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Keep760.org: Let’s Keep Area Code 760!

Doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego or not, this will impact you if you know someone with a 760 area code.

In this day and age, area codes mean nothing to most people. We have our numbers stored in cell phones, address books and websites everywhere. It makes no sense to make everyone change their contact information for everything and continue to have to go through this pain.

Let’s keep our lives mobile and just get a new area code for new devices using an overlay.

Keep760.org: Let’s Keep Area Code 760!

Bug our officials to keep the area code, or get ready to change my phone number in all of your devices…

Busy Quiet Day

Today was kind of interesting at work. It was quiet without Batch & Pyro and it was busy, but not insanely busy. It was quiet enough for me to get through the large stack of bills that I had been putting off entering into the computer, but not quiet enough to the point where I was ever bored. It really was a good balance. I could tell I was tired though long before the second time that I sealed an envelope without putting everything that needed to be in it inside. I seriously thought about going home about 10 o’clock this morning and saying I’d take phone calls from home, but other than was calling it quits for the day. I didn’t, although I did get a little break when I came home to meet the Verizon tech who came to activate my phone line.

We got the phone going great, even though the POTS light isn’t on at the ONT. Maybe POTS indicates POTS service not through FIOS, I don’t know. In any event it works. I couldn’t get my cordless phones to work though. I’d been charging them for almost a week now and yet neither one seemed to have enough current to activate the phone. Even doing something on the screen seemed to draw more current that the batteries could produce. Maybe they will come back with some conditioning. I just decided to pickup a new pack of phones from Costco this afternoon on my way home so that I would actually be ready to use my phone, not that I ever will!

Shortly after getting home this afternoon I decided to try and tackle this sprinkler thing so I could get some grass planted and maybe have a greener yard before the year is up. Soon after I started digging, the neighbor showed up to ask if they had broken the sprinkler when they poured the concrete. I explained that it was possible, but I didn’t know if it was broken before or not. He immediately jumped in and took over and man was it a good thing he did. He was able to do in an hour what would have taken me about six trips to Home Depot and probably a week to complete. He even had all the parts to make it work in his backyard! What a blessing that was. It was nice getting to spend some time working with a neighbor and talking with him and his family who came to hang out as well. We later found another problem which he promptly fixed as well and everything seems to be working great now. I’ll let it run in the morning and then maybe can throw some seed out tomorrow night.

I was talking with them about their concrete and may end up doing something very similar to what they did. They poured about half the backyard. I could see doing the same behind the house, maybe leaving the side yard and the back half open for grass or future. I could see a pool in there eventually, although I’m not sure I’ll want to spend the money to do so myself. Maybe my wife will want it and we will come up with the funds. Maybe if I started renting some rooms I could start on some of these new projects.

I also found out that hey had looked at this house as well. It sounded like they were in escrow on it, but I’m not fully sure if that is correct. I went to FHE tonight and then came home to start taking care of some finances. I think I’ve stayed right about what I was hoping, well, expecting, to spend on the house and the stuff to get going in it. I need to start shuffling money so I can pay the bills and will have to get used to another bill being due monthly. I’m really not looking forward to dealing with all the receipts from all the stuff I’ve bought, but I figure it is only going to get worse! I need to get some form of organization going here, even if it is just organized boxes.

Well, I think I’m off to sleep now. It was a fairly nice day today, by the way. It is even fairly cool outside now (66). I thought about opening the windows, but figured it is probably just easier to run the A/C and deal with the huge bill later. I do enjoy the fresh air though, even with the traffic noise. I may seriously need to investigate one of these whole house fans soon.

I also can’t decide what to make for the missionaries/dinner on Wednesday. I’ve been kind of thinking about that orange chicken Batch and I made two weeks ago or I could see chicken parmesan again. Too many choices!

Making Music

We had our first elders quorum presidency meeting tonight. I had a feeling this calling was going to be a lot of work, but I didn’t quite think it through that it would mean less sleep as well too! We couldn’t start till after 8, so we didn’t end till about 10:15. We spent most of the time tonight working on home teaching assignments.

Work went pretty well today. I was able to get payroll done and submitted. I gave up on the whole online thing, I just figured it was going to take way too much work to go through all the steps and it seemed really slow. It is so much easier to call in the time and let them deal with it on their side. The downside of relying on them is that I don’t really get a preview and just have to hope it is all right as compared with doing it myself, but I think I can take that chance for now.

Since I stayed at work late I had to get over that working late hurdle. Around 5:30 it starts to kick in that you’re tired of being there and you’ve really accomplished everything you set out to accomplish that day. So you have to decide what to do. I ended up spending the rest of the evening working on getting the books current and going through the depreciation schedules and such. It was good to get that done and is something that tends to be hard to do during the day because of constant interruptions. I’m taking some time off tomorrow afternoon to go bowling with Sib, so that should help make up for the extra hours I’m putting in elsewhere this week. If anyone would like to join us, you’re more than welcome. I think we’ll be getting started about 2:15.

I went to Men’s Wearhouse this evening to get some new white shirts as some of mine were starting to look worn. Of course I started browsing ties and then decided to ask the stupid question of what killer deals did they have going on right then. They pointed me to some suits and I’ve now got two new ones on the way. This is why I don’t go shopping!

Last night pyro and I made music on hold for our phone system. We had been talking about getting some new music for a long time, but it is so hard to find good royalty free music that is cheap. Pyro finally suggested using GarageBand to make our own music, so we did! It was actually kind of fun. I’m sure if you looked at the time spend on doing it, it would have been cheaper to buy something, but this was more fun and we can say we actually made it ourselves!