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Verizon FIOS Unethical Billing Practices Letter

November 6, 2010

Verizon California
PO Box 920041
Dallas, TX 75392-0041

Dear Verizon Representative, et al.:

I have tried to resolve this matter numerous times via phone without success. I have spoken with a handful of people who have not been able to adequately resolve the issue. I have even involved your social media team and they simply stopped communicating with me once they fully understood the problem at hand.

In July, we cancelled our services with Verizon due to a recent price increase. We were sent packaging to return our set top boxes. Upon receiving the packaging, I was quite confused to learn that you were expecting five devices back when we only had two HD DVR’s in the home. I inquired with Verizon.com customer support on 7/22 and Angela verified that I needed to return the two HD DVR’s that I was aware of as well as my router. I was a bit perturbed that we were being asked to return the router, which we had purchased from your company as a requirement of our service, even if it was provided at no cost. In other Verizon accounts I’ve represented, we were required to purchase the router regardless of wanting to use it or not. It seems highly inappropriate to ask for it to be returned. Nevertheless, I packaged up our two HD DVR’s and returned them along with the router.

Our statement as of 8/7/10 showed that we had a credit to be refunded of $140.43, and we assumed that all had been taken care of. However, the statement dated 9/7/10 then showed we were being charged $389.03 for unreturned equipment as well as a $10.60 deferred charge from 2/1/10-2/6/10. When I inquired on the phone about these charges on 9/23, Supervisor Maria told me that the $10.60 was credited back in February on our bill and would only be billed upon termination. She said our February bill was $8 less than the other months. I checked and it clearly was not. Deferred charge or not, she clearly lied to me about the credit. It also seems highly unethical to charge customers only upon termination for an arbitrary amount for an unknown service provided seven months earlier.

When asked about the unreturned equipment, I explained that I had returned the two HD DVR’s and the router as per the Verizon.com instructions on 7/22/10. After much time on the phone, it was determined that apparently I was also to return two digital converters that had also been provided to me at no charge at least one year prior. These devices did not show up on my bill as rental items and the confirmation I received from Angela in the Verizon eCenter clearly did not show that I needed to return the items.

Upon further examination of the letter that arrived with the return packaging, it clearly says: “Please DO NOT Return any Free Promotional Items you received.” Now, I am quite confused why I am being charged $350 for not returning items that I was clearly told I did not need to return.

Further, it seems like Verizon is providing equipment to customers and then fraudulently charging them for that same equipment later. I have asked if the equipment could be transferred to our new Verizon account, but the only thing I have been told is that I must return it or pay the bill, neither of which seems fair or ethical to me.

I would like to see these charges voided and the refund due to me of $140.43 provided in a timely fashion. If Verizon still feels that the equipment needs to be returned, I would like to have a copy of the agreement that I signed stating that I would return the equipment provided to me. I have previously been told this document does not exist, which seems to only further support my standing.

If this matter is not resolved promptly, I will alert the credit reporting agencies of my dispute as well as file official complaints with the FCC and CPUC. I will then contact my attorney regarding the legality of your charges and your unethical billing practices.


Scott Chester

CC: City of Murrieta
Verizon FIOS TV Complaints
Community ID CA1656
24601 Jefferson Ave
Murrieta, CA 92562

Waitin’ On A Woman

Today wasn’t my typical Saturday. I guess in many ways though it was about what it should be. I didn’t spend the entire day cleaning, although I sure could have. I forced myself out of bed this morning to help with building cleanup since I missed the last three weeks of it and Cynthia has been trying to guilt me into going. Of course, she wasn’t there this morning cause she was at work, but I went nonetheless. It was actually the quickest building cleanup I’ve ever done. We were done about 8:45 and I don’t recall ever being out of there before 9:30 before.

That gave me enough time to come home and take a shower before going into work to meet a customer who was returning some gear. I was very pleased to get over 41 mpg driving to the office. I have to wonder if Toyota did in fact do something to the Camry as it seems to have been getting much better gas mileage lately than it typically would.

I came home and went through the mail. It was just about perfect timing as there were a few things that I needed to take care of in there. I didn’t get very far with cleaning up my desk, but at least it isn’t getting any worse. I had an interesting encounter regarding spaghetti today. i was asked to bring some for break the fast tomorrow. The sheet said to bring it cooked, but I asked if there was really a reason to cook it ahead of time with it then needing to be reheated. I was told it was ok for me to bring the spaghetti uncooked, but to make sure the sauce was cooked. That really threw me off. Am I supposed to take the sauce out of the jar, heat it up and then put it in some container to take it to church where it can sit in my car from 11 till 4 and then need to be reheated? I won’t even mention the health concerns, or that it would need to go in the fridge. I also had to explain that me bringing spaghetti doesn’t necessarily involve me bringing a sauce for it. I guess we are just all on different pages with our pasta. I think I’ll just be bringing a package of spaghetti and a jar of sauce and we’ll let the girls figure it out from there. Maybe I’m just in an argumentative mood lately.

After I finished eating lunch, I went to Pat & Oscar’s with Lauren (Kristin) and had some breadsticks. We had a good time talking and we confirmed that Shelby is in fact not engaged, some guy just made a fake wedding announcement for the fun of it I guess. She didn’t even know about it, so it was a good thing that we called her. After that I came home and hung the pictures on the walls that they’ve been sitting in front of for nearly a week. I had a heck of a time in the living room. I kept hitting things that didn’t seem like studs, so I was scared to keep driving the nail in. I repositioned everything three times on the wall before deciding to go with it for now.

I then read through a lot of the newspapers that have been piling up. I still have more to go through, but I made a good valiant effort at getting through them. I think I’m going to recycle my Soduku stack too as I get two new ones everyday, I probably don’t need to keep all the old ones since we haven’t had a shortage problem for a while now. I watched Meet Dave tonight. I thought it was pretty funny and had a good story line.

Still no news … It really bites that something that feels so right hurts so much.

I’m really not ready for tomorrow, or next week for that matter. I think there is too much unfinished business from this past week to move on. I also know that tomorrow is going to end up being so hectic and long that I’m just not looking forward to it. I think I may have to go back to that stand about taking a break. I think it would be that much harder to to now with the recent events as no one would believe me that they aren’t related. I’ve had the desire for a break since long before I had the desire to breakup a friendship or two. Regardless, i think it’s a mute point as I’m sure I just need to endure, although I could do with a few less things on my plate. Maybe I need to delegate off the coordination with the missionaries to one of my counselors.

Our Offering

I finished the sales and use tax paperwork this morning and paid the bill.  I’ve just been out of things at work this week and have been having a hard time concentrating. I’ve found myself making a few stupid mistakes, like forgetting to put everything in an envelope before sealing it and such like that. I think I’m going to work a short day tomorrow so I can spend the afternoon cleaning the house and getting it ready for the housewarming. I need to start baking the goodies as well, which I guess means I need to come up with a full plan of what we’re going to have.

I’m thinking we may need to serve dinner since it is such a long thing, but I have no clue who is going to be here or when really. I’ve received a few RSVP’s and am hoping that more people show up than have responded. It seems like some people don’t even know about it, so I’m not sure if the invites didn’t make it to them or what.

I was happy I got to go to Institute tonight. We talked a lot about the sacrament and the offering that goes along with it. We learned that we bring ourselves, an imperfect offering and that we receive Christ, a perfect offering, and the blessing to try for another week. It was interesting thinking about how the offerings have changed over time. Sometimes I think we really have it too easy here, but then I realize all the temptations of the world we have today that may have not been so prevalent back in old testament times and maybe it is all fair. Or maybe we just don’t have as great of faith as they did in the old testament.

I still can’t find the remote for the DVD player. Kenny even came over tonight to help look for it. I’m wondering if it somehow wound up in the trash or someone’s purse and will never be seen again. Maybe I need to find myself one of those crazy universal remote controls finally.

I got the electric bill today; it was only $160 for almost a complete month. Some people had been scaring me into thinking it was going to obscenely high. I’m not sure if it is really worth it or not, but I’ve got the windows open tonight and am hoping it will cool off nicely so I can sleep. It is still 78 in the house and about 68 outside, abut five degrees above where I would prefer it to be.

Oh well, I’m off to sleep – or at least to try and get some sleep before I have to go back to work in the morning.