry about moving. It would also work out cause I think I could use the truck we’ll have on the days it is sitting to move and then later to get furniture and stuff.

Things also started getting busy in the office beyond my home buying. I don’t remember exactly what was going on, but I didn’t get home till 6:30. I guess it didn’t help that when i got home the first time I realized that I forgot to go to GT to drop off mics for this weekend. I also stopped by Pacific Sales and ordered my washer and dryer. They’re scheduled for delivery a week from Monday. I ordered my fridge from Lowe’s – I ended up getting the Samsung RFG297AARS. Mandi will appreciate that it is stainless steel and I found that while the Samsung and GE’s seemed identical, the software on the Samsung seemed to make a bit more sense. Primarily, there are two buttons for water & ice instead of the one that you have to constantly cycle through on the GE Profile. It seemed like a lot of wasted work to have to keep cycling through to find what you want. I also discovered from a guy at Lowe’s that Samsung makes the GE Profile’s, so that is why they look so similar. I guess that makes sense as GE was trying tou outsource and changeup most of their appliance division and now is working on selling it off completely.

I’d love to get in and talk about institute last night and the jubilee years, and all that, but I really need to get to sleep. Hopefully Sister Dowden will post a hub or blog on it!

Or Maybe Not

I tried to get a straight answer this morning as to when we would be closing escrow. Angela is still pushing for Friday it seems. The escrow officer was trying to tell me the 15th, but the loan people want to push it through by the 7th and that was all she would say. I’m kind of hoping that if we push hard enough to close this week that maybe we can actually close mid next week. If we closed Wednesday, it could actually be nice, giving me Thursday to get appliances in and the long weekend to move. I probably won’t be that lucky, although it is only really two business days ahead of the day we need to close the loan by, the 7th.

Other than that it was pretty much just the typical work day. Toman came by and got the weather station server up and running again – the hard drive had failed. I did stop by and measure the washer for the house. I think I’m just going to go with the top of the Whirlpool that probably has more features and is bigger than I will ever need, but is rated the highest. I think I’m going to call of go back to Pacific Sales tomorrow to order the refrigerator, washer and dryer and see what I can work out as well as delivery at a yet unknown date and time. I also returned my Time Warner DVR, so I am HDTV less until I decide to cough up the money at the new house.

P.S. I seriously enjoyed the cooler weather today. I really need to invest in a ceiling fan for the office. I just can’t figure out how to do it…

Cleaning Files

I’ve been spending time cleaning up each night, or at least as I have been able. Sometimes it amazes me the things that we save. Obviously at the time it made sense, and I would probably have done it again, it’s just that I should have come back years ago and thrown away the tissue paper order forms for float a handful of years ago. I probably also didn’t need the class competition standings or all the raw calendar information for 2004-2005 and other years.

I was looking through a file of stuff from BYU-Idaho at one point tonight. It seems that the story I’ve been telling doesn’t quite match with the dates on the letters I have and it really wasn’t just before the semester was going to start. There was probably ample time for me to get things in order and move to Idaho. At the time it must have seemed like it was next week; maybe I had just registered for classes or something at CSUF.

Not to play the what if game, but of course this lead me to pondering (not that I don’t do this too often already) how things would be totally different in my life if I had gone there. I doubt CBC would still be in existence. I’d probably be married and have kids by now! How scary is that? I probably would have continued in IT or accounting and not be out here on my own doing whatever the random task of the day is. I’m not saying I would have rather done that, just pondering how the smallest decisions in life can have such huge consequences.

I’ve been stressing myself out lately over choosing a refrigerator, washer and dryer. I thought I had it all figured out from Consumer Reports and then I went into Pacific Sales. They didn’t sell Samsung, so i started looking at other refrigerators and then the guy turned me onto this washer and dryer combo that costs more than what I was going in there thinking of buying. Some of the features (and the ratings) are good. Is it worth the extra money though? Then there is the problem of what will really fit in the laundry room. Some things sound great on paper, but yet I wonder how they would really function in the available space.

Oh, I went to WinCo tonight to pickup some milk on my way home. I had an idea since they took over the old Costco building that it wasn’t going to be your typical grocery store. It’s pretty much a cross between Costco and a grocery store and probably not my first choice of somewhere to shop. They probably have some good deals, I’m just not that good of a comparison shopper to know. The milk was priced weird. Most places are more of a 2 for the price of 1 deal, while Winco seemed to just have a lower price per gallon and no incentive to buy the second one. P.S. They don’t take credit cards, so I had to actually use some of that cash I collect and never use to pay the $6 bill for bread and milk.