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Turning into a Pumpkin

I have so much to write about, but I have been so busy I haven’t had the time. I really don’t have the time tonight, but I feel that I need to touch on a few things or just outline them so that I can write about them later.

I went to Rascal Flatts last weekend. It ended up being more of a last minute thing where I just bought a bunch of tickets and hoped for the best. We had a good time – and it took some coaxing, but I got Sibonet to come. I think she had a blast. Everyone else had a good time as well. There was a total of 14 of us, so I hope they all did, but I wasn’t with them most of the time. I got seats for Sibonet and I a bit closer to the front than the lawn seats I bought for everyone else.

The LA Temple was wonderful. I loved doing an endowment there and hope we can go back more frequently. I couldn’t get over how big the ordinance rooms where. I think we figured they could seat about 450. How great would it be to see them all filled someday! I think I need to take that goal to President Smith and see what he could do with that.

We’ve been pushing hard for attendance at the offering in righteousness this week. It sounds like we’re going to have a great turnout. We have just over 80% now for the first time of endowed members with current temple recommends in the stake. Only about 50% of the current recommend holders in the branch are attending, but most other wards at running above 80% committed.

I’ve been out and staying up way too late the last week especially. With either people here or trips to the temple or Disneyland, it’s just been crazy. I had Megan and Ashley over last Monday and we were up way too late playing and talking. It was about 11:30 when i got to sleep I think and then I was up at 3:45 for the temple the next morning. Josh and I went down and did our thing and then came back up with the intent of accomplishing things and getting in a nap. Well, I accomplished a few things, but definitely not the nap. We went back down for baptisms and had a great time. There were a lot of people that showed up to join us for our session which worked out well as we only had about 14 people, but they made it get to the 24 we were supposed to have!

I officially met this sister that i’ve seen in the temple many times before. I couldn’t figure out if I knew her from somewhere before or if she was just so familiar to me from there. She said she comes often so that’s probably why I recognized her. Her name is Wendy and she’s from Carlsbad. It actually seems like I’ve been meeting a few new people lately. Through the various trips and activities I’ve been introduced to some other new people. Megan J is a friend of the Prosser’s they’ve been bringing for a few weeks, but we never really got to talking until she came over last night with Kenny to watch Twilight. She seems like a great girl and I regret not getting to know her earlier – as I’m sure I do with most people.

Batch and I had decided to go to Disneyland on Thursday night since it was his only night off. We got Kenny and Ashley to go with us and we had a blast. As we were getting out of the car Batch told me that it wasn’t going to get cold enough to need a sweatshirt so i left mine in the car. Well as we were walking around California Adventure I started to get a bit cold. While we were eating dinner I decided I was freezing, so I had to go get a sweatshirt. i figured I’d buy a new one instead of going back to the car – you can never have enough sweatshirts. Well, i found this one that I kind of liked, but then I realized that it was a bit girly. I kept looking at other ones, but didn’t find any that really jumped out to me. There was one other one that I showed to the group, but Ashley pointed out it looked a lot like one I already had. They said the other one was way too girly for me and that I shouldn’t get it. Well, at that point, I decided I was going for it and went and tried it on. Apparently the sizes are a bit different for the girls than they are for the guys as the XXL is a little tight on me. Getting it off is a bit interesting. Well, as I was checking out I guess Kenny got a little crazy. As I finished checkout out, he was standing there with a sweatshirt and said something to the effect of “oh no, you’re not going to one up me.” He proceeded to buy one with tinkerbell on it that is clearly a girls sweatshirt with a low cut V in the front and Disneyland on the rear! We had a blast walking around and Ashley was just cracking up!

We went back the next night as Jordyn wanted to go, but couldn’t go Thursday. She went to use up the second day of Maegan’s pass that she wasn’t going to be able to use. Jordyn took the opportunity to upgrade it to a season pass, so we’ll be going back more often. Well, Kenny and I brought the sweatshirts again and had a blast. Jordyn brought a pink backpack so of course Kenny had to put that on along with her glasses. We got some great pictures. Jordyn was also able to talk Sibonet into coming which was great! I’m so glad she was able to come. My feet were so tired after the first night that the second night was a bit rough and we gave up about 11:30.

Tonight I was up late talking online. It seems like there is always some reason that I can’t get to bed on-time, not that I wouldn’t do it again. It’s all been great fun!

I know I’m missing lots of things that I should be writing about, but I really need to get to sleep before I turn into a pumpkin in a few minutes here.

Closing Escrow This Week?

I had a couple late nights, so I’m behind on writing here. The rodeo went well as far as our part went. It could have been about forty degrees cooler and we could have probably done with a bit less dust. The artists all seemed to like working with us. There wasn’t anywhere near the number of people they were expecting. There were hundreds max for Josh Gracin instead of the thousands they were expecting. There were even fewer there Saturday for Jason Meadows after the wind kicked up to point where it was even trying to pick up the stage van. The ended up canceling Sunday’s music all together, so that meant our guys got to get out Saturday night instead of having to suffer through another day in the heat.

Today was pretty boring in the office other than the delivery of old Nextel iden equipment to be scrapped by another business in our complex. It was pretty crazy seeing some of that stuff that we knew cost a lot of money just go to waste, but I guess there isn’t much use for it anymore. They had everything from racks to antennas and everything in between.

I got word this morning that there is some possibility of closing escrow this week! While I can’t believe that we would actually close that quickly, it got me worried into thinking about all thing things that need to be done and I only have a few days to get going. I spent the evening cleaning my room and packing files. I threw away a bunch of stuff, some of which had just been waiting for that alloted amount of time before it was permissible to throw it away and others which had just been collecting for a while. Hopefully we can get a better answer as to when things are going to be done in escrow land and then I can go order and schedule delivery for my appliances. I’m probably going to have to take a whole week off just to deal with all the things that need to be done to the house and moving.

Week of Waiting, Rodeo Tomorrow

Week of Waiting, Rodeo Tomorrow

I don’t really have much to report tonight. This week has been good, just not very entertaining I guess you might say. I’ve been home every night just causing trouble. I haven’t even really been all that productive and it is getting awfully close to possibly the time at which I really need to be packing. We still have no answer back from the bank on our repair allowances. I would seriously consider walking away if they don’t take our concessions. There hasn’t been anything better on the market, but I’m sure there could be down the road.

Rodeo goes in tomorrow and kicks off tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be one crazy day. I’m not scheduled to be there fortunately, but will probably be around in an administrative capacity and may become a runner. I already see a trip to Guitar Center in our future if the backline guys don’t bring drumsticks. I went shopping tonight to get goodies for the boys since it is going to be 109 or so tomorrow.

That’s about it. If you’re reading this and still don’t know… come check out the Lake Elsinore Rodeo this weekend. There should be some good acts to enjoy as well as games and rodeo stuff:

Paisley Party Tour 2008 Pictures

WordPress won’t keep these pictures in order so don’t be surprised if you get confused – they aren’t in chronological order.

The Paisley Party Tour 2008

Yesterday I got the privilege of finally going to another Brad Paisley Brad Paisley Concert – the Paisley Party Tour 2008. It was so great I almost wish I had made it for both nights and I totally would have dealt with Coors to see him again. The whole show was great, although I’m still not sure exactly how well Jewel Jewel fit the playbill. It seemed like Brad didn’t go as long this year or maybe I just enjoyed it more. He never did take a break and do an acoustic set and he missed quite a few big songs. I totally could have gone with staying there for a few more hours, or until the sun came up and kept the party going! We all (at least Mandi and I) had a great time. Tara and Chris, one of the guys selling security this summer, came along as well and I think they both enjoyed themselves as well.

We had the pleasure of getting to meet Julianne Hough Julianne Hough. I really wasn’t too familiar with her before the show and only really knew of her song “Will You Dance With Me?” I was pleased to find out that she has more song and seemed to be quite a good performer and has the potential to be a great entertainer. In any event, she was up first which I can only imagine how hard it must be to walk on stage with a venue that is only a quarter full at best and with people that aren’t drunk enough yet to really be partying. Of course, people like Mandi were there just to see Julianne, so that must be nice too, but hard to know when you’re up there. We stood in line after the show to get a chance to meet her. Just before we got to the front they announced that due to time restrictions we would only have the opportunity to get something signed or take a picture. I let Mandi take a picture and I had Julianne sign a picture for Mandi. Julianne was so friendly though I couldn’t believe it. She gave me a hug and wanted to talk; I don’t think she liked being rushed.

Chuck Wicks Chuck Wicks was great. Stealing Cinderella Chuck Wicks - Stealing Cinderella - Single - Stealing Cinderella is still an amazing song and I just love it. Jewel was good and she even yodeled for us. Brad was amazing and just never stopped or really even slowed down. I’m already looking forward to the next show!

I guess I didn’t do anything interesting the other days. Today went well and we had an excellent sacrament meeting. I was super tired from being up so late, but would do it again tomorrow night if given the opportunity. Things seem to be moving forward with the house, even if slowly.

Bon Jovi Pictures

Up Too Early

I got myself up way too early this morning. Actually, I was awake at like 5 and had a hard time staying in bed till 6. I thought about getting up and getting going before 6, but knew it was only going to cause problems somewhere along the line. Chances are, I would have wasted it on facebook or something stupid all morning anyway. Work went well and since I was the first one there, I thought it only fair that I got to be the first one to leave.

I came home early and went for a bike ride. I wasn’t really feeling up to it, but knew I really needed it. I’m still trying to work off the pounds I put on when we were back in Minneapolis last month. I guess that really means I need to stop eating, and that certainly didn’t happen with the slice of cake I had tonight! I did feel much better after the ride, I just need to work on doing them more regularly!

Looks like more of the same tomorrow. I’m taking Thursday off and headed to Disneyland for anyone that wants to join.

P.S. I was watching some of the CMT Country Music Awards while getting ready for bed and I must say I am looking forward to having Brad Paisley back in town soon

Melissa’s Birthday, Bon Jovi & Walking

It’s way past my bedtime, but I figure since I didn’t write last night for a similar reason, I’d better get on it for tonight. I was only in the office for a few hours Friday after rolling in late and then taking off early for Melissa’s birthday bash. It was great hanging out there and the day couldn’t have worked out better for her birthday pool party. It had been cool and rainy all week and then was about 80 on Friday. It cooled down again today to about 60, so someone must really like Melissa, not that I could blame them. In any event, the party went well.

I was kind of slacking on the whole coming up with a plan for Bon jovi that night. I ended up starting to send text messages to people who i thought might be interested and Megan D. jumped on the Bon Jovi fan bandwagon. Did I mention this was at the time that we needed to be on the road? I picked her up and we hightailed it to In-N-Out and then the Honda Center. We ended up missing Daughtry by the time we got parked and into the center, but I was ok with that. Bon Jovi was great, especially since I’m not a huge fan or anything. They were good entertainers and put on a good show. They had a cool set with these awesome LED screens that kept moving around. They started as four independent screens and then merged together two form two widescreens. At one point they all came together to form an ultimate widescreen and then started separating horizontally which was really trippy.

After the concert we tried to visit Teal, but she wasn’t serving tables any longer so we tried not to torture another waitress at Cheesecake Factory Anaheim. I really love their strawberry lemonade. I think I’m over the cheesecake and it is all about the strawberry lemonade now. Megan had a blast. We finally made it home, with me getting home around 2:30.

Nine o’clock rolled around way too fast this morning and it seemed like a long way to go to my TV to watch general conference. I had a hard time finding it at first, but finally was able to figure it out along with how to schedule a manual recording. Between sessions i took a shower and ate a snack. After the second session I went to Target to get some stuff for the trip and went to the office to copy my Parallels Image to my external drive. I ended up leaving the drive there copying as I ran out to get to the priesthood session of conference, so I’ll have to swing back by tomorrow before we leave or I will have no Windows access at all on my laptop!

I don’t really have much to report from conference. I think I was still sleeping during the first session and was busy packing/playing with luggage during the second session. It didn’t seem there was anything really new or life shattering in priesthood, but I got that we are doing fairly well with responding to emergencies and needs, that we need to make sure we don’t let our compass slip a few degrees or we will crash and burn and that we shouldn’t be doing anything we don’t want our kids to be doing. I guess that phrase “don’t do this at home” doesn’t really work?

After conference i went to Oceanside. We walked the pier and along the coast and talked. We stopped at Chili’s for a daiquiri and I enjoyed some skillet queso for dinner. It was great fun, but I was probably out too late since I figure I need to be up at 6 to get ready and packed for my flight. If I had it to do over again though, I’d do the same thing, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, especially since it isn’t going to do me any good, right? I’m pretty sure that was the most walking I’ve done since I was in Salt Lake around New Year’s. So I guess we need to get out and do it more often or something.

Feeling Better

I made it to the office again this morning before 9 and actually am feeling pretty good about it. I think getting myself going in the morning has been helping me to not feel as tired. I’m certainly still feeling tired; I just think it is better now.

It was a fairly typical day at the office. It was still busy, but it wasn’t crazy like it has been which was nice. Maybe I can get caught up tomorrow.

Institute went well tonight, but I was a bit fidgety. No CSI or Without a Trace tonight, so I think I’m going to make it to sleep early. Ticketmaster did sidetrack me into purchasing tickets for Bon Jovi at the Honda Center though tonight. I probably didn’t really need them and may end up selling them later but figured it probably wouldn’t be a horrible investment tonight.

And on that note, I’m going to bed!

Keith Urban

Things have still been crazy in the office. I was swamped both yesterday and today. I was able to make it out last night for Keith Urban (& Carrie Underwood) though. The seats were much better than I was expecting and while they weren’t like front row or anything they really weren’t that bad. We were just off stage right and in the third row of the 4th section, so other than being up high, the view was good. They did some interesting stuff with the lights, and kept moving some of the above stage trusses in and out during songs.

I liked Carrie’s seriously portrait video screens that she used during the show, but Keith’s huge video screen was pretty cool as well. I think Lauren had the time of her life, although is probably deaf now and might not have much of a voice left either.

As we were leaving I was reminded of how much I hate Coors. At Honda we were able to walk to the car in a few minutes and then were on the freeway just a few minutes later. The only waiting was at a red light! Anaheim really has this stuff down, I must admit.

I got home way too late this morning which didn’t help at the office today. We got a lot done though and are making progress. We’ve ordered a lot of stuff and had to scramble to get the shop and shape and get all the new stuff prepped. i guess when it rains it pours!

And now I just realized that tomorrow is Becky’s reception. I don’t think I’m going to make it to the branch’s bikeride and beach trip tomorrow with everything that is going on. I’ll probably be lucky to get to sleep in. I must be up by 10 so I can hit pay some more convenience fees to Ticketmaster for Brad Paisley who is coming to town again soon! I actually already got tickets for one night presale, but I’m going to try for more tomorrow when they actually go on sale.

A Good Sunday

Today was pretty good and was probably just what I needed. I got a good amount of sleep based on what time I went to sleep and yet had a reasonable amount of time to get ready this morning. I was able to finish the reading for gospel doctrine and then got through most of the priesthood lesson at the stake center before sacrament meeting started. It seemed like all the messages today contained something that I needed to hear. I’m sure they always have something that I need to be working on, but today it seemed exceptionally focused on me, or at least I was able to focus all the talks and discussions on something that I needed to learn or work on.

Truth be told, the last few weeks or months something has seen off. I don’t know if it has necessarily been bad, but it probably hasn’t been great. I’ve been doing all the basics, reading, pondering, praying, etc. daily, but it just seems that something has been missing. I was thinking the other day that this month I will have been in the branch for a year. it had pretty much been a forward or upward movement for most of the time, but lately I’m not sure which way i’ve been moving. I’m hoping that today was the start of the new upward trek. I think part of the problem is that I haven’t been giving the branch my all lately and I have been focusing elsewhere. I think work had been getting some extra focus. After taxes are done this week, I think things can return to normal. We are almost done with many other changes there, so we should be able to start pushing forward there soon too.

It was kind of quiet at the Dowden’s earlier in the afternoon, but it picked up around dinner time. People must have just known when to show up as the food was coming out of the oven. I had a good chat on the radio/net tonight. They are working on setting up a new track of classes and exams so anyone who is interested in getting their ham license, stay tuned. I had a good time talking and playing with some I typically don’t get to spent much time with.

I mentioned to Christina and Brooke tonight at branch prayer that I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to Keith Urban on Thursday. For some reason or another, I’m just not thrilled about going. Maybe it is just because the seats aren’t so good or because there have been too many other things going on. I mentioned that I might sell them and Brooke didn’t like that idea – unless I was selling them to her. Lauren has already expressed interest in going as well (along with Matchbox Twenty – interest noted Lauren), so i guess I’ll just play it by ear as we get closer to Thursday.

I’m thinking it may be about time to start looking into the house situation again. I’m feeling like I need to move to Murrieta one way or the other – either buying or renting. Buying seems like the way to go, but I’m just not sure if I want to buy a house before I’m married and really start putting down roots. Oh the decisions of life.

I think I’m going to work on getting to bed at a reasonable time tonight as I feel that tomorrow is going to be a heck of a day in the office. I’ve got a board meeting to get ready for and I really want to get started on actually doing the taxes now that I’ve almost got all the data ready. I’m going to write back to Tara though before I go to sleep so i don’t get into any more trouble.