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Good Morning, Good Start

I can’t really think of anything to report today. It was just your typical fairly boring day. I was in the office early this morning and got a fair amount done. I found some new Christmas music to use as our music on hold and took care of some other odds and ends. I came home tonight and have been lazy – surfing facebook and watching TV. I watched Cold Case and Fringe.

That’s about the extent of it. Oh, it was nice to get up a bit closer to regular time (i.e. earlier than I have the past few weeks) and I actually had some time to sit and read in the living room. I really enjoyed that and was able to get to work early on top of it. Getting the morning off to a good start can have such a big impact on the rest of the day.

I’m looking forward to going to the temple tomorrow morning even if I was just there Friday. I wonder if my stalker sister will be there again or what they may have me doing since this is a new month. I kind of liked my schedule last month, and I still need to get a watch. (Not that those two items really go together in a sentence, I must be getting tired.)