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Keep Moving Forward

I just finished watching Meet the Robinsons. I really liked the theme of keep moving forward. I feel that is what we always need to be doing. It is so easy to be content with the same old stuff day to day. We always need to be trying to come up with better ways to do something and improving ourselves. None of us are going to be perfect, but as long as we keep trucking down the road striving for perfection I think we are doing good.

I spent almost the entire day working on our DSL or our network in general at home. We hooked the DSL modem up straight to the POP without any other devices on the network to ensure that there was not a wiring problem in the house. After another call to tech support and finally being elevated to tier two we were able to determine that the problem was some idiot had put us on a lower plan that what we should have been on. We were able to get our account upgraded to the 3 mbps connection and suddenly we had real internet back. I was able to put away my Verizon card and go back to using the DSL – it was very nice.

I convinced my dad that it would be well worth the effort to run cable in the house to replace most of the wireless connections we have. Either we could do it ourselves or hire an electrician to come in and do it, but we have spent well more time making it work than it ever would have cost to run cable. Even after that, he was determined to make sure he had the best wireless connection he could in the meantime. That lead me to thinking about updating the firmware in the units which set me on this plan of basically starting from scratch. I couldn’t figure out the ip addresses for some of the units, so I just started wiping them. I couldn’t get the repeater we had in the kitchen working again, so I decided just to try connecting my dad without the repeater. It worked and was way faster than anything we had ever seen before. I ended up having to setup an access point in his office to feed the replay in the master bedroom, but we got it all working again and everything seems to be happy.

I just found out I don’t have to be at our branch council meeting tomorrow morning. I guess it’s a good thing that my meeting earlier in the morning got cancelled. This means it’s going to be a long fast morning at home, but I’m sure that will be good for me. Maybe I can actually spend some time doing what I should be doing instead of rushing to get things done for church.

I think I found the new home theater receiver I’m going to get. It’s a decently priced Sony unit that has 3 HDMI’s and some opticals, which seems to do everything I need it to today. I could argue to get a higher priced one that might last longer (as in do whatever I want it to do next year), but I think that I have no clue what next year may bring so there is no reason to plan for expansion and just get what I need and save the money in the bank for the future. It’s a Sony STR-DG910 7.1 receiver. It is missing S-Video, but I can’t actually figure out what I would use that for at this point and I could always go straight to my TV if necessary for something. I found it for $350 at B&H or $425 at Circuit City. It seems that I will be ordering it from B&H once they allow customers to place orders again. I seriously would think about boycotting them just because they are such a pain (B&H), but price gets the better of me and I’m just looking that I can save $75 and I have no need to have it right away. It will be nice to be able to watch HD DVDs again and I’m really looking forward to having the optical hookup for AirTunes to get rid of the hum that is in it now. I’m guessing from the discounts I’m seeing on this unit that it is about to be replaced, but I’m ok with that. We’ll save the high quality stuff for someone who has a real theater and not just my bedroom.