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Anaheim plus Lunchtime equals

Today was pretty crazy. I managed to mis-order a piece for a system that needed to go out today. Fortunately I was able to drive up to Anaheim to get a piece to make it all work. I do really like the fact that we live in a place where we can typically get anything we need within a few hours. It makes me wonder how people ever get used to living on small islands or in remote places. I’m sure they don’t lead as complicated lives and I know they enjoy themselves.

The great thing about having to run to Anaheim is that it meant I got to be in Anaheim around lunch time. You all know what that means, right? For those that aren’t geographically oriented, Anaheim is very near Buena Park. Buena Park is where Fuddruckers is located. Anaheim + Lunch time = Fuddruckers! It was so good; I mean soo good. I think the Buena Park location is just better than Oceanside. Maybe it is the bold and spicy A1, maybe it is just the years of history there. Maybe it is the grill has been seasoned to perfection. I just love it there! I got some brownies (not the cream cheese ones since they don’t have them anymore) and some buns to take home. Now I need a plan for the buns.

As I was driving back from Anaheim, I hit some traffic on the 91, as always. Shortly thereafter I saw a Caltrans marquee that said some to the effect of don’t speed, save lives, save gas. Well, as soon as we passed this sign (going well under the speed limit mind you) we were able to resume normal operations. I wonder if people slowed just for the sign or what.

I had dinner tonight with the Lee’s. This is originally what I got the buns for as I thought we were going to BBQ. Sister Lee decided to make lasagna instead, which I would never complain about! It was good to be there and I nearly lost track of time to go home teaching.