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WordPress 2.6 Upgrade – Fix Missing Categories

So I upgraded our WP installation at work today and ended up losing all the categories. I knew I could figure it out through the SQL database. This post really helped, although you can easily skip the first step.

David Cumps ยป WordPress 2.6 Upgrade – Fix Missing Categories

Just locate the categories in your DB backup and then use the URL to edit the categories on your live site. You can add the descriptions there if you really want them, but in my case that wasn’t something I was interested in.

Redirection – categories to tags url

I just wanted to give a shoutout for this plugin I just found, activated and which solved my problems in seconds! I was looking for something to redirect any requests for /category/ to /tag/ since WordPress decided to delete all my categories after converting them to tags the other day. I tried doing this with a redirect in cpanel and .htaccess which didn’t seem to work (I don’t know why) and I discovered I should have been doing this with mod_rewrite already, but again it didn’t seem to work.

In any event, this plugin seems to solve the problem in seconds and I like the log it gives. I may actually look at moving the rest of my redirects (for old pages before wordpress) into this system so I can more easily track them as well.

Redirection – Manage 301 redirections without modifying Apache | Urban Giraffe

The only config I had to do after dropping the plugin in and activiating it was putting the following redirection in place:

Source URL: /category/(.*)
Target URL: /tag/$1
Type: Simple redirection
Method: Pass-through
Regex: checked

(courtesty of perassi.org)

Happy blogging!