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Beautiful Minneapolis

Hello again from beautiful Minneapolis. Things are cooling down here and starting to get really beautiful. It probably is a good thing I didn’t bring my camera, cause I’d probably be outside freezing right now trying to take pictures of something. Heck, I probably would have gotten lost exploring and needed to geotag my pictures to find my way back.

I’ve been learning a lot. I don’t think I had ever really grasped how powerful this stuff is. I’ve known about a lot of the features, but I think I always figured you needed more to make things work. We haven’t even gotten into NetMax and have only been playing with the cards in the RL amps. I’ve been starting to ponder what I’m going to do for my project. It makes sense to do a real job that we have coming up, but I also kind of want to tackle the church buildings as they are pretty complicated for a ceiling speaker system. I’d like to see what I come up with before seeing how they actually do them and see if I’m any good.

I went to the Mall of America tonight for dinner. I was going to try the Twin City Grill, but they had a wait so I decided to try Kokomo’s. I had their tidal wave fettuccine alfredo. It was good, but definitely not the traditional dish like from Macaroni Grill. Next time I’d probably try the Bahama Burger.

I came back to the hotel and watched What Happens in Vegas. I thought it was pretty funny and of course believe that people can work to love each other once they get their mind straight. I don’t understand why it is so hard for some people to see sometimes. I guess we all have problems seeing what is right in front of us.

I did the WM 6.1 update on my phone tonight as well. So far it seems like things are working.

Now, as usual, I’ve been up too late, chatting online. Thanks Melissa!

NetMax Day 1

We got a good introduction to the product today and spent most of the day just talking about technical aspects of various products that related to Netmax. We started getting into the IRIS-Net software this afternoon. I can’t believe I went the entire day without seeing Carla. I’m sure she is busy getting things together for Maui. That girl works so much!

After class we went to TGI Friday’s for dinner and were there for a few hours. I was hoping to get back to the room and catch a movie tonight before falling asleep, but I got wrapped up in work and now am so past ready to go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a bit more free time to relax, or I’ll get wrapped up in something else.

It is so beautiful out here, it makes me miss living in the North. The trees are losing their leaves and they are changing colors. The driveway at Bosch was covered in autumn colored leaves it was so amazing. I’m really glad I’m here now instead of having come back in July. Maybe I can come back this winter when there is some snow on the ground!

Surrender Your Chocolate

Today was a much needed change from the past week. I slept until almost noon – after getting home at 2 this morning – caught up on some computer stuff, opened the mail and took my sweet time doing nothing. I was thinking about going for a bikeride, but decided that my car really needed a cleaning and since it was basically her birthday, I decided she deserved some attention. I think I will have spent more time and money on her than myself because she’ll be getting new tires next week as well!

We were going to do baptisms at the temple tonight, but it sounds like the temple was booked with other groups. I went down on my own to the 7:30 endowment session. I was amazed with how many other people were there because before when I’ve been there late on a Saturday there has been no one around. Maybe with it being closed the last two weeks and everyone having stake conference last weekend, it motivated more people to come. It was good, I had a great time and it was probably exactly what I needed. I ran into Zach in the parking lot as I was leaving, I guess we should have met up and carpooled.

I swung by Krispy Kreme to make sure I got another filling of pumpkin spice before they disappear for nine months. I think I have another week left before they are gone because the Valentine’s doughnuts come out on the 29th.

On the subject of food, I decided to have a mint dark chocolate caramel dove square before going into the temple. I opened a new bag after struggling with it to find the message not very inspiring inside: “Be a best friend. Surrender your chocolate.” Me? Give up my chocolate? Are you crazy? I thought about it for a while driving home and decided maybe it was right, so I took my bag to Maegan.

I put my tickets for Wednesday (Brad Paisley – Idaho Center) on eBay today, and have started getting bids, so I guess Shelly and I won’t be going! I still haven’t figured out anything for Thursday, but I’m thinking at this point I should probably just sell those as well and wait for another show. I thought about the Vegas show as I was driving home from Vista and it appears there are still good seats left. Maybe I’ll sell the Salt Lake tickets and go to Vegas instead.

NAMM yesterday was tiring. I guess I just wasn’t into it this year. We got a late start because we were dealing with some things at the office so i missed a few of the sessions at the idea center I wanted to sit in on. I got some good brainstorming/thinking in during the one hour MBA session I sat in on. I’m hoping I can start putting some things into action this year. Christa and I decided we had had enough around 2 and headed to Disneyland where we met Bouse. We rode Tower of Terror and Screaming before heading off to Cheesecake.

We drove Teal crazy again, ate way too much food, had some Godiva Cheesecake and then proceeded back to Disneyland for a few more rides. We wanted to hit Tower and Screaming again in the dark, but ended up with only enough time for Tower. In Disneyland we hit Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates, Indiana Jones, the boats next to Indiana and Space Mountain. We were all talking about making it a quick trip and being out by 10, but we were still there when the park closed at 11. It was past 11:30 when we finally hit the road after shuffling people and stuff to different vehicles. I tried to stop at Krispy Kreme on the way home, but the one in OC wasn’t open 24 hours like I thought it was. It felt really good to sleep last night!

I probably could have something more thoughtful to say, but my brain is shutting down, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Tiring Day at NAMM

When will the long days stop? I got to the office early this morning to try and get some things done before heading out to NAMM. All went well there, but I was getting really tired of standing and walking. We saw some new products, but nothing really earth shattering. It was good to see some familiar faces we haven’t seen in a while.

We enjoyed some actually rather good convention center food – pizza and cookies – for lunch and then headed to Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Tomorrow will be Cheesecake followed by Disneyland. We were able to wait for most of the traffic to die down before heading home. Once we got back to the office we all started working on seeing what we had missed that day and taking care of a few items that required attention. It’s now 11:30 and I’m planning on being back up at 6 tomorrow morning, so I need to get some sleep.

Technical Insights of Audio Sound & Reinforcement

I’m supposed to be giving a speech in about a week to a group of DJs regarding “Technical Insights of Audio Sound & Reinforcement.”

This is supposed to be 30-45 minutes in length.

I’ve come up with the following possibilities:

  • Power matching speakers to amps/benefits of powered speakers
  • new tech in DJ – conectiv/serato
  • Why there are so many microphones and what they are all for

Anyone have any other thoughts or suggestions? Specifically something that would be of use to DJs.

What to do on a Thursday Evening?

Well, really it was more like an afternoon and evening…

I found out around 3 o’clock this afternoon that Telex/EV was doing a Midnight Madness sale today.

So far we’ve only got a couple mics at a damn good deal, but yes, I have been sitting here since 3. And no, I’m not the only one… pyro and Chad have been watching for most of the time too!

Finally around 9 o’clock, Pyro, Chad and I are all in a text chat talking about the sale and what we were dreaming we had bought so far:

Chad Costanzo: so do we just have the mics?
Scott Chester: that’s all i’ve ordered
Chad Costanzo: i ordered the line array
Scott Chester: and if we don’t buy anything else, i might call and get a few of the other mics
Scott Chester: sweet
Chad Costanzo: 6 grand i got it for
Scott Chester: going to be here in time for the 4th?
Scott Chester: so we can cancel lane?
Chad Costanzo: nope
Chad Costanzo: and no amps
Scott Chester: so we just need to get 2 xl4s then
Chad Costanzo: yea baby
Scott Chester: something current
Nathaniel Pitcher: yeah, really
Nathaniel Pitcher: 4ch comp
Nathaniel Pitcher: this is sad… it’s like QVC for Audio Geeks!
Scott Chester: lol
Chad Costanzo: in slow motion
Scott Chester: that was awesome!

Leave it to Pyro!

And so far we still haven’t seen a shout-out for CBC!

Where to Place a Lav Mic, Rear Projection

Mike North posted this over at PSW and I thought it was just too funny to pass up:

We had a presenter not too long ago who insisted that we attach his lav somewhere around his mid-torso, rather than up around the 2nd button of his shirt. We protested, and his answer was, and I quote:

“If the mic is that high, the audience hears the sound before they hear my words.”

I really wish I could make this sort of thing up. Really, I do.

and then there was:

My experience Bink, is that when setting up delay screens in the house, if rear projected (ideal in most situations) and the projection path is not masked off…invariably some punter will do me the favor of pointing out that the image is backwards on those screens and they can’t read them.

I turned around and kept on mixing (just to keep this on topic) and grabbed the video guy on com to see if I could get a laugh out of him, and he replied “Damn it! I knew something wasn’t right…” And he then apologized to the producer for hanging the screen backwards. I about fell off the FOH riser I was laughing so hard.

-Mikey P

Busy, busy, busy

North Coast went well on Sunday, at least there were no major problems to report. We did kind of discover an interesting way of possibly adding another eight channels to the MH2 audio console at the Bob though. It looks like you can use the Group/Aux sends as inputs as well as outputs. Some of our high quality patch cables don’t seem to break the normals on the patch bays so we were feeding the send from Aux 7 back into Aux 1 because Aux 7 was patched to Aux Amp 1 (which is normalled to Aux 1). Even though both patch points were connected, audio was coming across and feeding the effects unit and back feeding the console. It took Batch and I a while to figure that one out! (We never actually tried assigning the group to the mains to see if you could actually use them as inputs, but it would certainly seem possible.)

After NCC I had a wedding at the GT. It was on the warm side out there, but I made it through. After the wedding I got back into my reading for school before calling it quits and watching The Polar Express. I wasn’t all that impressed with the movie. I would say that the book was better, but I can’t honestly remember reading the book. I would say that the movie was good for kids and such, but I think I went into it expecting more from it.

Monday morning I took Matthew to school and then was just about to sit down to do some reading at the Bob before I got a call from GT. They wanted to talk about the new mix rack. Scott didn’t seem too happy about it’s overly large size and was curious what our options were for making it smaller. I later sent him about four options of what could be done, and I think he has decided to try what we have for now, and maybe buy another rack for the tent if we use it a lot over there.

Then I went back to the school to edit music for performance dance. It was an easy one this time, which is always nice.

Yesterday school went fine. I’m starting to think that this could actually be a good semester. I’m actually enjoying some of my reading material for class and getting some good ideas to hopefully implement a couple years from now when I am running a big enough company to actually implement them!

On campus dining is getting old. I wasn’t really feeling the pasta, but pizza sounded good. Fortunately, we have a Round Table Pizza on campus, but of course those personal pan pizzas just aren’t quite enough to cut it for a long day at school. So, I decided I would get two of them. My total was like $9 something out the door with a water. That’s like a half pound burger at Fudds, a salad, a brownie and a couple cookies! Yeah, needless to say that I am seriously thinking about venturing off campus again tomorrow.

I’m hoping now that we are past the drop deadline that there are less people on campus and therefore I will be able to find a parking spot when i come back from lunch. I don’t really mind walking if that’s what has to happen, I just want to be able to park easily. I did notice as I was leaving on Tuesday that it looked like there were quite a few open parking spots, and the campus actually felt really barren on Tuesday as well. Maybe everyone was just sick.

Speaking of being sick, I am fairly certain that Matthew got me, and the rest of the family as well, sick. I think it is just a cold, but I hate being sick!

Today I tried to get a lot of homework done, but it just didn’t seem to be working out very well for me. I started the day with a meeting with the Football Boosters who want me to take care of their website this year. I told them sure, so now I’ve got to get someone going on some graphic design or something…

Then I was supposed to edit some dance music, but the girl said she was missing one of the required CDs. Oh well! I did end up meeting with Josh about renting ASB’s PA for some upcoming shows and he sounded very interested.

When I finally got home I tried to take care of the urgent emails/phone calls quickly, but it was after lunch before I finally got around to actually doing some school work. Fortunately, I was able to get through all of the reading that I had to get done and I got the written assignments done as well. Now I’m only about a day behind in all of my classes… I’m trying to keep up, but it only looks like it is going to be harder and harder with the schedules I have in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of upcoming schedules: Install at GT on Monday if anyone is interested in helping out. Batch and I will be there; we’ll welcome any other help we can get. (CBC employees who actually work will of course be paid.)

While my brother is already starting to enjoy his five day weekend, I’m looking ahead and wondering when I’m going to get to sleep… We have Rainbow Connection, North Coast, GT Install and then wham it’s Tuesday and I’m back in school. I need a secretary! Oh yeah, and Alison is supposed to be “home” this weekend…

I’ve been watching a lot of Roswell lately. I think I just watched episode 1-09, “heat wave.” This episode was a little wacky, but I have enjoyed the rest. It’s no 24 though.

Speaking of 24, I downloaded this weeks episode this afternoon, but I think I am going to call it quits after this one. I think I might be able to hold off until the DVD comes out and then watch the rest of the season back to back.

New PLX2 Amps from QSC

It sounds like QSC is going to be announcing new PLX amps at NAMM.

From what I see they are roughly the same thing with some new models thrown in.

PSW Sound Reinforcement Forums: LAB: The Classic Live Audio Board => New PLX2 amps

Chad: Time to stock up for the Bob or we’re not going to have matching amps!

I’m still anxious to get this Ashly PE 2400 hooked up and see/hear how she works.