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Amazing Day at the Temple

I had an amazing time at the temple this morning. I was stopped in my tracks twice today by things that seemed especially beautiful. The light coming into the celestial room was amazing for at least an hour. I totally just had to stop and ponder. I looked at the designs being made on the floor from the light shining through the windows and so much more. The flowers up on the fourth floor atrium also caught me today. They just looked especially beautiful.

We had a meeting about Prop 8 tonight. The church wants us to make 500,000 calls between now and the election to try and gather more voters. It seems like a large task and I am starting to get burnt out on it.

I really tried to get to bed by 10 tonight, but Batch had me look into some things on the webserver that aren’t working quite right. I really don’t understand why this is so much work – every other server I’ve ever seen has been configured essentially the same with all the apache pieces put together. It seems like everyday that is something new that needs to be installed.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie

Cynthia and I went to the open house for the San Diego Temple Presidency tonight. We both thought it was a fireside for the incoming presidency, but it was an open house for the outgoing. We were expecting a big spiritual uplifting and instead got cookies. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Spiritual uplifting or cookies? Definitely the cookies, right? Well, sometimes it just isn’t what you expect.

In any event, this guy sat next to us who was hilarious. We had some chit chat and of course, he thought we were married. I guess the serving on different days and lack of rings didn’t clue him in. Cynthia and I kind of looked at each other and I think decided to go with it. At least he didn’t ask any questions we had to make up answers for. It might have been bad to lie at a temple function.

Well, in my usual fashion, I’ve let this get carried away and we’ve been continuing to play this up. We don’t have anyone to even play it up to anymore, but we have decided that today is our anniversary, our first anniversary that is. Because I’m a slacker and didn’t get her a present, I’m going to have to get working on that. it looks like the typical first year gift is stationary, so we decided on address labels – with my address because I pay the bills. Of course, I still have to make up for missing the anniversary and will do that later this week with cheesecake and a movie. Isn’t she amazing? How forgiving of her! She really is a winner! How did I get so lucky?

I guess we need to continue to work on our cover story if this is going to work out.

Five Endowments Later

Wow. Four o’clock came way too early this morning and it was not exactly what I would call fun getting up that early. Nevertheless, I did it and I would have been on time for the six o’clock session if I had recalled that Murrieta is about 15 minutes farther away than Fallbrook is from the San Diego Temple! It worked out though cause I got to hang with Bro Kowallis for the first two sessions, did one by myself and then caught up with the group after lunch and the chapel session.

The five sessions have totally wiped me out though. Or maybe it was getting up at four after going to bed around ten. Either way, I’m barely awake enough and really don’t have the energy enough to type this now.

I did get set apart tonight as the Elders Quorum President, in the temple of all places. That was kind of cool (literally, the room was freezing!) I also get set apart for another calling minutes later. I’ll be serving as an ordinance worker every Tuesday morning now. Looks like I’d better get used to getting up at four – or even earlier! What did I get myself into?

Actually, we had talked about this a long time ago and never got it started for some reason. I’m looking forward to it; I just need to figure out the logistical end of it and break the news to the office folks. I know they’re going to love me!

I was craving a strawberry lemonade as I was leaving the temple. Actually, I was craving one about 10 o’clock this morning. My throat was so dry I could barely stand to be there. I hit up Cheesecake Factory and had some amazing Orange Chicken. I think it was still hot as I devoured the last piece I ate it so fast. I was totally starving. Although, I must admit that the $3 I spent for chicken fried steak at the temple cafeteria today was totally worth it.

More to write, but I need to sleep…

Great Night at the Temple

I went to the temple tonight with Sister Dowden. Todd, Larilyn, Kenny and his friend from the Menifee Stake, Lorraine, joined us. We had a great time and learned a lot. We ended up doing sealings instead of a session because it was jam packed and we had almost a large enough group to do it. We were able to get one more brother to help us and so we got started.

Work was pretty crazy, although I was able to find a little bit of time to work on some social marketing.

Painting Ideas

I finally got Sib over here tonight. It nearly involved kidnapping her, nevertheless she came peacefully. We started talking about ideas for painting and she realized what a big job it is going to be. With dinner and then being rushed to go home teaching, we didn’t get anything settled, so we will have to finish it up another time.

Work went well today. Time seemed to fly and I can’t really pinpoint what exactly I was able to accomplish. My desk is still a mess…

Sister Dowden, Larilyn, Kenny and I went to the temple Tuesday night. I hadn’t been in a really long time – I think she the last time I went with Sister Dowden a few (two-three) months ago. It was good and so was the Cheesecake that followed. I got home way too late though and have been having a hard time getting up all week. I’ve barely made it to the office on time and haven’t had the leisurely time in the morning I like to have. That also means I haven’t had a chance to dive deeper into scripture study.

Larilyn was over last night and made cheesecake. Lauren and Michelle came and helped us eat the ground beef tacos that needed to be gone ASAP. Again I was up too late.

I was thinking tonight on the way home from home teaching that I could get to sleep early. Then I decided that this was my only chance to carpet clean Geoff’s room before he moves in, so I decided to do that. Then the hallway outside the garage. After the third time I filled the machine up, I decided it was time to call it a night! I’m glad I did it though because it appears that it pulled a lot of dirt out of the carpet. I need to work on doing a room a night or something so I can get the whole house done.

Geoff is moving in tomorrow, so my peace and quiet may be gone. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll start actively looking for more roommates once I’ve got him settled in so I can bring in the cash to keep working on the project list. Sib told me tonight not to get married, just so I could keep both sides of the closet! Oh the joys of sharing…

I’ve got dinner plans with the family tomorrow night and am hoping to get some family history done at the same time although I understand Tom won’t be home. Then I’m hoping to get the first movie night in this week and we’ll see what fun projects the weekend brings.

President Hinckley’s Funeral

I was not ready to get out of bed this morning, but knew that I needed to get going if I wanted to be there for President Hinckley’s funeral. I ended up going to the Dowden’s and watching it there. The service itself was very touching and so were many of the other tributes they ran to him. One elder gave a list of what he remembers from each president of the Church and wondered what we would remember Hinckley for because he did so many things. Sister Dowden suggested that he may be remembered for consecration and always remembering the poor. Temples were certainly a big push of his. Rexburg was set to be dedicated today and would have been number 125. When he took the office there was under fifty, I believe. I want even more to go to the Rexburg temple now. I may have to make a trip out there soon after it is dedicated.

One reporter compared the succession in the Church with the upcoming US Presidential election. She remarked at how calm and easy the process in the Church is compared with the craziness surrounding the election. In the church no one runs for a position, they are called by God. Someone else gave a few reasons to support our belief that the prophet is divinely called. Typically the prophet is the longest serving member of the Quorum of the Twelve (Fourteen currently). No one has any control over this other than God because He can control when authorities take office and when they are called to the veil. He can keep an authority in office until the time is right for the next longest serving to take his place or give the inspiration to the Quorum to call another individual.

I always have to wonder at a funeral what will I be remembered for. I can’t imagine having any fraction of the people that attended his funeral even care of my passing and can’t imagine what good I would possibly be remembered for. What is my contribution to society going to be? I don’t need to earn a Presidential Metal of Freedom. Lee Ann Womack sings “if I will love then I will find, that I have touched another life, and that’s something, something worth leaving behind.” I guess everything comes full circle back to love. Love sums up President Hinckley quite well in one word. Maybe charity (Christ-like love) would fit him even better and we all know how much that can make the world a better place.

After hanging out at the Dowden’s for a while, I decided to head to the temple. I had other things I could have been doing today, but I thought that would be a good way to honor President Hinckley and get out and do something he would have approved of rather than sitting around and listening to people talk about him all day. Larilyn joined me. There was a good number of people there again tonight. I had a good time sitting and pondering.

Somedays you want to solve the worlds problems, but you can’t even solve what is right in front of you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about home teaching the past week. … I am determined to do better …

I’m also determined to get some sleep and stop rambling.