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Woodpecker Strikes Again

Here is some more information about the woodpecker incident with  my parents Internet and phone problems last week:

The cause of a recent telephone and DSL (Internet) outage in Fallbrook is shown in the following jpeg images:

Note the hole in the black-colored fiberoptic cable splice box (look for the white cord hanging out of the hole).  This is where a woodpecker penetrated the non-metallic box and proceeded to destroy the optical connections inside.  This assault cut off DSL and some phone service for about a day until the telephone company could make repairs (we were first told that repairs could take up to 11 days!)  This was the second successful woodpecker assault at this location in a matter of weeks.

The “white cord” is actually a plastic-like tube containing (I am told) 24 optical fibers.  The tube is about the diameter of a soda straw.  The tube loop shown in the photo was swinging back and forth in the breeze as if to advertise the location of the incident at the intersection of Winterwarm & Alta Vista.

Bob Gonsett

Fallbrook has Changed

I came home completely exhausted tonight and then managed to stay awake till after midnight watching movies! I guess part of it is that Tyson was coming over cause he needed a place to spend the night.

I went to Fallbrook today for a wedding. The place had totally changed since I was there a month ago. The lights at 395 & Mission are working now. That new office building in town looks complete and the Walgreens or whatever they are building is actually a building now. They still have a lot of work to do, but the fact that there is a building there shocked me.

We wanted the Golden Compass (Frank & Sabrina brought it) tonight as well as the first half of Head Over Heels. Golden Compass was weird and I didn’t follow a lot of the movie, I probably wouldn’t watch it again, although it did keep my interest and me awake which is saying a lot for a movie that didn’t get started until 10 o’clock. Head Over Heels looked good and I’m looking forward to finishing it soon with or without Megan. I decided to start it without her tonight as I was tired of it sitting here and me waiting to watch movies with people.

I think that’s about it for tonight since it is so late. I have to be up in 7 hours to pray. I think I’m going to go for a ride in the morning if anyone wants to join me. Probably just a short ride to the office and back to see how long it takes and what kind of a workout it is. Maybe I’ll spend some time exploring as well.

Good Crazy Day

I had a pretty good day today. It got a little crazy at points, but it was nice. I was busy most of the morning in the office, which is always so much nicer than looking through my to do list for something that I don’t really want to do. I spent the afternoon out and about and then went home to Fallbrook to go through some things there. I only stayed about an hour after filling a box and grabbing some other things before coming back up.

Alison and I met for dinner at Claim Jumper and then came back to my house to watch Vantage Point. She had turned me onto the movie back when it was in theaters. We didn’t make it out to see it, so when I saw it was coming in the mail today, I invited her over to watch it.

I went to the post office today and requested for them to come rekey my mailbox lock. They are supposed to do it on Monday, so I can then start working on changing my address and such so that the mail actually comes here instead of going to Fallbrook or work (where Netflix is going now).

I don’t think I have any plans as of yet for tomorrow, so I’ll just have to see what it brings. I have a feeling that I will spend most of the day doing housekeeping chores and may have to cruise to the office to get my next movie from Netflix which should be coming.

I need to set a date for the housewarming party. Any suggestions?