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Saved by Wicked

Work was a bit crazy again today and I loved it. Things have been so busy lately it has been awesome. I had a good meeting this morning and continued the craziness. I finally got my email tamed near the end of the day. I use the word tamed because there is quite a bit that I still need to deal with, but I at least got everything marked as read and hopefully have dealt with all the urgent items.

As I was checking Facebook this afternoon I started talking with Krystal. Somehow or other we got to talking about Wicked along with me being killed for the pictures I had posted. Maybe I was just trying to stay out of one kind of trouble by getting into another. In any event, she sounded really excited and we are going next Wednesday. I guess that answers the question of if I’m going to go and see it again before it leaves the Pantages. I hope this means I will live at least until next Thursday.

I enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home. I talked with Geoff for a while before finishing the plans with Krystal and then finishing off dinner and watching RV. I wasn’t too impressed with RV and was hoping it was going to be funnier than it ended up being. It was decent (2/5), just not anything extra special.

Cleaning Saturday

Another Saturday spent cleaning. I barely made it to building cleanup this morning and then came home and continued. It seemed like laundry took all day even though it was only the normal three loads. I think they were just larger than normal so it took longer to fold and put away.

I ended up making snickerdoodles for Krystal tonight. I figured she might appreciate them more than a not so perfect picture or something and it was a little more personal than a gift card. I was only able to stay a little while at her surprise party as I already had plans with Lauren & Batch. I was there for the surprise though – and got a good picture, so I guess I should be happy with that.

We watched Mission Impossible III tonight. It was interesting, but certainly not great.

I have a feeling that 6 am priesthood meeting is going to come really early tomorrow morning.

A Laundry End to a Boring Work Day

Today seemed like a long day at work. I miss doing Tara’s job, it is so much more fun than my own. I did start to get my desk cleaned up a bit, which was good and am starting to catch up on my email. It was just a boring day though.

I came home and got started with laundry. Batch came over and we made spaghetti and meatballs and then watched The Illusionist. I had watched about half of it Saturday night before watching videos of Natalie Wiess. I must admit I was a bit busy text messaging and not paying too much attention to the movie the first time around either. I was really impressed with the movie tonight though and was not expecting the end at all. There isn’t much to say that wouldn’t ruin the movie, let’s just say I was happy that I couldn’t see the ending from the beginning.

College Road Trip

I’m kind of enjoying doing Tara’s job at work lately. It’s fun to have little projects that I have to research out constantly to find out where this order is or what is holding this up and so forth. I don’t think I’ve done any of my work though lately, so I definitely see the need for her to return at once.

I had a nice quiet evening at home tonight. Nobody came over and I just sat and watched a movie. I chose College Road Trip since it seemed like the one that no one else was interested in watching. I enjoyed it and enjoyed pondering the days of raising children and how hard it is going to be to let them go probably. It is going to be interesting raising kids and trying to incorporate all these LDS activities and so forth that I know nothing whatsoever about. I’ve never held an FHE for my family. We came close at BYUI, but it won’t be the same. I’ve never gone to seminary, so I don’t know what it will be like. What the heck is mutual and all these other random things? What if my kids don’t want to go to BYUI where I’m presumably going to want to send them? That will be far away, but I know they will be safe and be nurtured there. After being raised in an LDS family, are they going to want to rebel and go to some party school? Am I going to be disappointed when they don’t want to go to school or don’t do anything with their schooling?

Man, I’d better stop pondering this before it gets really crazy. And, since this morning went so great with being up a few minutes earlier than normal, I’m hoping to get to sleep and be able to do the same tomorrow.

P.S. It is beautiful outside. I got downstairs down to 73 before closing the windows. It might even be a tad bit chilly in the morning which will be great!

No Day Off

My plan of taking the day off to get the house ready for the open house tomorrow really didn’t work out. Not only did I have to go in for payroll this morning, but after coming home in the early afternoon, I had to go back after regular hours to meet a customer. I did get some baking done and some cleaning, just not the huge scores I was originally hoping to get done. I should be able to accomplish the vacuuming that should be done tomorrow morning and I would love to clean the rest of the windows if possible.

There really isn’t much too report from today. I talked to Ryan for the first time in a long time today and he actually came over this afternoon to check things out since he may not be able to make it tomorrow. I finally finished Fools Gold tonight as I was eating dinner (at 10 o’clock mind you). I thought it was pretty good – I don’t know exactly why no one else wanted to watch it.

Well, I think I’m going to call it quits there and see if I can get some sleep tonight. I’m not sure that it is going to be cool enough to have the a/c off tonight, but I’m going to try it. In the worst case, I’ll just get up, close all the windows and turn it on, right?

P.S. I don’t suggest doubling the dot’s blondie’s recipe, unless maybe you do it in a really large pan as it gets too think to really cook well. It still tastes good though, just extra gooey!

Who Stole My Remote?

OK, I want to know what happened to my remote control. I can’t find the one for the blu-ray DVD player which makes it nearly impossible to watch a movie. Nathaniel was able to program the remote for the set top box to get the DVD going, but it is missing almost all of the functionality of the full remote. I’m sure it is hiding somewhere and it will show up as soon as I stop looking for it. Maybe that is just a big sign that I need to work on cleaning up the house so I can find my misplaced remote. The funny thing is we all are nearly certain it was on the top of the couch earlier this evening and now we can’t find it at all. What the heck?

Today went fairly well. I started working on the sales tax return which is due tomorrow. There is nothing like the pressure of waiting until the last second to do things like that. I think I have most of the hard work done now and just need to transfer numbers after checking them over to the appropriate form.

I had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. Lauren decided we should make Parmesan Chicken. It turned out good again tonight, although I could have used more spaghetti. I guess for next time now I know that one package that is supposed to serve 8 only serves 6 really at best. After dinner they taught a quick lesson, mainly for pyro and batch. After they left, we watched National Treasure 2. It was pretty good and kept my interest throughout the movie.

Cleaning Floors

I had fun today cleaning floors. I got a steam cleaner to do the carpets, and it also said it did hard surfaces. I ended up spending the afternoon cleaning all the hard floors in the house. I didn’t think it was doing that good of a job at first, but I noticed the water was fairly dirty. Later I realized walking around that the floors felt really clean. I don’t know what that is worth, but I had been noticing that my feet were getting really dirty walking around the house. I’ve vacuumed so many times that I figured there was just dirt that didn’t want to come out of the carpet and such so it needed a deep cleaning. I got the only Hoover model that they had at Best Buy, and used my 10% off coupon for moving on it.

The family came over for dinner tonight. Well, they came over to eat Papa John’s pizza. I have a feeling my dad really likes having a place he can come and eat it and I think I’m going to be seeing them every three weeks. They also brought some stuff from the house – as I figured they would – that I promptly threw away most of. I can’t figure out if the Apple posters are worth anything. I tried searching online for ipod lisa poster and such regarding the 2004 remake of the 1984 Lisa poster/ad and couldn’t find anything on eBay or really much talking about it. I guess if I make an Apple museum I’ll want to keep at least one of them – and if I put them all in one container they wouldn’t take up that much room.

Kenny and I watched Definitely Maybe tonight. I thought the movie had a good premise and liked the story telling of his life, and the interactions from the daughter. It kind of reminded me of Princess Bride with the story telling. While not a fan of some of the things they did in the movie, I thought it was funny how intertwined the lives of these women were and how you supposedly couldn’t see what was coming – and definitely didn’t know who her mom was. It was clear early on how the movie would end, as with most. It was enjoyable through the end though and that is what matters.

I discovered the other night that I have a broken sprinkler line. I’d like to say the neighbors probably did it when they poured concrete, but i can’t be certain. I picked up the stuff to start digging today and maybe can get out there and get going on Monday night. I need to start working on a food list for the housewarming party next weekend so I can start doing some form of planning ahead.

Up Too Late

I have been up way too late every night for about a week now! It’s been lots of fun and games, but I’m sure this is going to catch up with me sooner or later.

Let’s start with a quick recap. Friday I went to Fallbrook for a tri-tip dinner. I drove back to Temecula before finding out that I had left my laptop there, so I had to go back which meant by the time I finally got home, it was starting to get late. That was probably the earliest I’ve been to bed all week. Friday morning Bouse and I got my new door installed and picked up and assembled the new kitchen table after making breakfast. Of course, it ended up being almost an all day thing once we had lunch. I finally made it to the office to get some things straightened up for this week.

Saturday I went with the branch to the flight museum in Chino. It was pretty cool although I got tired of walking and standing – and carrying the camera – after a short while. It was neat to see all the planes and learn about them and to have Brother Prosser take us around and show us one of his loves. When I got home Saturday afternoon I just crashed on the couch. My head started hurting and I didn’t feel like doing anything. I finally decided to invite some people over for a movie and we watched Jumper. It was pretty good. The whole concept of the movie was kind of interesting and quite predictable as most of them are.

I had meetings early Sunday and was able to come home between them which was nice. Of course, it got me into trouble coming home as I was almost late for the next meeting, but it was way nice to get the break from the building. Church went well along with our meetings. Lauren came over and saw the house really quick and then I was off to go home teaching. I went to the Dowden’s for a bit before branch prayer and then came home. Larilyn had to come over and give me trouble for not going to branch prayer, and Maegan and Andrea (Maegan’s friend) came along. We were up till almost midnight talking and so forth.

On Monday I spent my first full day at the office in a while. That was kind of weird, although I had a lot of work to keep me busy, especially with a board meeting on the horizon as I was busy preparing the docs for that which I should have done last week. Kenny and I tried installing some remotes for the ceiling fans, but gave up when they wouldn’t work reliably. I called in Batch and he and I worked on it for a few hours. We finally gave up and figured that they aren’t wireless and without a direct connection on the AC line within about 40 feet it isn’t going to work. I missed FHE since he was here and we were playing. Maegan came over again and we all watched Music and Lyrics from Kenny’s iPhone. It was a bit (or a lot) pixelated on the big screen, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Today was about the same. I spent a full day at work, then went grocery shopping and came home. Maegan and I made dinner, Chicken Parmesan, which actually was quite simple and delicious. I think we had fun cooking together with our differing opinions while Larilyn slept on the couch. I bought a lot of chicken as I wasn’t sure who was going to show up and Maegan decided to cook it all. Needless to say, I’ve got lunch for the rest of the week I think. Larilyn started making a boston cream cheesecake while we watched P.S. I Love You. I realized shortly after we started it that I have in fact seen the movie already. Megan, Nathaniel and Kenny joined us as well and were here till almost midnight.

Now I’m starting to wind down and will hopefully be able to get good enough sleep in the five hours I have left. Maegan is going to Utah for a week or so shortly, so maybe that will help quiet things down around here so I can get caught up on some sleep, although I kind of doubt it. Our board meeting was interesting tonight. We did it all by phone for the first time since Larry wasn’t going to be able to make the drive up here. I think it worked out kind of well although I wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis that way.



Not too much of any interest to report today. I spent the morning cleaning – I got all the window sills cleaned downstairs and most of them upstairs. I also vacuumed the living spaces of the house which is a large accomplishment of its own these days. I can tell the house is getting cleaner, I really need to now start on actually unpacking some more of the boxes and find real homes for things.

I went shopping this afternoon. I was going to head up to the outlets to get some kitchen stuff, but wasn’t really feeing motivated to go do it by myself. I ended up just going to Home Depot, Lowe’s, the office and Vons. I started looking at all the things that I really need to hurry up and eat in my fridge and pantry and discovered there is a lot more food in the house than I thought. I’ve had some lunch meat sitting in the fridge for a full week now and the strawberries were hours away from death so I made smoothies with what was left.

I watched Underdog tonight. I wasn’t expecting much; it turned out to be a cute movie.

I picked out some ceiling fans today so they can be installed next week. It will be nice to be able to cut down on the air conditioning a little bit as I’m sure my first bill is going to be outrageous! Too bad I won’t have a full month to really see the difference between fans and no fans, but I’m sure I can do the math and get a good idea of how quickly the fans will pay off.

I’m thinking about having the housewarming party on the 2nd of August, three weeks from now. It’s a Saturday, I’m thinking we’ll start in the late afternoon and just let people come and go as they please up till about 9. That can be my motivation to keep unpacking and getting projects done and can also be a promotion for rooms for rent. So, mark your calendars and plan on coming or let me know if we need to change the date.

Good Crazy Day

I had a pretty good day today. It got a little crazy at points, but it was nice. I was busy most of the morning in the office, which is always so much nicer than looking through my to do list for something that I don’t really want to do. I spent the afternoon out and about and then went home to Fallbrook to go through some things there. I only stayed about an hour after filling a box and grabbing some other things before coming back up.

Alison and I met for dinner at Claim Jumper and then came back to my house to watch Vantage Point. She had turned me onto the movie back when it was in theaters. We didn’t make it out to see it, so when I saw it was coming in the mail today, I invited her over to watch it.

I went to the post office today and requested for them to come rekey my mailbox lock. They are supposed to do it on Monday, so I can then start working on changing my address and such so that the mail actually comes here instead of going to Fallbrook or work (where Netflix is going now).

I don’t think I have any plans as of yet for tomorrow, so I’ll just have to see what it brings. I have a feeling that I will spend most of the day doing housekeeping chores and may have to cruise to the office to get my next movie from Netflix which should be coming.

I need to set a date for the housewarming party. Any suggestions?


The inspection went fairly well today. We found a few switches that didn’t seem to do what they were supposed to. One didn’t turn on the light fixtures in the upstairs back bedroom bathroom and the other didn’t turn on the garbage disposal in the kitchen. I’m not sure what’s going on there, they almost sound like problems from the builder that were never reported, but I find that kind of hard to believe.

I spent most of the rest of the day working on the financing, trying to get the right mix of everything together to have the least impact on future earnings and tax. It is looking like I am going to go with a FHA loan with only 3% down so I don’t have to tie up as much cash. The rate will be a bit more, but it looks to be better for a few years to do that and to refinance to a conventional once there is enough equity or after I have accumulated enough cash for the 20% down.

I also spent time looking at washers, dryers and refrigerators. The washer and dryer were pretty easy to figure out, but there are tons of options on the fridge. I think I’m just going to go to Pacific Sales and look at models and compare them to what Consumer Reports has rated. The french door style fridge seems like the way to go; I just want to see a few of the models in person.

I was also thinking about doing artificial turf for the front lawn instead of re-sodding it. It looks like the grass was dead long enough that it isn’t going to come back and it is primarily weeds now. I’ll have to do the math, but I think the cost of sod and then maintaining it is going to be higher than putting some artificial grass which will look great all year long in. I guess I need to figure out more of my grand landscape plan so I don’t put something in and then rip it out later. There are just so many things to think of doing, I don’t know if the list is ever going to stop.

I guess I just need to make some more money so I can afford all the things i want to do! I finally got tired of staring at a computer screen and magazines, so I decided to make some chocolate butterscotch cookies tonight and then watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The cookies turned out better than the movie, I wasn’t really all that impressed, maybe Harry Potter just doesn’t hold my interest anymore.

Houses and Weddings

Well I went and saw the Longbranch house today. The place is great. I’m glad things didn’t work out with Eucalyptus, or at least don’t look like they are going to as I don’t have to compromise on anything major in this house. It has my laundry room upstairs, separate dining and living rooms and two bedrooms in addition to the master with their own bath which could be great for renting to make some extra cash. The location is a bit better to with it being easier to find and at a higher elevation. The lot isn’t quite as big, and it doesn’t have a pool, but those are small sacrifices for this great of a house. I kind of wish it had double ovens, but that can be fixed when the oven dies like we did here in Acacia.

The weddings went well and we were able to do both of them outside. We had a bit of drizzle, but nothing to ruin the day. That pretty much took most of my day, so I don’t have anything else to report. This house hunting has been consuming me this week and all I do is think about things that I will need to do, what needs to be purchased and what is or is not worth moving. I keep thinking that maybe I could sell such and such instead of moving it. That probably would have been a good plan years ago when I replaced my TV, but no one wants to buy a 27″ CRT TV anymore…

I watched I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry tonight. It was mildly funny. I liked the message of friend sticking together and going above and beyond the line of duty, I probably could have done without some of the stuff in there too.

Slacking on the Writing

OK, so I haven’t been writing much this week. In part, there hasn’t been much to write. I also know that is just an excuse and there is always something to write about. That’s what forcing yourself to write every night will teach you: to make something up if nothing really happened. No, that’s not true. Something always happens, even on the most routine of days. The problem is typically that I’m not willing to take the time some nights to actually figure out what interesting things happened during a day that I’m calling boring.

It was an interesting week with it being a short week in the office for me since I took off Monday. I was fairly busy all of the week, but it still hasn’t been the busy like I’m used to. Looking at the financials, our sales are definitely down and we need to come up with a plan to turn that around. We’ve been working on quoting a bunch of things, but quotes don’t pay the bills.

I’ve been looking at houses on redfin and have found a few that might have some potential. Actually, there was a fire in Murrieta behind one of them today! I was looking at satellite imagery of where a brush fire was and thought I recognized one of the houses/lots. Sure enough, it was one I had looked at. (The house wasn’t on fire, just some brush in a nearby greenbelt.) I’m thinking in the next few weeks I will work on getting prequalified for a loan and then maybe go look at some houses. I’m ready to get moving on this project. Of course, I’m a little cautioned by the drop at work, but I have faith that  it will work out – we just need to retool and push forward.

I didn’t make it to Disneyland on Friday with Lauren and her gang as was planned Thursday night. When I got into the office (to take care of the funds transfer for payroll), I ended up having to deal with WaMu for more than a half hour as they wouldn’t let me do a transfer between my accounts. I also found that Paychex had tried to debit our account when there were no funds in there, the idea behind the account, for something they shouldn’t have been charging us for. To their surprise, the transaction was returned and we were charged for a NSF transaction. After getting the ball rolling with that and getting payroll squared away, it wasn’t going to be worth the drive to Disneyland since I had to be back for a wedding that afternoon. Tara was trying to get me to go out and do something instead of staying at work. We couldn’t come up with anything and I actually was able to be somewhat productive in the office. Tata had suggested taking Mandi (as she was the only one she knew of who had the day off) to the beach, the zoo, the mall, etc, yet none of them sounded all that appealing.

Thursday, Tata was trying to convince me that I needed to get my act in gear and get married. She said that if I didn’t have a date on Friday night, I should be at the single’s dance. I tried to explain that the whole dance thing just wasn’t going to happen, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I finally got off the hook by telling her that if she got me out of the wedding, I would come up with a date for date (Friday) night. Fortunately, she didn’t come up with someone to work a wedding, so I didn’t have to come up with a date and was able to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home. I really do enjoy quiet evenings at home by myself probably a bit too much.

Today I watched too much TV. So much in fact that my DVR started at 99% full and when I finished I think it was close to 30%! It helped that I was able to delete a bunch of programming with only watching a few minutes of it to figure out that I had already seen the episodes. This evening I watched 1408, a movie about a haunted hotel room. It was fairly interesting, I’d give it 3/5 stars and while not really scary, it kept my interest, which can be hard after a day of watching TV already. I keep thinking that I need to watch less TV and spend more time reading, but I haven’t put that plan into action yet. Heck, I haven’t even seen, heard or read the Sunday sessions of conference from a month ago now!

Taxes Done

Friday went fairly well at the office, I think. I got in a bit late and then tried to leave a bit early after getting caught up on most things and getting ready for our board meeting on Monday. However, I decided to call the air conditioning people as I was leaving to have them take a look at our unit as it seemed like it was going through these weird multiple stage things and not actually being able to keep up with the demand for cooling. They came out and looked at it and discovered that some safety device was causing problems, so it was removed. Instead of leaving at 4:30, I left at 5:30 and now we have working air conditioning which is a must when it is 90 degrees!

I still made it home in time to get my taxes done, both for the feds and the state. I e-filed and am all done. Had I done it earlier, I could have had my refund earlier, but such is my luck I guess for waiting. I was able to get my mom’s taxes done today so they will be going in the mail Monday. I also spent some time catching up on TV as well as relaxing and doing some chores around the house. We noticed a bad smell coming from the laundry room this afternoon and traced it down to something in the vent for the dryer. As I predicted, a mouse had crawled into the vent from outside the house and since died causing the stench. We removed the two baby mice (presumably the cats got mom somewhere along the line) and somehow or other that got us started on cleaning the laundry room. We went through the cabinets and got things organized and cleaned out.

In other fronts, I’m still suffering from blowing off the driveway this morning. There was so much pollen and dust that had just settled in the area that when I blew it around it just inundated me. I’ve been suffering all day, which has not especially been fun.

Since the laundry room delayed me from getting to Tara’s birthday party, I ended up just staying at home to put the final touches on my mom’s taxes, eat dinner and then watched “Enchanted.” It was a good movie, although it was very predictable. I was still able to enjoy it and able to wonder if there really is such a thing as happily ever after.

Live Free or Die Hard

I just finished watching Live Free or Die Hard. It was pretty good, I just gave it 5 stars at Netflix. Maybe I was just in the mood for action, or maybe it was really a good movie, but I recommend it. It really is scary if you think about what someone could do if they tapped into all of our systems. I know what a nightmare it is when my email doesn’t work for a few hours. Think if it was down for good and you couldn’t work on it while you were sitting in total gridlock traffic!

Do you ever wonder how different life would be if it weren’t for little decisions that we make along the way? I have seriously drifted away from the computer side of things and could be doing so many different things if I had pursed that. Heck, I could have been one of those guys in the movie hacking into things or I could have been someone working against them. I have to think back to what Glen used to say, that’d I’d be one of those making over $1M a year within two years. And look at where I have gone. I’m not saying I have regrets or anything, I just think it is interested to ponder what if sometimes. What if I had stayed in Idaho? What if I was still working at Fallbrook High today? There is a lot to be said for where I am right now, but there is always the lure of something different, something unknown, something more exciting.

This was an interesting week. I didn’t write much, nor did I spent too much time pondering. I really didn’t do much, at least not much that would really be interesting. It looks like I last wrote Monday, so I’ll pick it up from Tuesday where I made it home early enough to go for a bikeride before it got dark. It was great and I’m really glad that I actually did it instead of just sitting around and talking about it all the time. Wednesday I went to the activity at church, foosball which was fairly fun. I just took pictures, and then tried to stay alive when it turned into a crazy soccer game. Thursday I skipped institute to get home and to sleep early so I could be up really early Friday to be in the 6 o’clock session at the temple. It was good to spend the day there and the place was packed. At one point we had more people than would fit in one room, so we had to split up into two groups, and there were probably others that were on a different track already. After the temple I went to BJ’s for Brooke’s birthday party.

I rested most of today, watching TV and just hanging out at the house. I was beat from getting up so early the day before and just the week in general I think. I was thinking that when I go back to Minnesota a week from now, I should make it a point of getting to the St. Paul Temple. I called them today and they’ve got sessions at 6 & 7 p.m. on Tuesday as well as a few Wednesday afternoon. I’m hoping I can make it to one of them somehow. I haven’t figured out the details yet, but hopefully it will all come together. I need to find out what our itinerary is going to be like and see where I can squeeze a session in.