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Our Love Story

Well, it has certainly been some time since I’ve taken the opportunity to write at all. In fact, ever since I met Megan I haven’t been so good at writing – I guess it’s just that we’ve been so busy and always had other things to do.

People have been asking for nearly a year now, and Cheesecake Factory finally made the incentive for me to write our love story down and submit it in their contest. Some of this has been covered, and some hasn’t, so I’m just going to try and get it all here in one spot for good!

Megan and I really met when Kenny invited her over to my house for movie night. I had some friends coming over to watch Twilight when it first came out on DVD. I should back up to say that we had kind of met a few weeks earlier at church, when we actually sat next to each other, but didn’t even so much as say a word to each other. The following week we spoke briefly at the Dowden’s, but the ice wasn’t really broken until the night she was here at the house. We started talking and I played her Brad Paisley’s new song, “Then.” I remember that Kenny and I were playing with iTunes DJ and she had started requesting a number of Brad Paisley songs, so I had to see if she had heard his latest. She instantly liked it. One of the other girls that was here, Ashley, was going to be having her birthday Tuesday and we were going to be going to Disneyland. I invited Megan to join us for dinner at Cheesecake Factory before.

When Tuesday came we met up at Cheesecake and then to my surprise she decided to join us afterward at Disneyland. We stayed up way too late that night and spent most of the evening talking. We started texting on our way home that night and the volume only went up from there. I was spending that week at the San Diego Temple for our semi-annual offering in righteousness where we spend most of the day there. So, I was up early the next morning and she was up early for work and we started talking each morning and each night on my way home from the temple. (It’s an hour long drive.) That Saturday I couldn’t decide if i was going to go to the temple or if I was going to call my week done and do something different. One way or another we ended up going to Disneyland – and of course going to Cheesecake Anaheim (with Teal as our waitress).

As what seemed to be par for our relationship, we were out way too late, especially considering the lack of sleep we’d had all week. Megan was going to spend the night at a mutual friend’s house – Sally & Bill (who incidentally had basically schemed this whole relationship) – but we didn’t get there till 2:15 Sunday morning! Unfortunately, they had left the house locked up so we had to try to break in instead of waking them up. After about a half hour of trying all sorts of things and talking about not wanting to wake people up, we finally called her mom who called to wake up Sally. That sure gave us interesting stories to be told the next day at church as I was currently serving in branch council with Bill.

After church on Sunday, she came back to my house where we sat and talked the evening away. We went to branch prayer came back to my house and threatened to have a pillow fight. At some point the evening ended and I decided to give her a night off on Monday. I guess I was worried that she would figure out that too much of me was a bad thing and I would scare her off. That Tuesday we were texting at work and she had eaten something spicy and thought she was going to die, or something to that effect. I asked her what she wanted to do for her last night here on earth – i.e. her last wish – and she couldn’t really come up with something. While I would have chosen Cheesecake, maybe we had just had too much, and she had mentioned this other restaurant Ancho’s previously. I suggested we try Ancho’s and then go go-carting, something else she had mentioned previously. Well, while we were planning all this Kenny showed up at my house, so he came along for the evening as well.

We had a great time and again were out too late. We were already planning on going to Disneyland the following day, April 1st. I actually had a friend who suggested the outing, so I started inviting people, including Megan. She told me that she had the day off from work. Well, long story short, it ended up just being the two of us at Disneyland that day. Since it was April fools day, I decided to tell facebook that she and I were married – and also to see how she would take it. I told her that facebook was being weird and that she needed to check it before we left. I don’t know what she thought – other than I was crazy – but she decided we could be married for the day and confirmed the relationship. We later started making up crazy stories that we were having our Disney fairy tale wedding that day and so forth. The one thing I regret doing was not buying her some kind of ring from Disneyland and putting it on her finger that day. We both were getting phone calls asking about what was going on. I don’t remember all that happened that day, but it was the day that I knew. It was also the second consecutive day that we would always see each other from there on out.

The following day we had no plans to be together, but at the last minute she came down for institute, a scripture study class we have at church. That was the day that I knew my feelings weren’t completely off base and she must have felt something back. We already had plans that Friday night to watch a movie, so she came down. That weekend was our church’s general conference where we watch various sessions on television, so she stayed in Murrieta so we could watch conference together. She invited me to dinner with her family on that Saturday, so we went there and I went to priesthood session with her father. We stayed and played games where I got to meet the whole family. Talk about intimidating: They were asking me all the questions!

Sunday we were back watching conference and we had plans to take Monday off. I was still worried about scaring her away. Well, another Cheesecake fanatic fan of mine called me up and said, “let’s go to Cheesecake,” the four magic words to which I immediately reply, “Let’s go!” I, of course, called up Megan and informed her that she was not going to be getting the night off after all. We haven’t had a night off since that Tuesday, thankfully, to date.

Back when I was trying to fulfill her last wish the previous week, she had mentioned something she doesn’t even remember. Brad Paisley’s Then was playing in the car and she said something to the effect of how she’d love to hear him sing it live. At the time, Brad was going to be playing at Stagecoach festival and I was thinking that would be a great place to propose. I guess my timeline wasn’t fast enough though and I got the hint that week to speed things up. We looked at some rings so I got an idea of what she wanted and decided Friday to call Zales and tell them to get the ring ready. I had that ring burning a hole in my pocket Friday night, all day Saturday when we went to Sea World and then Sunday morning. I had planned an Easter egg hunt for Megan Sunday and told her about it earlier.

We went to her parents for church Easter Sunday morning, and then had brunch at their house with the whole family. We rushed back to Murrieta to go to the singles ward here and I told her that I needed to swing by the house to get my stuff together. She wanted just to stay in the car, but I told her that I needed a few minutes and it would be a good time for her to do her Easter egg hunt. I had made most of the eggs fairly easy to find, and they all had a slip of paper in them. Most of them were lyrics to our song, Then. When she put them in the right order, it spelled out the location of the remaining egg. It spelled out pancake. So, she looked in the fridge and didn’t find an egg. Then she looked in the pantry and still no egg. She was starting to give up when she realized the pancake griddle was on the counter, not it’s normal spot. She looked all around it and didn’t find anything. I asked if she knew it had a drawer at which point she started pulling it out. By the time she had the egg opened, I was down on one knee behind her. I asked her to be my wife as she pulled the ring out of the egg.

Needless to say, we were way late for church. And there wasn’t anything that I needed from the house, other than for that ring to be on her finger and not burning a hole in my pocket! She totally wasn’t expecting it because I had led her to believe it was coming in a few more weeks and she knew I wouldn’t pop the question until I had asked her dad. What she didn’t know was that I had been trying to work up the courage to ask him – and find the time to do so – all morning long! I lingered and stalled at their house that morning trying to get him alone. It wasn’t done the way I planned it, but it worked out just fine. (I was planning to ask him the following week at the Redlands Temple.)

So, we really met March 21st and were engaged April 12th. There were a few more trips to Cheescake Factory over the coming months (I had the help of Discover Card in figuring out our timeline of dining at the Cheesecake Factory.) It was pretty much non-stop tlll the wedding. Megan went looking for dresses the next weekend while I was at a sealing, then I went to the Redlands temple with her parents, where I was planning on asking for her hand in marriage. We took a trip to Arizona to visit my grandma (and get a box she had been holding for me). During the trip we went horseback riding at the OK Corral. Then we were taking engagement pictures in Laguna Beach – followed, of course, by the original Cheesecake Factory that I had wanted to go to for a LONG time in Redondo Beach.

The next weekend we were shopping for cakes and then we were off to Pennsylvania and West Virginia for a week where we visited the Cheesecake Factory in Pittsburgh and Brad Paisley’s hometown of Glen Dale, WV. May 30th we were back in Redondo Beach at the Cheesecake Factory after going to the Point Fermin Lighthouse to scatter my mom’s ashes, something else I had been meaning to do for a long time. Her bridal shower was the following weekend, followed by her endowment. On the last free weekend she took her bridal portraits and we were busy with other things.

We were married June 26th in the Los Angeles Temple. Unfortunately, there was no Cheesecake involved, but we did stop at Chic-fil-a for a snack on our way home. Our reception was the following day and on our way to our honeymoon, you can bet our first stop – and our first real out to dinner meal was at the Cheesecake Factory Pasadena.

We had a lovely honeymoon in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort. We spent a few days there exploring before going further north, but called it and came home early. (We were probably running low on Cheesecake after all that wedding cake.)

There’s lots to say from there, but I think I’m going to quit while I’m ahead today.

Easter Egg Hunt for a Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Are you ready for the crazy news of the day? How about of the month or even the year? Chances are, unless you follow me on twitter or facebook, you’re wrong! Megan and I are officially engaged now. It seems like this has been such a long time coming, but it’s barely been two weeks!

I’ve had her thinking that it was going to happen in about two weeks. Our song is Then by Brad Paisley. The song talks about taking her back to the place I first met her, but for that it’s a little questionable. I thought maybe the song would be a good place, but I’m not sure if I would want to do it in the middle of a bunch of people or if I could be successful at all with getting us up on stage to really embarrass her.

In any event, I decided it was time to get things going and make this official. I was getting tired of the questions that I couldn’t really answer because nothing had been done officially. So as she was getting ready this morning, I stashed some easter eggs around the house for her to find later. Each one had some candy in it, but most importantly had a slip of paper. Most of the slips were exerpts from the lyrics of Then and the remainder were things that I personally wrote. I left most of the eggs out where they were fairly visible, but hid the magic one #12. The notes with lyrics on them also had a corresponding letter which when laid out accordingly produced a hint to find number twelve. The hint was pancake, which caused Megan to look in the fridge and in the pantry. She then saw the griddle on the counter, which isn’t where it is normally stored and started feeling around it. As I reminded her of the storage/warming drawer and she started to open it, I started to hit one knee. By the time she had figured it out I was there could do much more than shed happy tears. I think she was speechless at first, but gave me an excited yes answer!

She says that she had no clue it was coming until she saw the ring in the egg. I think the look on her face confirmed that as she looked like she was so surprised – I wish I had pictures!

This new addition to her finger gave us all lots to talk about at church today. This was the opposite of how things went this morning when we went to church in Riverside. I could see many of the sisters glancing or trying to glance at her finger, but finding it naked didn’t really know how to address me. I figured I couldn’t let her go through another church service without something there. I used the excuse that we needed to come back to the house before our church to get my stuff which I forgot here, oops! When she tried to stay in the car, I told her I had some work to do and she should come in. Then I told her to get started with the egg hunt as above.

Church went well and then we came home to post some pictures and then went to have dinner with my parents. That went pretty well and then we went off to branch prayer at the Prosser’s. Now I’m falling asleep at the keys, so I’m going to have to finish this up later!


Brad Paisley – Then
Brad Paisley - Then (Single Edit) - Single - Then

I remember
Trying not to stare
the night i first me you
You had me memorized
three weeks later
in the front porch light
taking forty five minutes
to kiss good night
I hadn’t told you then
I thought I loved you then

now you’re my whole life
now you’re my whole world
I just cant believe
the way i feel about you girl
Like the river meets the sea
strong then its ever been
we’ve come so far since that day
and I thought I loved you then

I remember
Taking you back
To right where I first met you
you were so surprised
there were people around
but i didn’t care
I got down on one knee
right there once again
I thought i loved you then

now your my whole life
now you’re my whole world
I just cant believe
the way i feel about you girl
Like the river meets the sea
stronger then its ever been
we’ve come so far since that day
and I thought i loved you then


I can just see with you
with a baby on the way
i can just see you
when your hair is turning gray
what i cant see
Is how I’m never gonna love you more
but I’ve said that before

now you’re my whole life
now you’re my whole world
I just cant believe
the way i feel about you girl
You’ll look back some day
at this moment that we’re in
and ill look at you and say
and i thought i loved you then
and i thought i loved you then

Source: CowboyLyrics

What It Takes

So it has been a while since I’ve written. To some extent, I’d say that I’ve been busy, to some I’d say I’d been too bored to write. Tonight I’m just not quite ready to go to bed, even though I really need to get some sleep. I guess there are just too many things going through my mind that I’ve been trying to figure out lately.

Let’s see if I can recount some of the recent highlights: The fireside with President Monson was great this past Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have watched it twice now and have two pages of notes. I never take notes. I hope to collect those thoughts into something more coherent soon.

My favorite song recently, and I don’t mean in the past two weeks, but the past few months, is definitely “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley.

The girls have been keeping me up way too late recently. Maegan and Larilyn came over on Monday night when I normally get to bed between 8 and 9 and I think were here till almost 11. Surprisingly I wasn’t all that tired at the temple the next morning. Lauren came over last night, I was able to bribe her with some brown rice pasta I found at Trader Joe’s, and I finally started watching 24 which kept me up late. It seemed like there was something all last week. I remember being somewhat excited with a Friday night off. I was going to get to bed early, but then I fell in love with the pink roses on my kitchen table and spent a few hours taking pictures of them.

Taking the pictures led to last weekends project of figuring out how to fix the picture problem. My laptop just hasn’t been cutting it with the pictures and it has taken all the fun and enjoyment out of it. So, I thought maybe it was the slow HDD and dug out some externals. That didn’t seem to make much of a change, but did help. Around 11 or 11:30 I gave up and visited apple.com to find out what time the Escondido store opened up. After an impatient morning, I was at the Apple Store and bought a new Mac Pro. It actually runs Apeture and it is really nice to have a desktop again. I want to burn some backups and then delete a bunch of the stuff that I have on my laptop. Actually, I’m starting to like the new OS (don’t remember the cat’s name) so I may wipe and reinstall.

Ryan got me playing with APRS yesterday. He told me the magic combinations I had been missing before. I now really want to get the weather station setup at the house and get it transmitting via APRS and get a GPS in the car that will talk to the 710 radio in there. I’ve also been toying with buying a truck and am considering doing it sometime this year. I think I might want to get it fully loaded with the radio rigs, scanners and other toys, so I might save the full scale gps integration for that bad boy and keep my car a little cleaner, i.e. no more toys in it. Now I just need money!

In any event, I’ve found myself depressed quite a bit lately that life just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Clearly I can buy all sorts of expensive toys, but it doesn’t progress me anywhere. I think I’ve lost touch with some things that I need to be doing. I haven’t been reading my scriptures daily. I’ve been very anti-social which only leads to being more anit-social. Something needs to change; I’m just not sure what or how and sometimes I just want to give up. I realize that we have to go through ups and downs in life, it just seems that the valleys are larger than the plateaus.

Oh yeah, I want to plant a garden. I realize I’m not the perfect person to care for it, but I think it would be great to have fresh fruits and veggies growing outside. I could totally go for having a huge supply of strawberries this summer. It would also help me accomplish the job of setting up a compost bin or at least a kitchen pill bug type compost.

I guess Adam Gregory is singing the song of this era of my life right now:

I want to know,
I want to understand,
what it takes to be your man

What’s your favorite color,
whats your favorite song
if i sing it to you,
would you sing alone
i need to know,
I’ve got to understand
what it takes to be your man
what you want,
what you need,
baby tell me everything,
there ain’t nothing
I don’t want to know
cause all I want,
all i need,
is just you here with me
baby let me know so that I can
do what it takes to be your man.

Adam Gregory - What It Takes - Single - What It Takes

Paisley Party Tour 2008 Pictures

WordPress won’t keep these pictures in order so don’t be surprised if you get confused – they aren’t in chronological order.

The Paisley Party Tour 2008

Yesterday I got the privilege of finally going to another Brad Paisley Brad Paisley Concert – the Paisley Party Tour 2008. It was so great I almost wish I had made it for both nights and I totally would have dealt with Coors to see him again. The whole show was great, although I’m still not sure exactly how well Jewel Jewel fit the playbill. It seemed like Brad didn’t go as long this year or maybe I just enjoyed it more. He never did take a break and do an acoustic set and he missed quite a few big songs. I totally could have gone with staying there for a few more hours, or until the sun came up and kept the party going! We all (at least Mandi and I) had a great time. Tara and Chris, one of the guys selling security this summer, came along as well and I think they both enjoyed themselves as well.

We had the pleasure of getting to meet Julianne Hough Julianne Hough. I really wasn’t too familiar with her before the show and only really knew of her song “Will You Dance With Me?” I was pleased to find out that she has more song and seemed to be quite a good performer and has the potential to be a great entertainer. In any event, she was up first which I can only imagine how hard it must be to walk on stage with a venue that is only a quarter full at best and with people that aren’t drunk enough yet to really be partying. Of course, people like Mandi were there just to see Julianne, so that must be nice too, but hard to know when you’re up there. We stood in line after the show to get a chance to meet her. Just before we got to the front they announced that due to time restrictions we would only have the opportunity to get something signed or take a picture. I let Mandi take a picture and I had Julianne sign a picture for Mandi. Julianne was so friendly though I couldn’t believe it. She gave me a hug and wanted to talk; I don’t think she liked being rushed.

Chuck Wicks Chuck Wicks was great. Stealing Cinderella Chuck Wicks - Stealing Cinderella - Single - Stealing Cinderella is still an amazing song and I just love it. Jewel was good and she even yodeled for us. Brad was amazing and just never stopped or really even slowed down. I’m already looking forward to the next show!

I guess I didn’t do anything interesting the other days. Today went well and we had an excellent sacrament meeting. I was super tired from being up so late, but would do it again tomorrow night if given the opportunity. Things seem to be moving forward with the house, even if slowly.

Up Too Early

I got myself up way too early this morning. Actually, I was awake at like 5 and had a hard time staying in bed till 6. I thought about getting up and getting going before 6, but knew it was only going to cause problems somewhere along the line. Chances are, I would have wasted it on facebook or something stupid all morning anyway. Work went well and since I was the first one there, I thought it only fair that I got to be the first one to leave.

I came home early and went for a bike ride. I wasn’t really feeling up to it, but knew I really needed it. I’m still trying to work off the pounds I put on when we were back in Minneapolis last month. I guess that really means I need to stop eating, and that certainly didn’t happen with the slice of cake I had tonight! I did feel much better after the ride, I just need to work on doing them more regularly!

Looks like more of the same tomorrow. I’m taking Thursday off and headed to Disneyland for anyone that wants to join.

P.S. I was watching some of the CMT Country Music Awards while getting ready for bed and I must say I am looking forward to having Brad Paisley back in town soon

Keith Urban

Things have still been crazy in the office. I was swamped both yesterday and today. I was able to make it out last night for Keith Urban (& Carrie Underwood) though. The seats were much better than I was expecting and while they weren’t like front row or anything they really weren’t that bad. We were just off stage right and in the third row of the 4th section, so other than being up high, the view was good. They did some interesting stuff with the lights, and kept moving some of the above stage trusses in and out during songs.

I liked Carrie’s seriously portrait video screens that she used during the show, but Keith’s huge video screen was pretty cool as well. I think Lauren had the time of her life, although is probably deaf now and might not have much of a voice left either.

As we were leaving I was reminded of how much I hate Coors. At Honda we were able to walk to the car in a few minutes and then were on the freeway just a few minutes later. The only waiting was at a red light! Anaheim really has this stuff down, I must admit.

I got home way too late this morning which didn’t help at the office today. We got a lot done though and are making progress. We’ve ordered a lot of stuff and had to scramble to get the shop and shape and get all the new stuff prepped. i guess when it rains it pours!

And now I just realized that tomorrow is Becky’s reception. I don’t think I’m going to make it to the branch’s bikeride and beach trip tomorrow with everything that is going on. I’ll probably be lucky to get to sleep in. I must be up by 10 so I can hit pay some more convenience fees to Ticketmaster for Brad Paisley who is coming to town again soon! I actually already got tickets for one night presale, but I’m going to try for more tomorrow when they actually go on sale.

Brad Paisley Salt Lake 2 Sec 6 Tickets Thur 1/24

My tickets for Salt Lake are online now as well. I really want to see Brad Paisley, Chuck Wicks and Rodney Atkins, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next time they come to town. Help spread the word and fin someone to buy my tickets for me…
Brad Paisley Salt Lake 2 Sec 6 Tickets Thur 1/24 – eBay (item 270206040981 end time Jan-23-08 15:55:47 PST)

Surrender Your Chocolate

Today was a much needed change from the past week. I slept until almost noon – after getting home at 2 this morning – caught up on some computer stuff, opened the mail and took my sweet time doing nothing. I was thinking about going for a bikeride, but decided that my car really needed a cleaning and since it was basically her birthday, I decided she deserved some attention. I think I will have spent more time and money on her than myself because she’ll be getting new tires next week as well!

We were going to do baptisms at the temple tonight, but it sounds like the temple was booked with other groups. I went down on my own to the 7:30 endowment session. I was amazed with how many other people were there because before when I’ve been there late on a Saturday there has been no one around. Maybe with it being closed the last two weeks and everyone having stake conference last weekend, it motivated more people to come. It was good, I had a great time and it was probably exactly what I needed. I ran into Zach in the parking lot as I was leaving, I guess we should have met up and carpooled.

I swung by Krispy Kreme to make sure I got another filling of pumpkin spice before they disappear for nine months. I think I have another week left before they are gone because the Valentine’s doughnuts come out on the 29th.

On the subject of food, I decided to have a mint dark chocolate caramel dove square before going into the temple. I opened a new bag after struggling with it to find the message not very inspiring inside: “Be a best friend. Surrender your chocolate.” Me? Give up my chocolate? Are you crazy? I thought about it for a while driving home and decided maybe it was right, so I took my bag to Maegan.

I put my tickets for Wednesday (Brad Paisley – Idaho Center) on eBay today, and have started getting bids, so I guess Shelly and I won’t be going! I still haven’t figured out anything for Thursday, but I’m thinking at this point I should probably just sell those as well and wait for another show. I thought about the Vegas show as I was driving home from Vista and it appears there are still good seats left. Maybe I’ll sell the Salt Lake tickets and go to Vegas instead.

NAMM yesterday was tiring. I guess I just wasn’t into it this year. We got a late start because we were dealing with some things at the office so i missed a few of the sessions at the idea center I wanted to sit in on. I got some good brainstorming/thinking in during the one hour MBA session I sat in on. I’m hoping I can start putting some things into action this year. Christa and I decided we had had enough around 2 and headed to Disneyland where we met Bouse. We rode Tower of Terror and Screaming before heading off to Cheesecake.

We drove Teal crazy again, ate way too much food, had some Godiva Cheesecake and then proceeded back to Disneyland for a few more rides. We wanted to hit Tower and Screaming again in the dark, but ended up with only enough time for Tower. In Disneyland we hit Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates, Indiana Jones, the boats next to Indiana and Space Mountain. We were all talking about making it a quick trip and being out by 10, but we were still there when the park closed at 11. It was past 11:30 when we finally hit the road after shuffling people and stuff to different vehicles. I tried to stop at Krispy Kreme on the way home, but the one in OC wasn’t open 24 hours like I thought it was. It felt really good to sleep last night!

I probably could have something more thoughtful to say, but my brain is shutting down, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.