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Company Disneyland Outing

Today must have been good because it just flew by! We had our company outing at Disneyland today. I picked up Sibonet, Tara and Lauren (S) and we were at Disneyland just after they opened. We met up with Christa, Batch & Bouse. Nathaniel and Erica joined us a bit later.

We hit California adventure first: Tower of Terror, Soaring, Screaming, Ferris Wheel, Mulholland Madness and Tower of Terror again. I couldn’t believe what time it was – and we didn’t spend much time at all waiting in lines.

AstroBlastersScottSibWe went to Disneyland to get fast passes for Space Mountain before getting lunch/dinner, but found there was only a 10 minute wait. We quickly discovered this was only because it was a 10 minute walk and that there really was only a few minutes of waiting to board. We tried to talk with Stitch, but he was on vacation this week and Nikki was nowhere to be found. The only thing in the park that had a line was the submarines, so we decided not to stand around for that. Bouse managed to beat me on Astro blasters, with a gun in each hand!

We had an awesome waitress – Teal – at The Cheesecake Factory after Batch decided we should walk there. It was great as always, and we definitely ate too much. Teal talked me into trying a new cheesecake, the chocolate oreo mudslide or something like that. It was quite good, once I got past the nuts in the crust. Lauren insisted that we take a cab back to the park – which she, Tara, Sibonet and I enjoyed while the others walked.

We got right on Pirates after getting fast passes for Indiana Jones, then went for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before hitting the Matterhorn as the park was closing. We didn’t get to do Indiana Jones because of some problem with the ride. Maybe they will honor our fast passes for another day?

I’m trying to keep the long story short so I can get to sleep, but it was a great day and we will have to do it again soon. I’ll try and post pictures later, but I have a feeling the next couple days are going to be kind of long working days.

No Rain Today

I’ve been running so late everyday this week that I haven’t read in the morning and have instead opted to listen to conference while driving. It has been nice having something more relevant to ponder throughout the day.

I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get any rain today. I even wore my boots to work today thinking we were going to get some excitement today, but nothing came of it. I spent most of the day continuing to clean up the books and pressing forward with the little things that need to be done.

Alison and I met for dinner at BJ’s tonight and then went to Costco. We found some great art pieces that I would have loved to have bought, but I wouldn’t have known what to do with them if I had. If I had a whole house to decorate, I might have had to purchase a few of the pieces, so I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t have a house to decorate. I also saw this Pirates of the Caribbean bed that I loved. It’s again a good thing I didn’t have a kids room to go put that thing in cause it was $800! (Most of the artwork was above $300.) grandcanyon.jpgI really liked this one picture assortment they had of the Grand Canyon and wanted to buy it for my dad if I knew it would actually go in a good place in the house.

I have no plans for this weekend – or I guess rather tomorrow: Saturday. I was hoping to get some time in for a bikeride at some point or maybe I could clean my car, but if it actually rains like it is supposed to neither of those will probably work out too well.. Maybe I can spend the day cleaning up around here and reading, or maybe I will finally work on some server tasks I’ve been putting off that I could do from home. Maybe I could book my travel for Idaho & Salt Lake later this month so I don’t end up waiting till the last minute like I normally do. Well, it sounds like I’ve got an adequate list together now, so maybe I’ll just go to sleep!

Surrounded by Fire

I was all prepared to get to work at a reasonable time this morning. I actually got up just after six and spent a good amount of time reading. After I was completely dressed and ready to leave the house, Susan pointed out to me that there was a fire nearby. We started doing some research and sure enough there was a fire in Rainbow that caused all lanes of the 15 to be shut down. There went my chances of going to work!

I did get some stuff done from home, but for the most part spent the day watching the fire and checking in on other people lost in the craziness. There was so much traffic on the Fallbrook ARC channel that it actually drained the battery in my HT. They ordered a complete evacuation of Fallbrook this afternoon, but we never got the reverse 911 call. My dad and I drove out to see what we could see and discovered that the fire was still down at Reche and Ranger and it seemed that we were not in immediate danger and decided to ride it out.

I’m thinking its time to get a ham radio in my car and maybe a real unit for my house as well.

I’m headed to bed now so I can get up for my shift of fire watch at 2. Please pray for the safety of the firefighters and other emergency responders.

Alta Vista Construction

For those that don’t know, they are realigning the southern end of Alta Vista where it meets Via Monserate. They have been planning this for as long as we’ve lived in Fallbrook which is close to a decade. They started a few weeks ago, and are slowly making some progress.

It looks like someone got tired of the detour though. I’ve heard it is about 8 minutes to get to the other side of the detour for the people that live right there. For me who rarely travels south, it really isn’t that big of a deal, but does add a few minutes the times that I do go that way.

Road Block Defeated

Granted, I don’t know that I would blame them. It is only dirt and I don’t think it is impacting the work of the construction crew. Heck, if I still had my truck, I may have done it myself!

Having the road closed is nice for riding on the street though as it dramatically lessens the number of cars one has to deal with. Here is a picture of the high quality sign instructing that the road is closed:

Road Closed

Little Haden

Last night Larilyn and I went to Claim Jumper. It was supposed to be because she had never been there, but she actually ended up going there recently. She still hadn’t had the chocolate chip calzone though, so it was still a required trip. It sounds like things haven’t changed in Vista. I’m happy where I am in Murrieta. There is a lot going on, but there is just so much detail that is taken care of that it is wonderful. I love President Mattson and the Dave’s along with all the others in the leadership, the shepherds and all the members.

Tonight, I took Amanda to BJ’s for her first time there and got to meet little Haden. Amanda looks like she makes a perfect mother, I am so proud of her. Nathaniel is quite the daddy too. I even had my turn… This is only going to cause me trouble, but it kind of made me want my own…

haden-1.jpg haden-2.jpg haden-3.jpg haden-4.jpg

As we were getting ready to leave BJ’s tonight, Nathaniel and I started talking about tomorrow. He is planning on going to the Brad Paisley concert at Coors. I had been thinking about going, but knew I couldn’t get out of working a wedding as I was already short staffed. I then realized that I could probably be out of the wedding early enough that I could make it to the show. I don’t know why I didn’t think about that earlier, but oh well. Fortunately, tickets were still available, both for real seats and the open grass. I went ahead and got a 4 pack of general admission. Nathaniel already had one sold. Amanda and I will use up two of them, so I’m left with one which may or may not be available. If you’re interested let me know. If you’re interested and my ticket has been taken, you can probably still get some from ticketmonster.

Pics from the Drive

No comments about how I shouldn’t be taking pictures when I’m driving or other stuff like that, alright? Be happy when I’m only taking the pictures with my phone. It’s when I whip out the real deal that you should be worried, especially when the cops are around:

Az Hwy Patrol

But, let’s start from the beginning. I hadn’t even left I-15 before spotting this truck with some extra stuff on it’s lift gate:


I guess 24 feet just wasn’t quite enough. Something just seems illegal with that.

I wasn’t too click happy on the way to Tucson, so I don’t have any other interesting pictures to share.

Just as the drive back was starting to get boring, Arizona decided it was time to really see if one could stay awake, and between the cones. I was starting to think of food and getting out of the car. I was counting down the minutes till Yuma, and then this happened:


I was stuck in a construction zone — behind a semi! New pavement is nice, but not when you have to wait for the guys to put it down…


And the cops are just waiting there for you:

Az Hwy Patrol

Trying to look on the bright side of things, it was good for my gas mileage.


I’m glad my air conditioning was working and I sure don’t know how those guys were out paving the road in the middle of summer. I would think that is something that would be done while it is dark!


I stopped to get gas at a new station in Yuma. The price had dropped 10 cents from Tuesday to Thursday, I just couldn’t believe it! (Unfortunately that meant that I had filled up too early when I arrived in Tucson on Tuesday.) In any event, I knew this was the place to go because it had good priced gas, was brand new, had a Subway and a Chester’s! I later found out the Chester’s serves chicken and was basically part of the Subway.


Apparently, people in Yuma don’t all have cell phones yet. I guess they assume they don’t have quarters either, but talking on the phone is real important. Of course, it is way too hot to stand outside and talk at a pay phone, so why not do it from the comfort of your table?


I crossed the state line back into California, and I wasn’t sure if I was on the right road. I guess I have never come back into Calif. while there was still a good amount of sunlight outside. I was seeing all sorts of new things I hadn’t noticed before. When I came up to the sand dunes, I was amazed. I nearly drove off the road a few times as I was admiring the shadows and sunlight on the sand. I was too amazed to think about getting pictures, but it wouldn’t have captured how beautiful it was anyway. I later tried to get a sample of this beautiful work of God, but the pictures don’t even start to show what it looked like.


VW Bug Growing Tree

As I was leaving Church this evening I pulled up next to this black VW bug. I did a double take once I realized it had a tree growing out of it! I guess it was a good thing they had a sunroof. I’ve seen peopling hanging out before, but I think this is my first time seeing a tree sticking through. The picture is kind of hard to see as it was dark and the car was black, but if you look closely you should be able to make out the tree! I’m sure the people in the car saw me take the picture…


Costco Gas Station

Last week I stopped to get gas one morning at Costco in Temecula. There is almost always a line. Sometimes it is really bad and other times it is tolerable. This particular morning I was early. It was a tad bit before 8 and look what I found:


Pretty remarkable, huh? There was only a few people there and I was able to pull in and get going. I think I even made it to work before 8 that morning!

Need a Doorstop? Use a VGA Card!

I was walking up the stairs to my tax accounting class this evening and had to do a double-take on the doorstop. Fortunately for you, I decided to go back and get a picture of it for you!

VGA Doorstop

Yes, that is a VGA display card. There was actually three of them in the doors there with one regular rubber doorstop. I guess Cal State Fullerton had some excess VGA cards lying around. I would assume this would work well with other cards if you have some collecting dust.

Looking for a Good Home

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are looking for a good home. From what I know, they are brother and sister and are about six years old. I believe they are a shepard mix. Have only had one home since being adopted and have been inside most of their lives with only minimal suburbia backyard time. They should be up to date with all shots and such and are currently registered in Tucson. They are fairly quiet and friendly, but kind of camera shy.








We are looking for a good loving home for the two of them. We only ask that they be kept together.

ShOffice & Camry

It’s nothing special, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a picture of the new (well it was new in November/December), shoffice and my new Camry. Kelly (Chad’s wife) came up with the name shoffice as we sometimes call it the shop, and sometimes call it the office. If you haven’t seen the inside yet, come on by (but not this week as I’ll be busy doing the corporate taxes).


I know how important it is, and I realize you might not be able to see it in the pictures, so I’ll confirm for you that it is there. The Apple sticker is on the top left corner of the rear window. And there is a BYU-Idaho stick on the bottom left/middle.

Batch & Amanda

Check out these cuties…

Batch & Amanda

I just found this really old (December 2004) picture on my little camera and figured I had to share it with the world.

I remember we took the picture outside Fry’s when I went there to buy a new computer for the duplicator, but other than that I don’t remember why we were all together, although from these pictures I have a feeling that we were at The Cheesecake Factory earlier: