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Rootkit Virus Fun

I spent the bulk of today continuing to battle a virus infection on a computer at a clients. I’ve worked on this computer a number of times before already in the last few weeks and every time I work on it, I find more malicious applications. By the time I leave, the system is running way better than it was when I started and it seems like I’m done. But then I get a call a few days later telling me something just still isn’t right.

At this particular company, every computer essentially I’ve touched I’ve found something wrong with it. Most of them have had viruses, users running as administrators, computer not joined to the domain, and my personal favorite, users logging in as the previous user!

I think they are having most of these problems because they haven’t always had someone managing and monitoring their systems. There doesn’t seem to have been an established policy about what software is installed and used and how filtering would be done. I need to work on developing a plan to bring all of these computers back into line with anti-virus and malware as well as keeping the software up to date.

Are your systems being managed and watched to ensure every endpoint is compliant with your established policies and industry best practices? I understand that money is tight, but some preventative maintenance is nearly always cheaper than putting it off and waiting for the system to go down. Not only are you at the mercy of your IT professional’s schedule at that time, but your employees that you are paying aren’t able to do their work which is probably impacting your revenues even greater than your expenses if it is a customer facing position.