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Quiet Day of Chores

Quiet Day of Chores

Maybe before people decide to advertise on electronic screens they should inquire as to what is powering them. I mean, why pay to advertise how horrible windows is? We already know it crashes constantly – is it really necessary to advertise that at the gas station? Insist that your advertising displays run on a Mac. Maybe people will see what you are paying for.

I spent some time this morning catching up on blog reading and still trying to figure out twitter. I think I’m starting to get the idea behind it, although I still can’t understand what it does for me more than the status in facebook does. I guess it is just another one of those independent services we all have to deal with. I wish everyone could just have their own domain with whatever works best for them running on it sending out RSS feeds. That would I think essentially solve the need for all these different sites we have now. I realize it will never happen, but I think that is one of the reasons why I am so slow to adopt some of these new technologies/sites that others jump on right away.

I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning the house. I also spent time working on this console situation for the show this weekend among other things. I watched some TV, made some phone calls for home teaching and made orange chicken for dinner. It was essentially a pretty quiet day at home. I thought Lauren was going to come up, but she never did. Alison and I were going to try and meet for lunch, but that didn’t happen. I thought about going to dinner with Bouse, but he wanted to go to Outback and I’ve officially given up on that place. It’s hard to believe it, but I’ve actually stuck by it when I said I wasn’t going back. I can’t stand that they can’t figure out how to cook the meat right.

In fact, I would have spent the entire day at home if Maegan and Larilyn didn’t drag me out of the house to have dessert with them at Johnny Carino’s. I decided to try something new – the cannoli i think it was. It was actually pretty good, although Maegan will attest that the cake something or other she got was amazing and much better than anything I could possibly have chosen to get. This is why we had to have two desserts – so she could have the cake and I could try something new. They invited me to the movies as well. I just came home to finish off my boring day at home, home alone. I ended up watching an episode of CSI, which surprisingly, I hadn’t seen before!

And now, I can get to sleep at a reasonable time instead of still being locked in a movie theater for another 40 minutes and not getting home until tomorrow. I’m very anxious to find out what is going on tomorrow with President Mattson being released. From the calls I made today regarding home teaching, I can see that we have a lot of work cut out for us with people leaving. There were also a few who didn’t know they had assignments, which I think means that I must have never gotten the new assignments to them. I guess that is where calling comes in!

Taxes Done

Friday went fairly well at the office, I think. I got in a bit late and then tried to leave a bit early after getting caught up on most things and getting ready for our board meeting on Monday. However, I decided to call the air conditioning people as I was leaving to have them take a look at our unit as it seemed like it was going through these weird multiple stage things and not actually being able to keep up with the demand for cooling. They came out and looked at it and discovered that some safety device was causing problems, so it was removed. Instead of leaving at 4:30, I left at 5:30 and now we have working air conditioning which is a must when it is 90 degrees!

I still made it home in time to get my taxes done, both for the feds and the state. I e-filed and am all done. Had I done it earlier, I could have had my refund earlier, but such is my luck I guess for waiting. I was able to get my mom’s taxes done today so they will be going in the mail Monday. I also spent some time catching up on TV as well as relaxing and doing some chores around the house. We noticed a bad smell coming from the laundry room this afternoon and traced it down to something in the vent for the dryer. As I predicted, a mouse had crawled into the vent from outside the house and since died causing the stench. We removed the two baby mice (presumably the cats got mom somewhere along the line) and somehow or other that got us started on cleaning the laundry room. We went through the cabinets and got things organized and cleaned out.

In other fronts, I’m still suffering from blowing off the driveway this morning. There was so much pollen and dust that had just settled in the area that when I blew it around it just inundated me. I’ve been suffering all day, which has not especially been fun.

Since the laundry room delayed me from getting to Tara’s birthday party, I ended up just staying at home to put the final touches on my mom’s taxes, eat dinner and then watched “Enchanted.” It was a good movie, although it was very predictable. I was still able to enjoy it and able to wonder if there really is such a thing as happily ever after.