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Working with Pictures

It seems like I didn’t accomplish much today. I worked with my pictures from Maui for a while this afternoon and eventually got so frustrated with iPhoto that I decided to search for an alternative. I’d love to have something free or that I already have, but I’d rather pay for something that is going to work right. I started using a trial of Aperture and while the workflow is different and taking some getting used to, it seems that the process can be done much faster and it doesn’t choke with my 6 mb pictures like iPhoto does. Really I think my computer needs a faster hard drive and more ram, i.e. I should be doing this on a Mac Pro instead of a MacBook Pro. I wonder if it would be economical to upgrade the RAM in my mbp.

I wrote to the one and only Sister Caldwell this morning. I feel like we’re always writing, but not much information is being conveyed. Maybe I need to switch to a larger medium than the note cards. I really want to get back to writing her more inspiring things or talking about things I have learned. I actually had a hard time keeping some of the drama out of this one, but I don’t want to bore or distract her with that useless information.

We went to the temple tonight to do baptisms for the dead. Apparently the trip got canceled as I was getting ready to go. I called the temple and they said they would rather have some of us than none of us, so I told everyone I could that the temple trip was still happening and we went down. We had 6 brothers and 6 sisters which was pretty good for a cancelled trip. We did things in a kind of weird order tonight, but it got done and that’s what matters in my book.

I don’t really have anything exciting to report today. Maybe I should have gotten the mail. Or maybe I should just go to sleep!


I’ve been so lazy the past two days I can’t even think of what to report today. I still need to catchup on Maui, but I’m too tired to do that tonight. I’ve enjoyed a lot of relaxing time lately. I’ve managed to catch up completely on my major tv shows on the DVR and am down now to the extras that I record just for backup.

I started working on clearing out iPhoto so I could get new pictures in there. I learned that if you command-delete something from an album it will delete it from the library as well which will be very useful to me in the future. A normal delete will work with smart albums too, which might be useful if I started doing things with smart albums, although I’m not sure how that would work.

I got a letter and picture from Tara today which was greatly needed. She said the fruit bouquet came just when needed, as it seems her letter did to me. She sent a picture of her eating the fruit which is just awesome. I’m glad the timing ended up working out so well when I dragged my feet for so long. She said she has been learning more patience which is surprising to me because I think she has a lot of patience already. I’d say she certainly has more than me, but that isn’t saying much. I can’t believe how long she has been out and therefore how long it has been since I’ve even heard her voice or seen her.

I’m totally ready to go back to church tomorrow. It feels like I haven’t been in forever. I’m also anxious to get home teaching fixed (again) so we can keep pushing towards 100%.