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Want to be my neighbor?

This is the listing for the house next to me. People have been looking at it like crazy this past week. I’m a little scared that there are no pictures of the kitchen, but I guess you’d never know until you looked at it. I’m assuming it will sell for well over the asking price unless there is damage that I’m not aware of.

36773 Doreen Dr, Murrieta, CA 92563 | $230,000 | Murrieta Real Estate | 080079286


Wow, things got kind of crazy last week. We didn’t end up closing until late Thursday, as I kind of imagined to begin with. I’m still not happy I signed something saying I would be in Tuesday when I didn’t get in till Thursday, but this is all past now and I should move on.

Batch and Bouse helped me move Thursday. I was all packed up and ready for them when they came and we knocked it out in under two hours. Bouse did a great job loading the truck and we could have fit everything in a 14 ft box van the way he packed it all! We did some shopping, worked on getting the garage fire door replaced, ate and some other misc stuff while we waited, hoping it would cool down and for someone to confirm that we had at least funded, if not recorded yet. We finally got the funding notice at lunch and got the call that we had recorded just as we were getting ready to unload the truck.

The first night in the house was interesting. The AC upstairs didn’t want to work. I had Gardner Co. come out and take a look at it in the morning and of course it worked fine. He thinks that maybe it is something wrong with the ball bearings in the fan on the compressor. It seems like it doesn’t want to work when it is hot. Well isn’t that when I need it to work? That made the first night interesting, but it has been working great since then.

I became a locksmith when I had to essentially disassemble the front door to get the new lock on. I’m glad I was finally able to get it to work because at one point I couldn’t get the dead-bolt off and I’m sure I had broken it beyond the point at which it would have functioned. Once I got things figured out, I was able to do the other two locks in a matter of minutes – although they functioned like they were supposed to instead of not wanting to come apart like the front door did. I did decide to drive to Hemet to get the Medeco locks, and I still have my front door one on order due to a custom color issue.

I’ve been to Costco at least three times to get stuff. I filled up Bouse’s truck once and my car twice with stuff. The pantry is getting stocked slowly as well as the fridge and freezer. The fridge came on Friday and is beautiful. I had a heck of a time shopping at Albertson’s – actually just the self checkout was a hassle. I don’t think I will do that again with a full cart. To top it off, I forgot to type in my phone number for the preferred card savings which means I got totally ripped off on what I bought!

It was great having a five minute drive to church this morning. As I was getting ready to walk out the door I remembered I hadn’t read yet and decided to search for something to read. I ended up at Mormon 9, reading about worthiness. A few minutes later when I walked into branch council, President Mattson asked us to turn to Mormon 9! That was kind of interesting. I started getting antsy towards the end of priesthood this afternoon. I haven’t been sitting for that long for a few days now and while it felt good at first, it was starting to bother me.

I’ve been cleaning like mad. My hand hurts from vacuuming, washing surfaces, mopping and killing ants. The house is starting to come together. Some of the boxes have been emptied, there are clothes in my closet, food in the pantry, dishes in the cabinets. I couldn’t find my silverware after moving and it also seems like I am missing some of my glasses. Either we lost them in the move, didn’t bring them or they were stolen out of the shed with the mower a few years ago. I’m starting to lean towards the stolen aspect, although they could easily have been left in the shed and covered up with other items. I went out and bought some new silverware, and will probably need to get some more glasses and flatware soon.

It has been kind of quiet around the house. I’ve had music going almost nonstop, but that doesn’t take away the loneliness. I almost feel like I need to be listening to the radio or something so I at least can hear another human voice that hasn’t completely been prerecorded. I think I’m starting to understand why people have pets.

Hopefully my new sectional couch should be coming tomorrow. I can’t decide if I should try and get it reversed from what they are probably sending me so the longer side can go down the wall instead of across the back or if I should just take it. There are advantages both ways. From looking online, it looks like it is also a sleeper, but I didn’t know that. I guess I should just be happy that I won’t be carrying it in as I paid for in house delivery. It sounds like my kitchen table won’t be in for a few weeks though. I’m hoping to order furniture for the rest of the house soon – at least the dining room and probably living room this week. Sister Rodriguez has some catalogs I can look through to get stuff at close to wholesale cost. I think Mandi said she would be available tomorrow to look at furniture, so we may just have to see. I do need to get some (office) work done tomorrow, but maybe can make it a half day or something.

I’m still not sure what to do with the upstairs bonus room although I am leaning towards theater. That will take away the hassle of pulling wires downstairs which will be nice. I’m definitely calling about the ceiling fans tomorrow and hope that I will be able to get them installed late this week. In addition to the fans, it will be nice to actually have light at night instead of relying on lights from adjoining hallways or bathrooms to work. I’m trying to decide where to put the fans and am almost thinking of just asking him (the electrician) to go to town and prewire all the rooms. I might not need one in the living room as I think that would just look strange.

Final Inspection

Sunday went pretty well. It was weird being home all morning. I tried to keep the packing tasks light and spent some time reading which was nice. Church went well and all that jazz. Zach and I went home teaching and then went to branch prayer. I guess it was pretty much the norm.

This morning I got up at my regular early time (about 6) and got serious about packing. I went to the shed and got all the boxes for the gear that needs to go back in them and then tried to break my back lifting my 42″ LCD by myself at 7 something in the morning. I was supposed to have the final inspection on the house this morning, but they took the lockbox off the door and we couldn’t get in. Angela was able to get a key from the selling agent finally and we went back this afternoon. It looks about the same, with possibly a few more bugs. I can’t wait to get in there and get going. I am really happy we finally have a timeline of when things should be happening. Let’s just hope that we stick to the schedule.

It looks like I’ll be moving Thursday. I should get a key Wednesday evening and will then have to start scheduling all the things that need to be done. I’m thinking we’ll get a good start with the moving in the morning, so we can stop for lunch and then be moving in early in the afternoon. Once I hear that things are still on track tomorrow, I can start asking for help as I don’t think it will take too much to get escrow closed and recorded once they fund.

My room is looking really weird with nothing on the walls and all sorts of things missing. Not having the speakers setup is almost driving me crazy. It’s almost like I’m traveling as I will soon be living out of a suitcase. I’ve packed almost everything and only have a few more things to deal with over the coming days. Well, a few more things to pack that is. I have a lot of things to deal with over the next few days: Locksmith, appliances, switching utilities, moving, installing fans, buying furniture, and who knows what more.

Escrow Moving!

Whoa! Today was crazy! It started off pretty quiet, in fact I was thinking about heading home after lunch cause there really wasn’t much that I could do. I guess all that started to change when I started giving escrow a hard time about not progressing with things. They still hadn’t received the docs from the seller, so they couldn’t fund the loan and so forth. I guess I lit a fire under them or something cause not five minutes later I had a response about having received the docs from the seller. Then the loan docs were being worked on and would be sent over. Then I was being asked if I could sign docs tomorrow!

So, I’m signing docs tomorrow afternoon. I think I understand they have to go back to the lender for approval and then they fund the loan, the sale has to be recorded and we are on our way to craziness! I’m hoping that we can get recorded on Wednesday and take possession on Thursday so I have the weekend to worry about moving. It would also work out cause I think I could use the truck we’ll have on the days it is sitting to move and then later to get furniture and stuff.

Things also started getting busy in the office beyond my home buying. I don’t remember exactly what was going on, but I didn’t get home till 6:30. I guess it didn’t help that when i got home the first time I realized that I forgot to go to GT to drop off mics for this weekend. I also stopped by Pacific Sales and ordered my washer and dryer. They’re scheduled for delivery a week from Monday. I ordered my fridge from Lowe’s – I ended up getting the Samsung RFG297AARS. Mandi will appreciate that it is stainless steel and I found that while the Samsung and GE’s seemed identical, the software on the Samsung seemed to make a bit more sense. Primarily, there are two buttons for water & ice instead of the one that you have to constantly cycle through on the GE Profile. It seemed like a lot of wasted work to have to keep cycling through to find what you want. I also discovered from a guy at Lowe’s that Samsung makes the GE Profile’s, so that is why they look so similar. I guess that makes sense as GE was trying tou outsource and changeup most of their appliance division and now is working on selling it off completely.

I’d love to get in and talk about institute last night and the jubilee years, and all that, but I really need to get to sleep. Hopefully Sister Dowden will post a hub or blog on it!

Or Maybe Not

I tried to get a straight answer this morning as to when we would be closing escrow. Angela is still pushing for Friday it seems. The escrow officer was trying to tell me the 15th, but the loan people want to push it through by the 7th and that was all she would say. I’m kind of hoping that if we push hard enough to close this week that maybe we can actually close mid next week. If we closed Wednesday, it could actually be nice, giving me Thursday to get appliances in and the long weekend to move. I probably won’t be that lucky, although it is only really two business days ahead of the day we need to close the loan by, the 7th.

Other than that it was pretty much just the typical work day. Toman came by and got the weather station server up and running again – the hard drive had failed. I did stop by and measure the washer for the house. I think I’m just going to go with the top of the Whirlpool that probably has more features and is bigger than I will ever need, but is rated the highest. I think I’m going to call of go back to Pacific Sales tomorrow to order the refrigerator, washer and dryer and see what I can work out as well as delivery at a yet unknown date and time. I also returned my Time Warner DVR, so I am HDTV less until I decide to cough up the money at the new house.

P.S. I seriously enjoyed the cooler weather today. I really need to invest in a ceiling fan for the office. I just can’t figure out how to do it…

Closing Escrow This Week?

I had a couple late nights, so I’m behind on writing here. The rodeo went well as far as our part went. It could have been about forty degrees cooler and we could have probably done with a bit less dust. The artists all seemed to like working with us. There wasn’t anywhere near the number of people they were expecting. There were hundreds max for Josh Gracin instead of the thousands they were expecting. There were even fewer there Saturday for Jason Meadows after the wind kicked up to point where it was even trying to pick up the stage van. The ended up canceling Sunday’s music all together, so that meant our guys got to get out Saturday night instead of having to suffer through another day in the heat.

Today was pretty boring in the office other than the delivery of old Nextel iden equipment to be scrapped by another business in our complex. It was pretty crazy seeing some of that stuff that we knew cost a lot of money just go to waste, but I guess there isn’t much use for it anymore. They had everything from racks to antennas and everything in between.

I got word this morning that there is some possibility of closing escrow this week! While I can’t believe that we would actually close that quickly, it got me worried into thinking about all thing things that need to be done and I only have a few days to get going. I spent the evening cleaning my room and packing files. I threw away a bunch of stuff, some of which had just been waiting for that alloted amount of time before it was permissible to throw it away and others which had just been collecting for a while. Hopefully we can get a better answer as to when things are going to be done in escrow land and then I can go order and schedule delivery for my appliances. I’m probably going to have to take a whole week off just to deal with all the things that need to be done to the house and moving.

Week of Waiting, Rodeo Tomorrow

Week of Waiting, Rodeo Tomorrow

I don’t really have much to report tonight. This week has been good, just not very entertaining I guess you might say. I’ve been home every night just causing trouble. I haven’t even really been all that productive and it is getting awfully close to possibly the time at which I really need to be packing. We still have no answer back from the bank on our repair allowances. I would seriously consider walking away if they don’t take our concessions. There hasn’t been anything better on the market, but I’m sure there could be down the road.

Rodeo goes in tomorrow and kicks off tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be one crazy day. I’m not scheduled to be there fortunately, but will probably be around in an administrative capacity and may become a runner. I already see a trip to Guitar Center in our future if the backline guys don’t bring drumsticks. I went shopping tonight to get goodies for the boys since it is going to be 109 or so tomorrow.

That’s about it. If you’re reading this and still don’t know… come check out the Lake Elsinore Rodeo this weekend. There should be some good acts to enjoy as well as games and rodeo stuff:


I understand that we actually opened escrow today. I wonder if anyone else has ever had their loan approval held up by escrow instead of having escrow held up by loan approval. I guess on the plus side we will be ready on our side to close escrow this week although I’m sure the bank isn’t even going to make their own deadline. The listing agent seemed to hint that the bank wasn’t going to take our request for allowances to make repairs as they house is listed and will be sold in as is condition. I’m not questioning that, I’m simply asking – or rather telling – them that we are reducing the price we offered by the dollar amount it is going to cost to make the necessary repairs. They would be stupid not to take the offer as I’m sure it has already cost them that much in time. I would seriously consider walking away from the house if they don’t accept out allowances and just wait for another one to come along. I guess that is the joy of not being under a deadline.

I got a message tonight from Travis (B / Mr. B) who said he quit his job, is renting his house and moving to South Carolina! I don’t know where that came from or what the story is as I was never able to get a response to my response. Maybe his wife is getting transferred or one of them got a new job. It’s crazy how life can change in a matter of a few minutes.

I didn’t accomplish much this evening as I was pretty much exhausted still. As a matter of fact, it’s barely after nine and I’ve been ready for bed for about an hour. Maybe by getting to sleep early I will finally get the rest I need and can get back to work.

Baked & Burned = Exhausted

Things got pretty crazy today. I was trying to get payroll done, or even started for that matter and then had to head out for a site survey for this weekends event. It was flipping hot out there in Lake Elsinore, although not really any hotter than it was in Murrieta. We should have a great event this weekend and I am looking forward to working with these guys more in the future. Once I got back to the office it was trying to catchup and then in meetings for the rest of the day.

I’ve just been exhausted all day since being outside this morning and getting sunburned probably. I’ve had a decent headache and have been thinking about going to bed since I got home around 6. Fortunately the Alieve just started to kick in after comparing insurance quotes and reading Consumer Reports for a while. Looks like Western Mutual has the best policy at the best price, about $725. They are also offering earthquake insurance, although not actually offered by them I’m sure, for $476. I’m not sure if it is really going to be worth it or not. I’m sure the chances are slim that my house will be destroyed in an earthquake, yet they are still there. Any suggestions on what to do?

I also spent some time reading about the effect of Gen Y on the net, marketing and so forth. I kept reading about twitter, so I decided to sign up finally. I’ve resisted signing up since I couldn’t understand the point of the system/service. Now that I’ve signed up, I still can’t figure it out. What’s the point? If I want to tell you what I’m doing this second, I’ll tell you via my blog or facebook. If I really want you to know, I’ll send you a text message every few seconds. Maybe I’m just not ready to live my life that connected. I rarely even use facebook’s status thing for what I’m actually doing and instead usually just to broadcast messages.

Maybe someone can help me out and bring me into the 21st century!


The inspection went fairly well today. We found a few switches that didn’t seem to do what they were supposed to. One didn’t turn on the light fixtures in the upstairs back bedroom bathroom and the other didn’t turn on the garbage disposal in the kitchen. I’m not sure what’s going on there, they almost sound like problems from the builder that were never reported, but I find that kind of hard to believe.

I spent most of the rest of the day working on the financing, trying to get the right mix of everything together to have the least impact on future earnings and tax. It is looking like I am going to go with a FHA loan with only 3% down so I don’t have to tie up as much cash. The rate will be a bit more, but it looks to be better for a few years to do that and to refinance to a conventional once there is enough equity or after I have accumulated enough cash for the 20% down.

I also spent time looking at washers, dryers and refrigerators. The washer and dryer were pretty easy to figure out, but there are tons of options on the fridge. I think I’m just going to go to Pacific Sales and look at models and compare them to what Consumer Reports has rated. The french door style fridge seems like the way to go; I just want to see a few of the models in person.

I was also thinking about doing artificial turf for the front lawn instead of re-sodding it. It looks like the grass was dead long enough that it isn’t going to come back and it is primarily weeds now. I’ll have to do the math, but I think the cost of sod and then maintaining it is going to be higher than putting some artificial grass which will look great all year long in. I guess I need to figure out more of my grand landscape plan so I don’t put something in and then rip it out later. There are just so many things to think of doing, I don’t know if the list is ever going to stop.

I guess I just need to make some more money so I can afford all the things i want to do! I finally got tired of staring at a computer screen and magazines, so I decided to make some chocolate butterscotch cookies tonight and then watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The cookies turned out better than the movie, I wasn’t really all that impressed, maybe Harry Potter just doesn’t hold my interest anymore.

Ready to Go

Work went fairly well. It was quiet enough that I was able to get caught up on some stuff. I went and saw Bouse’s house and it looks pretty good. I came home and continued figuring out the finances for this house. It’s such a nightmare, I don’t want to have to deal with it for years to come again!

We do the inspection tomorrow and I’m ready to get moving on some of this other stuff. We are still waiting to get escrow papers and loan approval. The preliminary reports are looking good. Last night I found out talking to a neighbor that the house had been occupied by a couple who divorced and the guy who kept it eventually lost it. It sounds like it was vacant for a few months before they foreclosed on it, and that the owner wasn’t around much which is why not much has been done to the house. He said that it is a great neighborhood and they have had no problems with vandalism and so forth.

Escrow Open

Today was another fairly crazy day. I tried to get caught up on some things in the office today, but didn’t get all that far. At least I finally got to listen to all my voicemails and figure out what was important and had the ability to move on. I got my email cut down and hopefully will be able to get caught up tomorrow if it isn’t too crazy.

I signed docs for the loan today, so this may actually be going forward. Of course, we have to see if they actually come through with a loan and all that, but that is the plan. Alison and I went to dinner and then went and looked at the exterior of the house and neighborhood. We drove around a bit and then I dragged her to institute before taking her back to her car and letting her go home. We had some good talks, I wish we got to hang out more.

What Have I Done?

Today was pretty crazy. I don’t feel like I got any work done, and yet I was trying most of the day. I got in late and then spent some time talking with Tara about the house, last night and life.

The family and I went to see the house and accept the additional terms this afternoon. We really couldn’t find anything other than the entry door from the garage to the house and some cracks on the back of the house that don’t appear to go down to the foundation. We will need to have someone more qualified look at the house, and that is why we are hiring a home inspector, among other reasons.

I almost had to drive down to the zoo tonight to take a piece of a speaker, but I guess they decided to postpone hanging the rig. I spent my time working out details for the house. First action is trying to get all the documents together for financing. I can’t believe some of what they want and why they just don’t pull your tax returns from the IRS and compare your bank statements to make sure you are on the right track.

I started thinking of all the things that I will need to do as soon as I move in. I noticed that none of the rooms are prewired for ceiling fans. That will have to be a priority item, at least for the rooms I plan on spending time in. Tile and kitchen upgrades may have to take a back-seat for a while…


I put another offer on a house today. I’m a little afraid almost to actually get this one. It is the floor plan I want, same as Longbranch, with the change that the space of the tandem garage was added to the downstairs bedroom, so it is big and has a nice walk in closet! It would be prefect for renting, and really the room above it would work well too with a private bath and good size walk in closet. I think we have a good chance of getting it, which would be good. I wish it had some of the upgrades: flooring and kitchen. It is pretty much your stock home, but it does come with the faux wood blinds throughout, pretty much what I would put in which will save me some dinero there that I could use towards upgrading the kitchen down the road. I think first step would be putting in tile (there is linoleum) in the kitchen. I’d love to do granite or whatever the next big thing would be as well, but that is all cosmetic and can easily be done down the road. It’s a fair price, it’s just too bad that the extras don’t factor in. The backyard isn’t done at all, so the upside is that I could do what I want with it, if I ever came into a windfall of money that is!

Work was pretty crazy today. I barely got through payroll and some of my email between meetings and looking at this house. I had to go back this afternoon after trying to look at it this morning since we couldn’t get in. We think the previous agent who was there changed the code on the box so no one else could get in to look at the place and make an offer. Of course, that is just speculation.

I came home at a reasonable time this evening instead of going to FHE. I wasn’t sure what time FHE was at, and I didn’t feel like sitting around waiting for something, or nothing, to happen. I was able to get some things cleaned up at home and found some inventory we thought we had lost in the shed when looking through the stuff down there.