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Today was pretty busy at work and I got stuck working the whole day. I guess it was good I took a lunch break. I was kind of forced to since there is essentially nothing in the house to eat. I didn’t make anything so there are no leftovers for tomorrow either!

We had FHE at the Pugmire’s tonight. I like having FHE in a home so much better than at the stake center. Todd gave a quick lesson on being careful of what we think. I know this to be true for our thoughts become our actions and it only grows from there. I hope I can learn to better control my thoughts.

Kenny helped me out with home teaching tonight as we visited Chris.

Goals and Practicing What You Preach

We talked tonight at FHE about setting goals. It was said that a goal not written down is just a wish or hope. I think I’ve long known this is one of my problems. I think I’m afraid to set goals because I am afraid to not measure up to them. I know that we have to set measurable and attainable goals, and further that they need to be challenging enough to motivate and yet not so challenging that they seem unreachable. Or maybe I am afraid of actually letting my dreams come true and obtaining my goals.

I was pondering this morning what I need to do to better practice what I preach. This could probably help me become a better teacher. I know at the office I could probably show more work ethic while still trying to keep things light. Outside of work, I’m not sure how to be better off the bat. I’m sure there is room to improve and maybe that just means opening my mouth more instead of always letting someone else do the talking.

Work went fairly well today. I’ve been doing really good lately at staying on top of my email and my to do list. I have been checking things off like mad which is great. I love leaving with the sense of accomplishment for the day instead of thinking of all the things I need to get done the next day. Of course, I also love being stressed with tons of work and would rather have a busy day than a quiet day at the office. I guess that is where a nice mixture comes in.

Adjusting to the Quiet

I still don’t think I’m adjusting well to things being slower at work. Its like I sit around waiting for something to happen instead of really getting into a project and working on it until I am done. I just know how to handle myself better when I have to multi task I guess than when I have time to think about what to work on. Maybe it is just that I have more time to do things that I’m not used to doing or that I don’t really want to do.

In any event, I made it through the day and even stayed late at work putting some product online (ZX3, ZXA5, Eliminator Series). I’m working on rounding up our offerings online as there are so many gaps in existing product lines that it amazes me. And yes, I want to go to Maui, so the more EV we put up, hopefully the higher chance that we will sell more of their stuff and earn more trips! I really wish I could figure out how to sell some of the bigger ticket items online instead of having our sales be dominated with low ticket price items. Maybe it is an establishment thing and once we are a bit more established we will see more sales in total and more of higher dollar items. It’s just hard to sell ourselves on a webpage…

FHE was interesting tonight. Mike did a good job bringing a lesson together at the last minute and it was interesting to talk about how we are saved. I think the short story was by grace after all that we do (works). I must admit I was busy text messaging during most of it.

Zach and I worked on getting some home teaching stuff nailed down tonight and have some more work to do, as we always will.

Catching Up

I did fairly well today playing catchup. I had to start by getting my phone to stay connected to Exchange as some random task was causing problems. I got through all the email that wasn’t waiting for some other action and got some other things done as well. It was actually fairly quiet I guess. Hopefully that will help us get things done and we can move forward with getting things together and increasing business.

I was debating about not going to FHE tonight, wanting to enjoy potentially my only night at home this week and I decided to be there. I can’t say that I really learned much, but we had fun and that’s got to be worth something.

Fairly Typical Monday

Today was pretty much your typical Monday. I don’t feel like I got anything done at work today, but my phone is now actively connected to Exchange after I just started deleting tasks trying to solve the problem there. Alison and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch since she had the day off and was up in Temecula getting contacts and her car fixed. The Mazada 6 they gave her was kind of cool in that you could hold the unlock button and it would roll down the windows.

For FHE we shared our favorite scriptures and why we liked them. I liked the input others shared. The attendance was kind of low, but we still had a good time.

I came home and setup my new receiver. I ended up getting it from Circuit City since B&H was out of stock and Circuit City came down another $25 with their price. I liked the auto setup (the calibration) once I got my speakers hooked up. I determined that one of my speakers was out of phase – and probably has been since day one! I guess it is also possible that the wiring is in phase, but it decided for my configuration to reverse it. I guess that’s the beauty of an auto-configuring device.

I’m now enjoying Brad Paisley in concert at Muddi Gras. It’s not nearly as cool as seeing him live, but it is good none the less and I’m getting to give my new setup a little test. Too bad it’s too late to try it out at full volume! It will be nice once I actually get a house and can setup a real theater.

It sounds like I’ve got everyone on board for getting a BBQ at the office and trying to make our own lunch instead of going out to eat everyday. Now we just need to go shopping and get a plan together. I threatened that we could have a meeting each week to determine our food for the week, so we’ll see where this goes. I guess I’d better get to sleep so I can be at the office before lunchtime tomorrow!

Starting to Feel Better

I think I’m starting to feel better. I actually made it through a whole long day and I’m still standing, well, was until I sat down to start writing. Yeah, anyway, I still feel exhausted, but I’m hoping I will be back to my weird self shortly. I really don’t have much to report from today. All went well at work.

As I was headed home this evening I decided to return some calls from the past few days. I had some voicemails from when I was sick and I managed to leave my cell phone in my car today at work so I had a few calls from today to return. That led me to stopping at the GT on my way home tonight instead of going tomorrow night and taking the next step of our plan to rule the world.

I didn’t make it to FHE tonight. I’m starting to think I’m on the verge of being inactive. Maybe February will be a better month for me! I think I’m going to bed now since my brain went there about an hour ago.