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Want to be my neighbor?

This is the listing for the house next to me. People have been looking at it like crazy this past week. I’m a little scared that there are no pictures of the kitchen, but I guess you’d never know until you looked at it. I’m assuming it will sell for well over the asking price unless there is damage that I’m not aware of.

36773 Doreen Dr, Murrieta, CA 92563 | $230,000 | Murrieta Real Estate | 080079286

No Exception

These last few weeks have just been crazy and today was no exception. Fortunately, it was good work most of the day, but it just didn’t give up until late in the afternoon when I started to have a chance to catch up.

Alison and I went looking at houses tonight. I went back to my favorite, Veranda at Morningstar Ranch. I still like it, but I don’t think I really want to live out there in Wichester and instead want to be closer to Murrieta. I also realized that the family room seemed smaller than I remembered it and while there are many things I love about it, there seemed to be a few things I didn’t really like. Maybe after all this searching it will come down to the three most important things in real estate: location, location and location. I think the next step is to contact a realtor to see what is out there in the locations that I really want to be in and find out how the market is looking.

I was talking with my dad last night and we’re going to make a chart of the price per square foot of houses sold and see if it looks like it is still on a steady decline or if it is starting to level out. It we are curving to level out then it looks like it would be a good time to buy. If things are still looking crazy then I guess I’ll just ride it out a bit longer.

In my rush to leave the house this morning I forgot to take lunch with me, so I decided to stop talking about doing it and put a plan into action on my way to work. I stopped at Vons and picked up some various items for lunch which will probably get me through the next two weeks. I’m honestly not sure it was really any cheaper, but it will probably be healthier for me and should be cheaper in the long run.

I hope it starts to cool down a bit in the office here now, but I’m certainly not one to turn down business. Heck, actually I’d like it if we were this busy all the time because we could afford to hire more people in and keep moving forward. I think we got our quota of shows this month!