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Crazy Sundays

Today was pretty crazy, even for me. I’m glad we didn’t end up having an emergency drill like was planned. I never heard what happened, but we never got the order to do search and rescue, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I cancelled our EQP meeting this morning as David is out of town and I didn’t think there was much Chad and I needed to discuss. We just need to be making sure that home teaching is being done and that we are doing better and better with the program.

Branch council was almost empty this morning. It was very awkward, but yet we still managed to go to the wire talking about things. Fast and testimony meeting was kind of strange today. There were some long pauses which gave much time for reflection. Oddly I didn’t feel the desire to get up and bear my testimony even though I had been thinking about it earlier in the day. Even though announcements went forever, we still had plenty of time in our priesthood breakout meetings. I never can tell how successful the committees are, but I feel that we are on the right track. It feels as if we are discussing the same things every month, but I guess sometimes that is what needs to be done. We came up with a few ideas in our Proclaim the Gospel committee which I will talk with AJ and hopefully put into action. We all agreed to the goal of inviting one person to church on the 15th. Any volunteers?

Sister Dowden and I were able to get a lot of information online for my family history. It looks like I’ll have some new names to get started with when we go to do baptisms at the LA Temple on the 14th. I managed to miss missionary correlation, but that allowed me to get to my offering in righteousness correlation meeting on time. While I was there I ended up picking up another baptistry assignment for the branch. It’s two days after we go to the LA Temple, but hopefully we can still get a good group together. I’m really looking forward to going to LA as I’ve never been inside that temple. I plan on going up early to do an endowment session as well, even though that hasn’t been planned yet.

After my final meeting I came home to get on the ham radio net. We had so many checkins I couldn’t even check myself in for about ten minutes! What a great problem to have! From there I grabbed some dinner (leftover spaghetti from break the fast) and started to watch the Fireside. Zeb, Dan, Jessica and Lauren ended up coming over. The Alta Murrieta missionaries showed up just as we were starting too, so I spent some time talking with them and showing them around the house. I’ll have to watch the fireside again as I came into it about half way through. I didn’t make it to prayer tonight, which honestly was kind of in the plans when I saw how much work needed to be done tonight. I just finished doing branch things with the calendar and creating events on Facebook and so forth.

Now I think it’s time to get to bed while the night is still young. Hopefully I can get a good night’s sleep and get rested for the crazy week I have is in store at the office. Our elders are coming over for dinner tomorrow. Would you like to join us?

Mom Baptized

I had a pretty good day today. I didn’t get to spend much time at home this morning before getting to work, but I did enjoy some time in bed playing Bubbles Tilt and Soduku. I had to go in to work this morning to meet a customer and then went into the bank on my way to the temple.

We had a baptistry assignment today, so Larilyn and I went down early and did an endowment session before doing baptisms. It was weird to be a full on patron; I don’t think I’ve done that since I became an ordinance worker. I felt out of place without having my jacket nearby. We had a really small session, so we ended up becoming the witness couple and I think there was only one other patron in the session that wasn’t a worker.

In any event, I was finally able to do some of my family names today, including my mom. I had been meaning to get going on this for a while (like a year), but just hadn’t gotten around to it. I think it was mostly because I didn’t know what needed to be done to prepare the names. Now that I know it is so easy to do the work in familysearch, I don’t know why it took me so long. I’m really happy to have done the work and to have presented the opportunity to each of these individuals to accept the baptism we performed today by proxy. I hope and trust that many if not most or all of the ordinances were accepted. Larilyn said she knew my mom was there; I don’t know how she feels the presence of these people, but I am grateful that the veil is so thin for her.

I was debating about getting wet and doing the ordinance myself, and I probably should have, but I was ok with presenting the names and recording. Kenny baptized Krystal for and in behalf of my mom. I don’t think anyone other than Larilyn knew it was my mom’s work that was being done.

Larilyn came over and decorated some of the house tonight for Christmas. She set up her nativity set in the living room and put garland on the banister of the stairs. We also got a table runner, although I forgot to get a square table cloth for the kitchen table. I guess I need to find a tree and get someone with a truck to bring it home for me this week. Where does one get a fresh cut tree in Murrieta?

Going Great

I have so much to write about, but I so need to get some sleep. Lauren came over last night which was great. I miss that girl.

Alysa’s baptism went well last night. The spirit was really strong and I’m glad I could attend.

Church and meetings went well today. Home teaching went terrific.

I got to talk with Allison yesterday afternoon which was great. She sent an email saying she was in So Cal and she wanted to meet up. I called right after I got the email, but it didn’t sound like they had time in their schedule to actually meet up. I asked her to plan better next time and plan on spending the night or something here.

I’ve been working on family history like crazy – pretty much all day yesterday and some of it is actually starting to make sense. I have to find documents for everything as what I have so far is just what other people have written down or what someone else had already done.

Inputting Family History

I made it down to Fallbrook tonight for dinner, tritip of course. It actually worked out well because I wanted to get down to Fallbrook to take a look at the genealogy files he had and get started on some family history work. I started getting things inputed while I was there and then came home and kept going. I was able to get one of the lines back to early 1800s mostly from information my dad had already collected. The real work will begin here once I get through the info that he has and actually have to get going.

I was really interested to see that one of my ancestors had like 12 children, three of which died at a young age. Three of them were with his first wife and the other nine with the second. It was also crazy what information I could find in family search and then how there seemed to be gaps or many duplicates of the same person. I’m sure by Sunday I’ll have lots of real work for Sister Dowden. I was also impressed to see some of the temple work had already been done, so that is great.

To Rent or Not to Rent

There are definitely arguments on both side of the renting fence. The major one for renting is that it could give me the money to do the projects that I would like to do to the house. The biggest downside would be some loss of privacy and having to find the patience to deal with others on a day in and day out basis. I think someone who is a hermit would be a great renter. I would love someone who essentially stayed to him or herself in his or her room. I don’t want to deal with entertaining people each and every night and I don’t want to have people over here who I’m not entertaining hanging out and getting in my way. I’m probably too protective of my stuff and wouldn’t want anybody and everybody loading my dishes in the dishwasher or putting something in there that isn’t dishwasher safe. It seems like the money from renting would be great, but does it outweigh the costs of renting?

If I rent one room for $500 or $600/month, what is that person going to cost me in lost sleep, stress, food, extra heating and air, water, etc? What is the liability I am going to have to assume for having someone in the house with access to everything I own? Some help with chores would be great, but am I going to become to go to person when their car breaks down and they need a ride? It almost sounds more attractive to be renting more rooms so that those people could essentially deal with themselves. The problem I see though is that the more people I get in the house, the more I am outnumbered and the less often I am going to be able to use my own living/family room, etc.

I really want to help Geoff out, I just don’t know what to do! I guess I could set rules for what kind of entertaining and such they can do, but I don’t want to be a rule crazy landlord either. This should be fun and simple for everyone involved. I probably need to find people that are mature and understand my desires. Maybe I can sit down with Geoff and figure out what he is hoping to find in a place to live.

Today went quite well. I was actually able to catch Grandma Chester on my first attempt phoning her for her birthday! That essentially made my day and we were able to talk for a while. We had good meetings today all throughout the day. I started working on family history for Sunday School today. Now that I see what needs to be done, or at least I have started on it, it seems like I can do most of the work myself from home and maybe just go to Sister Dowden when I need help with something. It really didn’t help that I didn’t have much information to start with, but I got a good orientation to the program from Larilyn.

Break the fast went well and there was tons of cornbread. I kind of felt bad for cutting mine into such small pieces when there was so much and none of it was really all that good. I’m sure it was because it was all made days or hours before and had been sitting in trucks for hours or such. That, or maybe mine just wasn’t that good since I don’t have the hang of the oven here yet. Nonetheless, I wasn’t impressed with any of the other ones as well. Now, the fact that I’m talking about cornbread for such an extended period of time simply indicates that I need to get to sleep!

We had a baptism tonight and we are going to have another one Saturday! Alysa is finally getting baptized Saturday, and Shelly (who I don’t know) entered the waters this evening. We had way more people than would fit in the relief society room tonight so I was really impressed. We talked a lot about the marriage initiative, proposition 8, today. It sounds like this is going to be an ugly battle, and we have already been asked to do whatever we can to support the initiative. I guess I need to start reading up on exactly what is at stake, but the basis is that we are not against gay’s here, we are just trying to protect the definition of marriage as being between a husband and wife – a man and a woman. President Mattson even shared that one of the designers working on his house is gay and has had a partner for 18 years and was in favor of protecting marriage. We aren’t against the rights that gays have for tax and domestic partnership advantages; we are just worried what our children will be taught in k12 schools if teachers can’t talk about mommy and daddy.

Sister Dowden and I are going to try and make it to the temple Tuesday night if anyone wants to join. I haven’t been for probably at least two months, which is way too long. I think the last time I went was when we went to Denny’s and I was asked to seal my mouth by Maegan. That seems like it was even longer ago, so maybe it was closer to three months. In any event, we need to go – and we need to go ASAP. We’re probably going to shoot for the 7 o’clock session and are open for suggestions beyond that.

Speaking of marriage, I was getting the pressure last night. Grandma & Grandpa were talking about needing to get me married, I think Ron and Kathy mentioned it, my grandma asked about it this morning – or at least the girls in my life, Sister Lee asked if I had gotten any proposals yet with the house (I think she thinks people will marry me for my Kitchen Aid mixer) and it seems like there was even more. I guess I need to start working a bit harder on that front.

I called all my home teachers today and all the people I am home teaching now. None of the teachers called me back to tell me that they had been successful in fulfilling their callings. I’m worried that none of them are actually doing the job and am hoping that some monitoring from me will help motivate them. I guess I just need to start calling each and every week just to see if they have gotten anywhere. Otherwise I’m going to have a lot of home teaching to do myself! I’m anxious to start working with some of these less actives I have now and am hoping that I will have the chance to be instrumental in their lives. I pray that God will be able to use me to do his will and I will be a blessing to them. I know that home teaching can do wonders, we just need to find a way to make it really work in this incredibly dynamic branch. It seems that once you get to know someone, they leave or your assignment changes. We’ve been working hard on it, so hopefully we can instill some positive change.

I probably need to actually get in bed and enjoy some of this air conditioning to sleep…