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Crazy Sundays

Today was pretty crazy, even for me. I’m glad we didn’t end up having an emergency drill like was planned. I never heard what happened, but we never got the order to do search and rescue, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I cancelled our EQP meeting this morning as David is out of town and I didn’t think there was much Chad and I needed to discuss. We just need to be making sure that home teaching is being done and that we are doing better and better with the program.

Branch council was almost empty this morning. It was very awkward, but yet we still managed to go to the wire talking about things. Fast and testimony meeting was kind of strange today. There were some long pauses which gave much time for reflection. Oddly I didn’t feel the desire to get up and bear my testimony even though I had been thinking about it earlier in the day. Even though announcements went forever, we still had plenty of time in our priesthood breakout meetings. I never can tell how successful the committees are, but I feel that we are on the right track. It feels as if we are discussing the same things every month, but I guess sometimes that is what needs to be done. We came up with a few ideas in our Proclaim the Gospel committee which I will talk with AJ and hopefully put into action. We all agreed to the goal of inviting one person to church on the 15th. Any volunteers?

Sister Dowden and I were able to get a lot of information online for my family history. It looks like I’ll have some new names to get started with when we go to do baptisms at the LA Temple on the 14th. I managed to miss missionary correlation, but that allowed me to get to my offering in righteousness correlation meeting on time. While I was there I ended up picking up another baptistry assignment for the branch. It’s two days after we go to the LA Temple, but hopefully we can still get a good group together. I’m really looking forward to going to LA as I’ve never been inside that temple. I plan on going up early to do an endowment session as well, even though that hasn’t been planned yet.

After my final meeting I came home to get on the ham radio net. We had so many checkins I couldn’t even check myself in for about ten minutes! What a great problem to have! From there I grabbed some dinner (leftover spaghetti from break the fast) and started to watch the Fireside. Zeb, Dan, Jessica and Lauren ended up coming over. The Alta Murrieta missionaries showed up just as we were starting too, so I spent some time talking with them and showing them around the house. I’ll have to watch the fireside again as I came into it about half way through. I didn’t make it to prayer tonight, which honestly was kind of in the plans when I saw how much work needed to be done tonight. I just finished doing branch things with the calendar and creating events on Facebook and so forth.

Now I think it’s time to get to bed while the night is still young. Hopefully I can get a good night’s sleep and get rested for the crazy week I have is in store at the office. Our elders are coming over for dinner tomorrow. Would you like to join us?

Returned from MN, Damaged Goods, Blockus

I’ve just been so exhausted lately I haven’t had a chance to write. Thursday went well with class and so forth. I tried the Twin Cities Grill Thursday night. It was really good and well worth the wait. I’ll definitely going back there. It wasn’t cheap, but it was good. I had a delicious steak for a little less than one would pay at Ruth’s Chris. I managed to miss the first few minutes of CSI back at the hotel and then kept getting interrupted during it. I also watched whatever weird show was on after CSI and then just about fell asleep on the couch.

Friday morning went well as we tried to wrap things up with the class. I passed the written exam and now just need to complete my project. I made it to my flight ontime and it was another full one. I was kind of hoping it would be oversold and they would be looking for people to bump, but of course it never happens when I could actually take a later flight. I sat next to a woman who was coming in on vacation for a week with her daughter and we talked for a while. I eventually decided to try and get some work done, but it was just too hard with the laptop. I then started watching Amazing Grace, but only got about 30 minutes into it before I was asked to cease and desist for landing.

LA Traffic actually wasn’t that bad coming back home as it only took me about two hours once I got to my car. It did take me an hour to get from the gate to my car which is a joke. Nonetheless, I’m sure in this case it was better to take the direct flight than having a layover somewhere else along the line.

It turned out that something was wrong with the recording of the Price is Right, so we didn’t get to see Krystal. One of her other friends apparently has it recorded and is going to transfer it to DVD for her though. I was really looking forward to getting home to see it, and was quite bummed that we couldn’t watch it.

I woke up super early Saturday morning and couldn’t sleep. After playing on the computer for an hour or so I decided to go back to sleep. When I got up the second time I enjoyed a bowl of Crispix and then watched a few things off the DVR before I got started with cleaning the house. I was thinking about going to the temple to makeup for Tuesday, but realized I just had too much to do. I did make it down for the baptisms though. We were way short on people, so I’m glad I went and am very thankful for the help we had from others last night as well.

After the temple, the group that wanted to come straight home decided they wanted to stop at In-N-Out to grab something quickly. I mentioned that if we were going to do that, we should go to Fuddruckers and I got everyone on board. That probably happened because when we got there two people ordered something other than a hamburger which they clearly couldn’t have gotten at In-N-Out! It was apparently homecoming for Mira Mesa or some other area schools and they thought we were there for Homecoming since we were somewhat dressed up. Brother Clark asked me if I was class of ’08 and I just laughed and said yep! I just want to know what the two of us guys were doing wit the three girls.

My counselors finally got called and set apart today. It will be huge having their help and I’m hoping we can figure out who our secretary is supposed to be and then we can really get this home teaching thing whipped into shape. It sounds like we aren’t going to be swapping the hours, so we will be stuck without the guys from mission prep. It sure would be nice to have them, but I guess we will just deal with another challenge.

President and Sister Clegg spoke today. Other than President going way over, it was good. He spoke about sexual morality, coming clean using the atonement and damaged goods. He relayed a story that hit me about a missionary who was planning on marrying his girlfriend after he returned. Shortly after he left she got into some trouble. After she left the other guy and went through the repentance process with her bishop she was pronounced clean again. This elder though didn’t see it so clearly. He had saved himself for her and he thought she was damaged goods. President Kimball (?) told him that he just didn’t get it. She has been made clean through the atonement, her sins have been forgiven. Yet, this elder struggled with that as I expect many do.

I went over to the Dowden’s tonight to post Mandi’s video of us trying to swallow cinnamon. Maegan also challenged me to a game of Blockus. I had never played before and didn’t do so well. I tried to get Cynthia to help me, but Maegan kept coming up with reasons she couldn’t. Eventually, Maegan gave up and everyone worked to finish off my pieces as best we could.

Elders Quorum President

Elders Quorum President

As expected, I was called as Elders Quorum President today. I feel so inadequate for this calling and am really not ready for the work that is ahead. I had already been pondering this and all the things with which I would need to be worried about directly now. It’s even worse now because I don’t have any counselors and I don’t think we have any teachers! Maybe I can get some of the bug boys to teach lessons and I really need some inspiration on counselors and a secretary.

Zach and I spent a few hours on home teaching assignments this morning. I really need to put another few days into it as there are so many holes to fill. I myself don’t even have a companion and need someone to go home teaching with me tomorrow night. This is probably the worst month to be pushing for 100% home teaching, but I guess when it rains, it pours. Actually, I’m liking the added pressure; I just want to make sure I get my end done so the rest of the quorum has enough time to adequately do their home teaching this month. I guess I need to make calls to everyone to make sure they are up for accepting the assignment.

We had some good discussion on home teaching today in elders quorum. Brother Rider pointed out that we need to know what we are to be doing when we home teach. He said he had a list of four things; I need to get my hands on that list, read it and distribute that information. Knowing what we are to teach is another item. I hope be be able to better motivate and press forward with this work. I know that home teaching is a major part of the gospel and that we should never settle for anything less than 100%. We need to be true friends and supporters of each other.

I’m starting to learn what a prankster President Clegg is going to be. I think we are going to get along just fine. In our branch council this morning after Kim finished giving her relief society report he told her how many good things he has heard about her, etc. He then turns to me, sitting next to her, and says, Scott, I haven’t heard anything good about you. And then continues about taking pictures and something or other. The best part was a few minutes after I finished when Brother Matson knocks on the door and asks for me. I felt like I was getting it from all sides today!

I hosted the CES Fireside in my home today. It was nice having it and we had about the turnout I was expecting. i was hoping for more and I was satisfied with what we got. There was five of us there. Larilyn, Amy Webb and myself from the beginning and then Megan and her cousin Emily showed up part way through. Elder Holland talked about how no matter what we are going through our God has not forgotten us and how we can always learn from our where we are. He compared Liberty Jail to a temple in that the Prophet Joseph Smith was able to learn there. I need to read D&C 121-123 to learn more.

I have a lot to do this week. I really want to go to the temple Tuesday, but am almost thinking that could be my night to work on some things that need to be done. I guess it could be great inspiration and pondering time at the temple though which could help me accomplish the other tasks that need to be done. What a quandary! I do want to find some time and go shopping for Wednesday night. I feel like I want to almost get into costume for the night – or rather go in my green. I’m thinking maybe a Wicked green shirt and tie could go a long way to making me feel like I’m going the extra mile. Maybe Krystal and I can go shopping sometime before Wednesday.

And on that note, it’s time to get the week off to a good start by getting some sleep! I really feel bad that I didn’t write back to Sister Caldwell or Schiess today though! Maybe I can find some time tomorrow night after home teaching.

Broken Toe

Broken Toe

Today was kind of an interesting Saturday. I did my usual cleaning stuff this morning, but almost all of it was in Frank’s new room and I didn’t touch much of the rest of the house. Maybe since I feel like I wasn’t home at all it doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Frank, Sabrina and Megan came over around noon and we hung out and got him going. I then went to Bouse’s housewarming party while Sabrina and Frank moved in stuff. I managed to hit my foot on the bottom or side of Bouse’s pool at one point while we were playing volleyball. I guess I didn’t realize that the side of the pool came up so quickly at the bottom. I think I broke one or two of my toes actually in the process. They kind of stung after I did it, but didn’t really hurt. Now when I walk around the house or sometimes even move in the wrong direction there is excruciating pain. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much one can do about a broken toe other than live it out and take it easy. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more sitting this next week.

I ended up with a quiet evening at home. Melissa didn’t make it and I didn’t feel like inviting anyone else over. I just watched a B movie – It’s a Boy/Girl Thing where this boy and girl change bodies and learn to overcome their problems. Classic story, so nothing new there and the movie wasn’t incredibly entertaining.  It wasn’t bad though, just not the next summer blockbuster.

I made cookies tonight for break the fast – and I finally went to Albertson’s for the first time in weeks. We were starting to run low on milk and I was craving some after the cookies and swimming. I also have been out of raspberry lemonade for weeks. That was the extent of the reason for my trip since I ended up not making dinner tonight. Now that I’m looking at next week, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be around much either, at least not as far as formal dinners go. Monday I’ve got a board meeting and then home teaching, Tuesday the temple, Wednesday we’ll be at Wicked, Thursday is Institute and Friday is out as well (which reminds me I need to find a date!) That’s the whole week! No wonder I’m never cooking dinner anymore.

I spent some time thinking about how we can better do home teaching in the branch today. We seem to have a hard time motivating people to begin with and then the high turnover rate I’m sure doesn’t help. You really can’t get into home teaching when you are only here for a few months, but maybe that is just an excuse and a barrier we need to cross. I realized in pondering that while I have been visiting my people, I too have a long way to go with improving my actual home teaching. I’m anxious to see the changes the new presidency is going to make as to how home teaching is counted and recorded, what changes they will want to make to the home teaching program and if I will even be involved in it after tomorrow which is Zach’s last day.

Wow… too much pondering, it’s tomorrow already and I need to be sleeping. Here’s to fasting for another good month of business!


I’ve been pondering a lot this weekend, probably more than usual and I love it. And I’m talking about more than what I wrote about the last few nights. I think a good portion of it had to do with looking for a lesson for elders quorum today and maybe I’ve also just had a bit more quiet time. I’ve pondered topics such as courage, traditions, being an example, worthiness, blessings or gifts, preparing, marriage, etc. I’ve really been all over the board.

We talked tonight at branch prayer about striving for perfection. I think it hit me tonight that the problem with being comfortable is that we aren’t striving for perfection, or we have given up caring that we are not going to be perfect. We talked about going to look for the one missing sheep and I mentioned that even if we don’t find the missing sheep, if we don’t try, we aren’t even caring to attempt to find perfection or to be perfect. We are to be like our Heavenly Father who is perfect. If we find our selves comfortable with 99%, soon we will be comfortable with 98%, then 97%, 95%. We will end up more than a few degrees off and it will be too late to correct our path.

I’ve been thinking a lot about home teaching and how horrible of a job we really are doing with it. I myself am doing an unacceptable job, I’m trying and failing miserably. Maybe I need to set my sights higher and try even harder. I need perfection and it is the second thing that we can be perfect at. We have thirty days in a typical month to visit three people. That’s ten days per person just to make one visit to their house. If i can’t do that, I don’t deserve what I have been given already. It also drives me crazy that there are many who have not even been assigned a home teacher or to home teach. We have been diligently working on that as a presidency and I hope to continue pressing forward there.

I was thinking during branch prayer tonight that we as an elders quorum, or at least I, in addition to our individual home teaching assignments, need to reach out to those less actives and inactives and get them back into the fold. Even if we only meet with one extra person each month, we could have an impact. I would hope that we could arrange a time to meet with one person a week. Maybe if we split up the presidency and worked with others we could be looking at three people a week or more. If we could make this a joint effort with the missionary committee, activation and activities, we could increase our attendance and have a greater impact. I’m not sure if we would be better off working together as a presidency or individually with other companions. There could be something to be said to show up with a sister to try and welcome members back as well.

My lesson in Elders quorum was really all over the place. I felt compelled to try to do a question and answer session, but didn’t get any good questions. We then started going through the Joseph Smith manuals, but ended up off track talking about traditions and the marks we were going to leave on our future generations. With the prospects of buying a house, and starting my own home, I have been pondering much on these things lately. I think of dinners, family home evenings, family/household prayers, parties, blessings, music and so many other things that could really make the home mine. Of course, the right companion would help tremendously along that path.

On another note, the branch has started moving things back for the summer. FHE and activities are going to be starting later, so I think I’m going to start scaling back my attendance. I just can’t imagine staying at work till almost 8 in the evening – that’s 12 hours! Maybe once I find a place up in Murrieta I can attend more again.

I also got released as Sunday School President today, so I’m down to only three callings!

Stephanie’s Farwell

It was a long day today, but it was good. I was at church at 9:30 this morning for an elders quorum presidency meeting. We got done fairly quickly, so I sat around the building reading and working on the website. I spent the time and clicked through all the Sunday School lessons for the year, so they are all posted now. I ended up going to PEC and then we had the block as usual.

Alyssa, Jim and Stephanie spoke. It was all quite good. i wish I could (and maybe I can) record the talks and play them back later to truly get into them and be able to ponder more on what is said. After linger longer I headed over to Stephanie’s farewell at her house. I thought about when I went to Tara’s farewell and how crazy it was. This didn’t seem quite as crazy and was different. I guess my relationship with each of them is so different that saying farewell is that much different. I’m going to miss Stephanie, possibly more than I miss Tara because Stephanie was right here in front of me. I’ve really enjoyed serving with her and learning from her. I wish that I had been able to get to know her better. I’m appreciative of being able to be a part of her life and am anxious to hear of the good things that she will be doing in Independence.

As I was leaving her house, President Smith drove up and asked if I was coming for her setting apart. I responded that I was leaving, but that I could go back. He asked me to come back and help. It was great being able to be a part of the service and to be in the circle with my hands on her head as she was set apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That made twice today that I was able to be part of a setting apart. I can’t really describe what I felt/knew while Stephanie was being set apart. I knew that the words being spoken by President Smith were true and that she had been called of God to this specific area to do this work. One may not be able to see the difference, but one minute she was just like one of us and the next she was set apart as a full time missionary of the Church. I’m anxious for the day when I too can have that opportunity to serve.

It was hot at the Dowden’s since their air conditioning was not working well, but that didn’t stop everyone from turning out. It was after seven when I got there and of course there was still food left for me! We had branch prayer there, I spent some time talking with Christina and Brooke and then came home. Now it’s 10:30 and I’m working on getting to bed. I think I’m going to end this, write Tara and call it a night.