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Crazy Sundays

Today was pretty crazy, even for me. I’m glad we didn’t end up having an emergency drill like was planned. I never heard what happened, but we never got the order to do search and rescue, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I cancelled our EQP meeting this morning as David is out of town and I didn’t think there was much Chad and I needed to discuss. We just need to be making sure that home teaching is being done and that we are doing better and better with the program.

Branch council was almost empty this morning. It was very awkward, but yet we still managed to go to the wire talking about things. Fast and testimony meeting was kind of strange today. There were some long pauses which gave much time for reflection. Oddly I didn’t feel the desire to get up and bear my testimony even though I had been thinking about it earlier in the day. Even though announcements went forever, we still had plenty of time in our priesthood breakout meetings. I never can tell how successful the committees are, but I feel that we are on the right track. It feels as if we are discussing the same things every month, but I guess sometimes that is what needs to be done. We came up with a few ideas in our Proclaim the Gospel committee which I will talk with AJ and hopefully put into action. We all agreed to the goal of inviting one person to church on the 15th. Any volunteers?

Sister Dowden and I were able to get a lot of information online for my family history. It looks like I’ll have some new names to get started with when we go to do baptisms at the LA Temple on the 14th. I managed to miss missionary correlation, but that allowed me to get to my offering in righteousness correlation meeting on time. While I was there I ended up picking up another baptistry assignment for the branch. It’s two days after we go to the LA Temple, but hopefully we can still get a good group together. I’m really looking forward to going to LA as I’ve never been inside that temple. I plan on going up early to do an endowment session as well, even though that hasn’t been planned yet.

After my final meeting I came home to get on the ham radio net. We had so many checkins I couldn’t even check myself in for about ten minutes! What a great problem to have! From there I grabbed some dinner (leftover spaghetti from break the fast) and started to watch the Fireside. Zeb, Dan, Jessica and Lauren ended up coming over. The Alta Murrieta missionaries showed up just as we were starting too, so I spent some time talking with them and showing them around the house. I’ll have to watch the fireside again as I came into it about half way through. I didn’t make it to prayer tonight, which honestly was kind of in the plans when I saw how much work needed to be done tonight. I just finished doing branch things with the calendar and creating events on Facebook and so forth.

Now I think it’s time to get to bed while the night is still young. Hopefully I can get a good night’s sleep and get rested for the crazy week I have is in store at the office. Our elders are coming over for dinner tomorrow. Would you like to join us?

Figuring It Out

Today was pretty good. I didn’t get all that I was hoping to with home teaching assignments done this morning, but I did clear up a lot of loose ends and worked on finding those that could home teach that have been overlooked. I’ll probably go in and spend some time this week getting some things fixed and hopefully completing many of the companionships. I’m going to try and call everyone individually this week as well to see how they are doing with the challenge.

We talked about switching 2nd and 3rd hours and I don’t think I heard anything against making the switch. I think as people have thought more about it they are liking the idea more as well. I think it would just be good to get everyone to the priesthood and relief society classes in addition to mission prep. Heck, I’d love to check out mission prep, but have never had the opportunity with callings in elders quorum.

I didn’t notice an influx of visitors today and never heard how many we had. I did enjoy the talks by Brooke and Brother Kowallis. I was almost totally sure I was going to get called up to bear my testimony and was overly concerned with thinking of something to say. Somehow I got out of it – I guess because I was preparing for it. That just goes to show that preparation is a good thing.

I went to the Dowden’s after getting things situated with the weekly email and such. After I got home I kept getting calls about home teaching and other things, so I’m thinking this is going to be a busy week. Surprisingly I don’t have much planned so this will hopefully be a mostly quiet week at home or in other people’s homes visiting them. I guess I’d better brush up on the lesson.

I finally got my letters written to the girls tonight. It seems like I was long overdue, although I think it was just a week overdue. Heck, I haven’t even check my mail essentially all week – I could have more letters, although I highly doubt it. I guess that’s why I haven’t checked the mail as that’s about the only thing I ever look forward to receiving! The rest is just junk and bills.

Early Priesthood Meeting

Early Priesthood Meeting

Getting up for the 6 am priesthood meeting this morning was no fun. I totally almost didn’t make it and certainly didn’t have the time I was hoping for. I did manage to get somewhat cleaned up for the morning, get dressed, grab some cookies and make it there on time. I guess since there weren’t any women there to impress I didn’t have to worry about looking good. 🙂

The meeting went well. There was more prop 8 stuff and a call to action to really get our forces moving. We were asked to have 100% home teaching as a stake next month, so that is going to be a major challenge. I have a feeling I’m going to be home teaching like crazy starting tomorrow, so I’d better get a copy of the message quickly. President Smith also talked about our lights being off and turned off one set of chandeliers to make his point. The two sets were identical in every way, except one. They were both made the same. They were both capable of producing light. One set just wasn’t lit.

After the meeting, I came home and made pancakes. Brother Kowallis, David Mayfield and Tyler came to join me. It was nice and kind of makes me want to do a monthly breakfast or something. I just wonder how many people would show up for breakfast before church and then with my meetings, I don’t know how well it would work or if I would have to skip them that week.

We had interesting meetings with President Clegg today. I enjoyed his thoughts and his humility in the new calling. I think things are going to work out just fine here, although I did miss President Mattson’s warm smile and handshake this morning along with the comfy chairs and Rexburg Temple portrait on the wall. We have a social on Wednesday night to get to know him and his family better.

I went to the Dowden’s tonight after getting some emails done at home and getting pictures off the camera. It was pretty quiet there, even with Krystal’s presence. I got to talk with Brother Clark for a while and then met someone new, Carla, at branch prayer. I felt like I was on a roll. Speaking of rolls, I think Krystal won the award for most pictures tonight which I think is a first. I tagged Melissa in only 8 of the ones I uploaded and Krystal in 25! Maybe she is getting more used to the camera and opening up. Shelby and Lauren were both at prayer, it was nice to see them.

I’m not sure what is going on tomorrow. Maybe I’ll work some more with Sister Dowden, maybe I’ll hang around the house and be lazy. I’m thinking about going to the zoo in the evening to see the show before it closes. Other than that, I’m looking forward to a fairly boring, relaxing day!


I spent most of the day in meetings. We started trying to tie up the loose ends with home teaching this morning at 9:30 and that went straight into PEC, then church and so forth. We didn’t have any meetings after church, so it wasn’t as long as it could have been. Lauren came over and made dinner and Larilyn, Megan and Alsyssa joined us. It was quite good and was nice to have people over, cooking and such. Alyssa even went over and above and washed all the dishes that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher. I’ve got to invite her over for dinner more often! I mean for her company of course, the dishes is just an extra.

I got to see the world traveling Emily at linger longer today. it was great to see her and I hope we get to spend some time together before she runs away again. I guess her family is moving to Utah, so she will be gone for good. Maybe I need to get that guest room up and running quickly so she can come back and visit.


Getting up early this morning partially worked. The first thought through my head at 6:30 this morning was why in the world did I decide to do this? The funny part was that at about 6:20 I was wide awake, but when the alarm went off at 6:30 I was so in the middle of enjoying sleep. I got up about 6:45 and got started. Things went well at the GT, although I was there a bit longer than expected. I felt like the world was going to explode on me when I got to the office around 11. I had emails to deal with and phone calls coming in faster than I could deal with them. I got through it though and actually saw the truck half loaded when i left at 5:30, so I was feeling pretty good. I was afraid the boys were going to be there late prepping and loading and then were going to have to face a long day tomorrow. I hope they are all safely situated in bed enjoying some good sleep.

We had a good Sunday school dinner meeting tonight. It was just Stephanie, Chris, myself and the Rodriguez’s. Stephanie is done teaching now since she will be busy the next couple Sundays. It’s sad, but I’m sure she deserves a bit of a break. I’m anxious to get to hear more from Chris though before he leaves. I ended up staying at the Rodriguez’s until about 9:30 tonight talking with Brother & Sister Rodriguez and the Dunagan girls parents. It turns out that he is in a similar line of business (installing/integrating audio/video systems), so we talked business for a while and now it is past my bedtime.

Short & Sweet

Today wasn’t nearly as productive as I was hoping for, but I got stuff done nonetheless. We had a good board meeting this evening. While the meeting itself went quickly we ended up staying and talking for a while longer and I missed FHE. Nathaniel, Larry and I ended up going to Outback. And that was pretty much my day. I made it to work pretty close to on-time even with the time-change, so I was pretty happy, especially after how late I stayed up last night writing.

Yahoo Email Servers

Today was going OK until Yahoo/SBC/AT&T decided to mess with their smtp server. It wasn’t bad enough that they made a bunch of changes recently requiring you to send mail to a different server name than before and then they required you to send it securely, today they decided that if you wanted to send from an address different than the one you are authenticating with, you would need to link these two accounts together. Of course, their instructions for doing this didn’t match what you actually had to do on Yahoo’s website and worse they didn’t work! I spent a good two hours or more working on this for a client at the office today and then came home to deal with it at home! I ended up getting everyone setup with accounts on our outside webserver to send mail from using an auxiliary port, but that introduces its own fair share of problems because now people have more than one account and so on.

Other than that fun, the day went fairly well. I had a few meetings today in the office, which required me to be there earlier than normal and also inspired me to clean up my desk/office. I basically found drawers in which to hide things or space on the floor. Lauren came by to eat some candy and get some music for her drive to San Diego and I got some admin stuff done. That’s pretty much the extent of my story for the day and I’m going to bed.

Another One Bites the Dust

Well, Sprint made a pretty big mistake this morning. Bouse and I had been talking this weekend about how bad Sprint’s customer service has gotten and this and that. This reminded me to call them and continue to try and work out my bill. They wouldn’t give me what I used to be getting for free, but we worked out a deal where I’m paying about a third what they wanted to charge me. I may look at lowering my plan to end up at the same price, but I will loose some minutes. I used to have a problem with running out of my 2000 minutes, but lately I have barely been using 500 and have been doing nothing but texting. As I continue to spend more and more time in the office and less time on the road I just don’t seem to use the cell phone nearly as much.

Anyway, Sprint called me this morning – or rather their computer called me – to find out how dissatisfied I was with their service. They wanted me to take a three minute survey and kept telling me that I wasn’t going to be charged for the airtime on the call. I called customer service and told them to cancel my account right then and there because I was not going to do any business with a company that called me on my cell phone at their own will. Some nice lady in retention assured me that my number would be removed from all their call lists, but I assured her that I would be more than willing to pay an early termination fee to get rid of my accounts. So, it looks like we’ll be switching the business to Verizon. I may keep my personal sprint phone on a limited plan, but we’ll see how this whole thing works out.

The rest of the day went fairly well. The day flew by at work and while it didn’t feel like I did anything I know I must have. We had a board meeting tonight that just kept dragging on as they always do on useless things. Maybe I should set a time limit per item before we have to move on to keep these things rolling.

Teaching Plans

It amazes me how no matter how much I think I’m going to get home at a reasonable hour it never happens! I should have been home by 9, but ended up staying after a Sunday School meeting and talking with Brother Rodriguez, Marissa and Stephanie for over an hour and now it is almost 11! We had a good meeting tonight and are going to work on meeting more regularly in the future. I guess i will be teaching a quarterly teacher improvement class and maybe we’ll run a teaching the gospel class over the summer to thin out our numbers in gospel doctrine. We’re going to try to start taking attendance in Sunday School to see who is sticking around and how our numbers are really looking. I just need to figure out when I’m going to teach this said class and what in the world I’m going to teach. I’ve got some thoughts, but they need more pondering.

I found out on Sunday that Brother Kowallis and I had the exact same sickness on the exact same time frame, or at least it appears that way. We both got sick early Tuesday morning, were feeling better on Wednesday and then got sicker again on Thursday with similar symptoms. I was presuming I picked it up from NAMM, but I don’t think enough time would have passed for me to get it anywhere else. Unless we both got it from the temple somehow on Saturday. I don’t even know if he went then, I’m just reaching for ideas.

I got caught up on a lot of things today at work which was great. I’m hoping tomorrow I can start working on undertaking some new projects I have been wanting to start on for a while now. We went shopping at Costco this evening where I was able to get some more of the good picture frames, but still can’t find any of the multi frames which I’d really like to get my hands on. I may have to venture outside of Costco for my framing business, but I just like the products they have so much I don’t want to have to find quality but reasonable products elsewhere.

Tara made it through the MTC and had an absolutely wonderful time there. I’m anxious to hear more about how things are going for her now that she is settled into Florida.