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Peaceful Warrior

I watched Peaceful Warrior tonight. There were lots of interesting themes throughout the movie. Life is what you make of it. Attitude is everything. Accept the consequences of your actions. Determination and so much more. I thought it was a good movie, definitely worth watching. I watched it on my new blu-ray DVD player which I picked up at Costco today with my rebate since HD-DVD has officially died.

I didn’t write Monday or Tuesday because I just didn’t have much to report or that I felt like reporting. Things have been good all around. Monday I worked all day and then attended FHE where we learned about being deceived. Tuesday was about the same except that it was dinner and a Sunday school meeting at the Rodriguez’s. I just need to figure out some more concrete plans for this weekends teacher development class.

I think on that note I’m going to bed. Wish me luck!

NETFLIX – We’re Going Blu-ray

I got this bad news from Netflix today:

You’re receiving this email because you have asked to receive high-definition movies in the HD DVD format. As you may have heard, most of the major movie studios have recently decided to release their high-definition movies exclusively in the Blu-ray format. In order to provide the best selection of high-definition titles for our members, we have decided to go exclusively with Blu-ray as well.

While we will continue to make our current selection of HD DVD titles available to you for the next several months, we will not be adding additional HD DVD titles or reordering replacements.

Toward the end of February, HD DVDs in your Saved Queue will automatically be changed to standard definition DVDs. Then toward the end of this year, all HD DVDs in your Queue will be changed to standard definition DVDs. Don’t worry, we will contact you before this happens.

I’m sad to see that this format is loosing. Why is it that the superior formats always loose the battle? I guess this means it is time to buy yet another DVD player. How many does one person really need?