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Happy Not So Birthday To Me

Well let’s see. I didn’t end up making it to Disneyland on Thursday. When the morning came around, sleep was sounding so good and since no one had volunteered to accompany me, I figured I’d take what I could. I would have loved to have gone and bought some Disney stuff, but I guess I’ll have to wait till next year if they’re still doing it.

It was a long day at work, but all went fairly well. The show went off without a hitch and everyone was happy with our work. I hope we’re able to get some more business out of the deal.

I ended up sleeping in a bit Friday morning as well and tried to get all sorts of things done in the office. Unfortunately it felt like I didn’t get much done. I was planning on going in today to get taxes done – or started – but I ended up with so much to do at home that I never left the house.

Last night I just kind of took it easy at home. The missionaries asked if we could meet to fill one of their spots that someone had backed out of, so we did that and then I watched the double header of 24. Before they came over I spent about an hour figuring out how to get the audio out of my DVR. I thought it would be easy to take the optical out, but apparently it is encoded and not just a PCM stream or something and the MacBook couldn’t recognize it. I tried all sorts of things to just get the stereo audio through and it just wouldn’t work. I finally came across a way through firewire to have the MacBook emulate a DVCR and then was able to capture the video and audio feed through VLC. It’s a bit hairy, but it worked and I was able to get the new Rascal Flatts song “Here Comes Goodbye” at least temporarily while I wait for them to release their new album.

I think I’m going to get the company to signup for Promo Only so I can get these new songs sent to me without having to wait for the album. The service doesn’t cost that much more than the songs themselves really do and while I won’t like them all, it could be beneficial in times like this. That will also help me at work to have the most current songs even if they are ones that I don’t particularly care for myself.

I spent the bulk of today cleaning. I finally got caught up on all the newspapers. Well, the big stacks are gone. There are a handful of sections that I saved to read longer stories in or for reference. I decided to toss all the sections I had been saving for Soduku since it seems that Maegan isn’t coming over anytime soon to play a bunch and I get two new ones each and everyday. I finally cleaned the carpet in the family room which had a few stains that I’ve found recently on it. It looks like the big stuff came out which is good. I still have a hard time believing sometimes how dirty the water is coming out of the carpet when it looks so clean. I guess it just goes to show that you never really are done cleaning. There are still lots of things that I need to do, but I’m very happy with the kitchen and family room being clean again. I also got my shower much cleaner than it was and did laundry today.

I had some extra chicken left over from Monday which I needed to cook or freeze so Ashley and I decided to make some chicken alfredo. I think it was the best I’ve ever made. The chicken was very tender and the seasoning worked out quite well. I’m actually kind of looking forward to those leftovers even though I know they won’t be as good as it was tonight.

Lauren had talked about possibly coming over tonight, but I never heard anything from her, so we went with plan B (above). Ashley and I then watched My Girl. I had forgotten how much I love that movie. The music is so great and I love so many of the lines and plots.

Well, I guess I’d best be off to sleep so I can make it though this heck of a day tomorrow.

P.S. Did I mention that Alison called me aged the other night?

Happy Birthday Mandi

I have been so exhausted lately I haven’t had a chance to write. Monday night I went to dinner and FHE at the Lee’s and was there until after 9. I was up early on Tuesday for the temple and then decided to ditch work. I just wasn’t feeling like going into the office Tuesday afternoon for some reason. After I stopped to get Pumpkin Spice doughnuts (Krispy Kreme) and some strawberry lemonade (Cheesecake Factory) there wasn’t going to be much time spent in the office anyway.

The temple was interesting Tuesday morning. I continued demonstrating at the veil for the most part of the day. I served as a patron in initiatories for a while as well. I felt really close to the people I was serving as proxy for this time. It was really touching. When we had some sisters from Idaho show up who wanted to do baptisms, I got to officiate in those ordinances as well. They didn’t bring any priesthood with them, so I was able to baptize them and I was happy to have had the opportunity to assist them.

I spent some time around the house and then went over to the Dowden’s. Maegan and I went and got some Pinkberry with Megan and then ran into Lauren S. Well, actually, Lauren nearly ran Maegan and I over as we were walking around trying to find a mailbox. After that I had a meeting to go over perfect home teaching districts. We were at the church until after midnight, but I feel that we were getting good work done.

I spent most of the day today playing behind computer monitors. I had six of them going for most of the day installing software on new machines and so forth. We went to Claim Jumper for Mandi’s birthday and then had cake at the Dowden’s. Melissa had a little problem with the candles, but the cake was delicious.

Maegan’s little black cat has been around a lot lately. This morning he wouldn’t let me leave at all and I was nearly late to work. He jumped in my car and when I would put him out he wouldn’t get out of the way. I was so nervous I was going to run him over so this went on for almost ten minutes! He’s been running up to me every-time I come and go lately. I’m trying to convince Maegan that is because he misses her and she needs to come around more.

No SF This Weekend

I’m really tired, so I should make this fast which means it will probably be really long. I think I’ve been fighting something all week now which has just been bringing me down. Maybe Krystal needs to find a new human garbage disposal or I need to find somewhere else to lay blame as she probably has nothing to do with it.

Work was alright today. I still have a lot to do tomorrow, so it is probably a good thing that I’m most likely not going to San Francisco this weekend. I discovered that there are tons of people coming to Connie & Michael’s thing, so they wouldn’t miss me and Brooke’s dad is coming into town to spend some time with her this weekend. Looks like I’ll be picking a new weekend which will allow me to spend more time doing the things I need to be doing around here. Frank should be moving in on Saturday as well, so it would probably be good to be here for that.

I went to the Murrieta Chamber Mixer tonight. It went well. I met a few new people. Although not quite the number I as hoping for, it was good. I learned about a wedding venue in French Valley that I hadn’t heard of before and will have to come check out.

It was great to have institute back again finally. I missed it last month! I needed to have read ahead and reviewed so I was better prepared though tonight. After instiute, Maegan and Larilyn came over and had dinner and then birthday cake. Zach came over and joined us and we talked about making calls for this weekend as well as home teaching. We have a lot of work to do to help our branch get 100% home teaching this month.

I really need to get to sleep!

To San Francisco?

Today was a bit quieter than the past has been. Granted, that was probably only because our email was down for part of the day and we have yet to receive some of those messages.

We had a BBQ tonight at the Clegg’s. It was fun, but I spent all my time taking pictures and debating if I should go to San Francisco this weekend.

Since Connie & Michael are having their anniversary party this weekend, I thought that maybe it would be a good time to come up and see Brooke. Of course, we have a few things going on here as well that could use being dealt with, I was thinking a good weekend away could be good for me as well.

Sounds like I’m probably not going this weekend, but will soon. And I think I’ll have to go back in the spring to see Wicked!

I just learned that Krystal’s airing on the price is right is the week that I’m in Minneapolis! What are the chances of something like that happening? The other thing is that since she wasn’t going to be here, it probably wasn’t going to be a big deal, but now that she is staying, it probably will be a big deal and I’m going to be 2,000 miles away. I guess I’ll have the opportunity to watch it earlier though since I’ll be two hours ahead.

I was informed that Maegan is coming over for her birthday celebration after institute tomorrow night. I guess I have to bake a cake.

Did you like my random thoughts? I think my brain must have shut down or something. Maybe I got up too early this morning or maybe I’ve just gone into shock from actually making a real breakfast (french toast) this morning when it was still dark outside.

Cleaning Saturday

Another Saturday spent cleaning. I barely made it to building cleanup this morning and then came home and continued. It seemed like laundry took all day even though it was only the normal three loads. I think they were just larger than normal so it took longer to fold and put away.

I ended up making snickerdoodles for Krystal tonight. I figured she might appreciate them more than a not so perfect picture or something and it was a little more personal than a gift card. I was only able to stay a little while at her surprise party as I already had plans with Lauren & Batch. I was there for the surprise though – and got a good picture, so I guess I should be happy with that.

We watched Mission Impossible III tonight. It was interesting, but certainly not great.

I have a feeling that 6 am priesthood meeting is going to come really early tomorrow morning.

Busy Day, No News

I had a pretty busy day at the office today. It was kind of quiet, but I was swamped trying to get through some quotes that needed to get out. Alison and I went to lunch at Olive Garden and then I went to check out the new parking garage at the mall. Actually, i was trying to go to Hallmark, but I think I got distracted by the new garage and therefore thought Hallmark was in the mall. When I walked in and couldn’t find it on the directory, I realized it wasn’t in the mall! Oh well, I got back in the car, found the Hallmark and a card and then finally got back to work.

No news on the house. We probably won’t hear anything till Friday, which I guess isn’t all that far away now. There are some similar houses on the market (same layout), but they are all much more expensive and don’t seem to have the same upgrades. They probably also aren’t in as good of condition, so I’m not sure what I’ll do if I don’t get this one other than going and making low ball offers on the others. At least I’ll have a good comp to compare it to!

I was going to try and go for a ride tonight, but figured once I got home that i was just going to be lazy instead since I didn’t get an early start. I’m hoping to make it home early enough tomorrow to get one in.


I really want to know about the house. I don’t think I can wait till Friday! I hope the bank gets their act in gear and lets me know either way soon. Of course I would like for it to be an affirmative we’ve accepted your offer so we can get this show going, yet even if I’m not going to get it I’d like to know so that we can move on to the next one.

Things went pretty well today. Zach and I decided not to meet up this morning and work on home teaching, so I had some extra time at home to get things organized which was nice. PEC and the block went well, really nothing to report.

I left the Dowden’s after dinner to go hang out with Kim and then we went to branch prayer. We missed the thought and prayer, but got to hang out with people, including the new branch shepherds from the Los Alamos ward, the Diffley’s.

I’m not sure what to do with myself tomorrow. We’ve got the activity at the Mattson’s in the afternoon. I was thinking about going to the temple in the morning. We are going Friday, so I’m not sure if I need to go Monday or just make sure that I am there on Friday and that way save on some gas. I’m trying to figure out what to do for Tara’s birthday on Wednesday. I’m thinking maybe about baking cookies and FedExing them to her. I guess that could keep me out of trouble in the morning and give me something to take to the Mattson’s.

If anyone reading this would like to join in the festivities tomorrow, please let me know. We’ll be playing in the pond with the zip line and slide and will have volleyball and ping pong as well as other misc activities. It is always a great time up there.

P.S. Happy Birthday Christa!

Quickest Route to a Heavy Heart

Well, just in case it wasn’t already official, I’m old. I’m getting older as we speak.

Ryan and I went for a ride this morning. It didn’t almost kill me like it did last week, so we’re making improvements. Now, if we could just get a schedule and stick to it we might be able to make some progress. Work went fairly well. I ended up having to run out at 5 when a customer called and I had to drive something to FedEx to get it shipped for him, so that got me home early and ended the debate of what I was going to do tonight. Since I was already in my car and basically at the freeway, I decided to drive on home.

I actually found another live person on the GTARC repeater this evening. I recently decided that I was going to set out to find someone else on there, so I’ve started calling out when I’m in the area. I found a guy, John, today who was thinking the same thing – that no one ever uses the repeater and we needed to make it more active.

I had a real quiet evening at home. Matt got his new DVR today, so he was happy. I spent some time on facebook, ate some cake and sat down to watch a movie. I watched Sky High. I wasn’t expecting too much from it, but I enjoyed it. As usual, the main character was such an idiot and couldn’t see what was right in front of him until it was made blatantly obvious to him. I wonder if we do the same thing. Are we characters in a movie and people are sitting at home watching us on the screen saying hey idiot, can’t you see such or don’t you realize that? I guess you just have to love how hindsight is 20/20. I’m sure I do similar stupid things on a regular basis – how come you all aren’t telling me what an idiot I am and how I can’t see what is right in front of me?

Warren Peace says to Layla at one point: “to let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to a heavy heart.” It was quickly followed by, “and your lucky numbers are…” It may not always work out well for us when we tell people how we really feel, but what’s the point in hiding it? Many people will see it, but the one that it matters to may be blind. Sure, it may be awkward, but do some critical analysis, what do you really have to loose? At most, maybe something you never had and were only dreaming of. What do you have to gain? Pretty much, just, the world. You’ll never know if you don’t come out and say it.

I typically hate birthdays because I’m just not one for the attention and I hate giving and/or receiving gifts just because it is one of those times. I must admit though that Bouse generally comes up with great ideas. The Apple stock was classic a few years ago. Today he had an edible bouquet delivered – of fruit! It was quite good. I enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries this afternoon and am looking forward to working through it some more tomorrow. Batch also brought me some new chocolate which was quite good. And, no birthday could be complete without an ice cream cake which Nathaniel got while picking up lunch.

Where I was trying to go with that last paragraph was that what I do like about birthdays (and other holidays) is it gives us an excuse to talk to people we don’t get to talk to on a regular basis. I got all sorts of random text messages, phone calls, emails, etc from people today who I haven’t heard from in a while. I got to talk to Dale Buzza the other day on his birthday. It’s probably the only time we talk each and every year, but it gives us a few minutes to catch up. That much I do like, and I got to hear from Ashley who I haven’t talked to in a few months.

Well, seeing as how I need to help hold the fort down the rest of the week, I’d better get my old self to sleep. I’m getting too old to stay up late and make it to the office on-time. Oh wait, I’ve always had a problem with that!


Why does every thing have to become an ordeal? We decided to eliminate two of our three phone lines at the house. One of the them was just forwarding calls for the business and one served as a fax line. Neither was really seeing any use, so there was no point to continue to pay for them each and every month. We had the DSL installed on the fax line because it was the line that had the least amount of use and only went to my room. In the process of canceling the lines, of course, we had to move the service to our remaining phone line. One would think that would be a fairly simple thing to do, but apparently it was quite that hard. It turns out the password was reset earlier so in our testing we got locked out of getting online, but we were able to get that solved. We got the service switched to the new line and it worked for a while and then just stopped. This morning I had to call in and reset the modem and tie it to our new phone number. How much security do we really need on one stupid DSL connection? Once we finally got things running again we discovered that they are painstakingly slow. So slow in fact that it can’t support a voice connection, nor can one possibly manage to watch a trailer. I’m estimating our max speed at about 300 kbps – and that’s a burst, the average connection is more like 160 kbps. My Verizon EVDO card can easily sustain 600 kbps while downloading a trailer, so I’ve since switched to using it.

I went to Coldstone today and got Batch a birthday cake. Actually, I got him some sugar free ice cream, and I got the rest of us a cake that said “Happy Birthday Batch,” but such is life. It was good, but was kind of a pain trying to cut pieces from with our plastic utensils.

We didn’t end up going to Disneyland tonight. Christa wanted to go, but Bouse didn’t so they decided to try and get a group together for bowling. While bowling isn’t quite my thing, I was thinking about it, but decided that my hand probably couldn’t take it. I think I have been typing too much this week or something because my right hand has just been killing me all week.  Alison and I talked about going to a movie, but I got stuck playing with DSL once I got home, delaying us too long. I ended up watching “No Reservations” which I thought was fairly good. It’s funny where life can take you sometimes.

I guess now it is time for bed. I’m not sure what the weekend is going to bring. We were supposed to be going to the LA Temple tomorrow, but Maegan backed out and we never really got a group together. I’m guessing it will turn into a nice day to rest and catch up on things around the house.