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Five Endowments Later

Wow. Four o’clock came way too early this morning and it was not exactly what I would call fun getting up that early. Nevertheless, I did it and I would have been on time for the six o’clock session if I had recalled that Murrieta is about 15 minutes farther away than Fallbrook is from the San Diego Temple! It worked out though cause I got to hang with Bro Kowallis for the first two sessions, did one by myself and then caught up with the group after lunch and the chapel session.

The five sessions have totally wiped me out though. Or maybe it was getting up at four after going to bed around ten. Either way, I’m barely awake enough and really don’t have the energy enough to type this now.

I did get set apart tonight as the Elders Quorum President, in the temple of all places. That was kind of cool (literally, the room was freezing!) I also get set apart for another calling minutes later. I’ll be serving as an ordinance worker every Tuesday morning now. Looks like I’d better get used to getting up at four – or even earlier! What did I get myself into?

Actually, we had talked about this a long time ago and never got it started for some reason. I’m looking forward to it; I just need to figure out the logistical end of it and break the news to the office folks. I know they’re going to love me!

I was craving a strawberry lemonade as I was leaving the temple. Actually, I was craving one about 10 o’clock this morning. My throat was so dry I could barely stand to be there. I hit up Cheesecake Factory and had some amazing Orange Chicken. I think it was still hot as I devoured the last piece I ate it so fast. I was totally starving. Although, I must admit that the $3 I spent for chicken fried steak at the temple cafeteria today was totally worth it.

More to write, but I need to sleep…

Being Pulled

It was weird not having meetings this morning before church. I enjoyed some leisurely time at home and even made pancakes for breakfast this morning. I did go to church and put in close to two hours on home teaching. It is so nice now that we have the shepards in MLS so I can actually assign them to companionships instead of having to remember who goes where and hand writing them in. Now I just need to work on fixing the half-companinoships we have now and then figure out who else isn’t being home taught. Oh yeah, I need to call and see who is actually doing home teaching as well. I think we need to revamp this district thing and get some more people involved so we all have a smaller number of people to call, which would hopefully allow us to check in on them more frequently.

Church went well and so did Mehgan’s baptism. Both the talk from the high councilman and our lesson in elders quorum were about the plan of salvation. I wonder if that was planned on our part or just seemed to happen. In any event, it was pretty good and I enjoyed it. I never made it to Sunday School, i was too busy being pulled in different directions and getting things ready for the next hour. Maybe if we switched the hours I could actually attend Sunday School as well. It was great to see President & Sister Mattson at the baptism; I really miss them!
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Broken Toe

Broken Toe

Today was kind of an interesting Saturday. I did my usual cleaning stuff this morning, but almost all of it was in Frank’s new room and I didn’t touch much of the rest of the house. Maybe since I feel like I wasn’t home at all it doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Frank, Sabrina and Megan came over around noon and we hung out and got him going. I then went to Bouse’s housewarming party while Sabrina and Frank moved in stuff. I managed to hit my foot on the bottom or side of Bouse’s pool at one point while we were playing volleyball. I guess I didn’t realize that the side of the pool came up so quickly at the bottom. I think I broke one or two of my toes actually in the process. They kind of stung after I did it, but didn’t really hurt. Now when I walk around the house or sometimes even move in the wrong direction there is excruciating pain. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much one can do about a broken toe other than live it out and take it easy. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more sitting this next week.

I ended up with a quiet evening at home. Melissa didn’t make it and I didn’t feel like inviting anyone else over. I just watched a B movie – It’s a Boy/Girl Thing where this boy and girl change bodies and learn to overcome their problems. Classic story, so nothing new there and the movie wasn’t incredibly entertaining.  It wasn’t bad though, just not the next summer blockbuster.

I made cookies tonight for break the fast – and I finally went to Albertson’s for the first time in weeks. We were starting to run low on milk and I was craving some after the cookies and swimming. I also have been out of raspberry lemonade for weeks. That was the extent of the reason for my trip since I ended up not making dinner tonight. Now that I’m looking at next week, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be around much either, at least not as far as formal dinners go. Monday I’ve got a board meeting and then home teaching, Tuesday the temple, Wednesday we’ll be at Wicked, Thursday is Institute and Friday is out as well (which reminds me I need to find a date!) That’s the whole week! No wonder I’m never cooking dinner anymore.

I spent some time thinking about how we can better do home teaching in the branch today. We seem to have a hard time motivating people to begin with and then the high turnover rate I’m sure doesn’t help. You really can’t get into home teaching when you are only here for a few months, but maybe that is just an excuse and a barrier we need to cross. I realized in pondering that while I have been visiting my people, I too have a long way to go with improving my actual home teaching. I’m anxious to see the changes the new presidency is going to make as to how home teaching is counted and recorded, what changes they will want to make to the home teaching program and if I will even be involved in it after tomorrow which is Zach’s last day.

Wow… too much pondering, it’s tomorrow already and I need to be sleeping. Here’s to fasting for another good month of business!

President Mattson Released

President Mattson was released today. It was a very emotional Sunday. When I first got to church I found his office open and empty. He had taken down all the art and the oversized comfy chairs were gone. The place was just dreary and it matched how I was feeling. I felt like a chunk of me was being taken away. President Mattson really feels like my bishop to me. He is definitely the one I have been with the longest and the only one I have gotten close with.

I was thinking back to the first time I really met him, when I interviewed him for my leadership class. I think it was then that I really determined to come back to church. I had been coming for a few weeks, but interviewing him is what got me hooked. I haven’t missed a week since. I think that is pretty remarkable coming from someone who hadn’t been in essentially a few years. I think I need to pull out a copy of that paper and give one to him. That was actually an interesting semester all around. I went through so much and learned so much. It was the only time I found LDS friends at Fullerton, both of them in the same class.

I remember taking the calling as Sunday School President and being worried about the time and having to go to meetings and so forth. I quickly learned that I never want a calling where I’m not in branch council. Even though I may not participate much, I love the insight from President Mattson and the others and the opportunity to serve with them. President Smith said today that this branch has never been about marriage; it has been about service.

President Mattson asked me what has been the most fun thing we’ve done in the branch. I wasn’t thinking spiritually and answered eventually that I’m just too busy taking pictures to really have fun. But taking the pictures is fun to me. The spiritual journey has been thrilling and really just taking it day to day has been fun. Are there things we could improve on, sure. Is this the best branch I know of, yes!

I’m happy that President Mattson and Brother Rigby are both being returned to their families. They are destined for greatness and while it will be hard for all of us to adjust, the Lords work is progressing under His direction. While I feel like I am loosing friends, I hope this just means our friendship can grow.

I’m looking forward to getting to know President Clegg and his counselors and families. This will in and of itself be an interesting and new challenge for me. Zach is leaving soon and I’ve been asked to carry forward with the elders quorum until they learn of a replacement. I guess it really is true: I was just getting comfortable, maybe too comfortable for comfort!

I went to the Dowden’s briefly this evening to make an appearance. I haven’t seen most of the Dowen clan for at least two weeks, so I felt we needed some time. Sister Dowden and I are going to work this week on getting some social networking going for CBC and I’m going to help her get a store running online for her pole vaulting tips. I came home and wrote cards to Stephanie and Tara. I really felt like writing more, but I don’t want to be a distraction. I figure smaller items more frequently are better. I do really miss Stephanie. Seeing pictures last night – and this morning in the clerks office – as well as having Chris back around have made me realize this. I hope she is doing well. Brother D and I need to make good on our threat (?) to go and see her soon.

President Mattson is being Released

President Smith talked today about how we don’t need to be perfect, we just need to have our life in order. I have the exact quote downstairs, I’m just not going down to get it now. Zach had earlier pointed out that the church isn’t a retirement community for saints, it is instead a hospital for sinners. How true both of these statements are and yet how often do we not think of it that way.

Today went pretty well. There was some disappointing news I would almost have rather not received. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan though and we just can’t see it from here. President Mattson is going to be released next week. I almost felt this was coming recently and when he said something about changes in the office during branch council this morning I almost knew it for sure. For some reason I didn’t think about that when I saw President Smith on the stand, I think I just had too much on my mind at that point.

The rest of the day went well. My family came over for dinner tonight. Well, they brought the pizza and just wanted a place to eat it. I really enjoyed walking to branch prayer tonight. I almost felt as if I was in rexburg walking down the street to prayer. That was great! I had a good time talking with Brother Lee before anyone else got there as well.

Let’s backtrack a bit here. I don’t remember much of Friday other than the girls wanted to come over for a quiet night at home. It was just Larilyn, Maegan and I to start it off. Melissa joined us and then so did Megan. They kept me up way too late and then I did not sleep well all night. Lauren says it is cause I was thinking about her, which is probably true.

Lauren came up after building cleanup on Saturday and we hung out together for most of the day. She was supposed to be coming up to go to the activity, but when we got to that point of the day, she decided she didn’t want to go. There were lots of people at the activity, although I don’t think most of them were actually doing anything on the inflatables.


I’ve been pondering a lot this weekend, probably more than usual and I love it. And I’m talking about more than what I wrote about the last few nights. I think a good portion of it had to do with looking for a lesson for elders quorum today and maybe I’ve also just had a bit more quiet time. I’ve pondered topics such as courage, traditions, being an example, worthiness, blessings or gifts, preparing, marriage, etc. I’ve really been all over the board.

We talked tonight at branch prayer about striving for perfection. I think it hit me tonight that the problem with being comfortable is that we aren’t striving for perfection, or we have given up caring that we are not going to be perfect. We talked about going to look for the one missing sheep and I mentioned that even if we don’t find the missing sheep, if we don’t try, we aren’t even caring to attempt to find perfection or to be perfect. We are to be like our Heavenly Father who is perfect. If we find our selves comfortable with 99%, soon we will be comfortable with 98%, then 97%, 95%. We will end up more than a few degrees off and it will be too late to correct our path.

I’ve been thinking a lot about home teaching and how horrible of a job we really are doing with it. I myself am doing an unacceptable job, I’m trying and failing miserably. Maybe I need to set my sights higher and try even harder. I need perfection and it is the second thing that we can be perfect at. We have thirty days in a typical month to visit three people. That’s ten days per person just to make one visit to their house. If i can’t do that, I don’t deserve what I have been given already. It also drives me crazy that there are many who have not even been assigned a home teacher or to home teach. We have been diligently working on that as a presidency and I hope to continue pressing forward there.

I was thinking during branch prayer tonight that we as an elders quorum, or at least I, in addition to our individual home teaching assignments, need to reach out to those less actives and inactives and get them back into the fold. Even if we only meet with one extra person each month, we could have an impact. I would hope that we could arrange a time to meet with one person a week. Maybe if we split up the presidency and worked with others we could be looking at three people a week or more. If we could make this a joint effort with the missionary committee, activation and activities, we could increase our attendance and have a greater impact. I’m not sure if we would be better off working together as a presidency or individually with other companions. There could be something to be said to show up with a sister to try and welcome members back as well.

My lesson in Elders quorum was really all over the place. I felt compelled to try to do a question and answer session, but didn’t get any good questions. We then started going through the Joseph Smith manuals, but ended up off track talking about traditions and the marks we were going to leave on our future generations. With the prospects of buying a house, and starting my own home, I have been pondering much on these things lately. I think of dinners, family home evenings, family/household prayers, parties, blessings, music and so many other things that could really make the home mine. Of course, the right companion would help tremendously along that path.

On another note, the branch has started moving things back for the summer. FHE and activities are going to be starting later, so I think I’m going to start scaling back my attendance. I just can’t imagine staying at work till almost 8 in the evening – that’s 12 hours! Maybe once I find a place up in Murrieta I can attend more again.

I also got released as Sunday School President today, so I’m down to only three callings!

Head Start

I was called as First Counselor in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency today. I’m a little scared of the amount of work that this calling is going to involve, but I am anxious to find out how I can better serve. (And yes, I now have four (4) callings!) We had some good classes today, and a good thanks to Stephanie during her class. I’m really going to be sad to see her go. I was thinking today about when Brother Dowden and I were talking about going out to Missouri to see her and take her to dinner a few months ago. The crazy part is that I think that is something we might actually do! I was thinking if that would be something appropriate to do with Tara as well. I haven’t been to Florida in years, maybe I can find a business excuse to go there and take her and her companion out for lunch on their prep day.

I skipped branch prayer tonight as I was feeling really tired and wanted to get a jump start on getting ready for bed. I really didn’t want to be up till 11, so i thought by getting home an hour early I could get to bed around 10, which is looking good. I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done tonight, including getting things online for the next week. I guess I’m ahead of schedule since I haven’t written to Tara yet, so maybe it will be 11 before I get into bed.

I had a meeting this morning with Michael and Kelsey. We talked and they encouraged me to be a better member missionary. I really do need to step up to the plate since I probably have more non-member friends than most and see who I can refer to the missionaries. Any volunteers?

Well, the writing is done and it isn’t even 10:30 yet, so there is hope. I’m going to bed, peace out ya’ all.