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My Questions About Prop 8 In California

A friend of mine recently raised some excellent questions regarding proposition 8, the proposed amendment to the California Constitution to establish marriage as being only between a man and a woman. I think we all could benefit from pondering these questions before taking our vote to the polls next week.

The biggest question many seem to have is regarding what will be taught in the schools. After all, the actual text of the amendment doesn’t include any mention about education.

My Questions About Prop 8 In California

President Mattson Released

President Mattson was released today. It was a very emotional Sunday. When I first got to church I found his office open and empty. He had taken down all the art and the oversized comfy chairs were gone. The place was just dreary and it matched how I was feeling. I felt like a chunk of me was being taken away. President Mattson really feels like my bishop to me. He is definitely the one I have been with the longest and the only one I have gotten close with.

I was thinking back to the first time I really met him, when I interviewed him for my leadership class. I think it was then that I really determined to come back to church. I had been coming for a few weeks, but interviewing him is what got me hooked. I haven’t missed a week since. I think that is pretty remarkable coming from someone who hadn’t been in essentially a few years. I think I need to pull out a copy of that paper and give one to him. That was actually an interesting semester all around. I went through so much and learned so much. It was the only time I found LDS friends at Fullerton, both of them in the same class.

I remember taking the calling as Sunday School President and being worried about the time and having to go to meetings and so forth. I quickly learned that I never want a calling where I’m not in branch council. Even though I may not participate much, I love the insight from President Mattson and the others and the opportunity to serve with them. President Smith said today that this branch has never been about marriage; it has been about service.

President Mattson asked me what has been the most fun thing we’ve done in the branch. I wasn’t thinking spiritually and answered eventually that I’m just too busy taking pictures to really have fun. But taking the pictures is fun to me. The spiritual journey has been thrilling and really just taking it day to day has been fun. Are there things we could improve on, sure. Is this the best branch I know of, yes!

I’m happy that President Mattson and Brother Rigby are both being returned to their families. They are destined for greatness and while it will be hard for all of us to adjust, the Lords work is progressing under His direction. While I feel like I am loosing friends, I hope this just means our friendship can grow.

I’m looking forward to getting to know President Clegg and his counselors and families. This will in and of itself be an interesting and new challenge for me. Zach is leaving soon and I’ve been asked to carry forward with the elders quorum until they learn of a replacement. I guess it really is true: I was just getting comfortable, maybe too comfortable for comfort!

I went to the Dowden’s briefly this evening to make an appearance. I haven’t seen most of the Dowen clan for at least two weeks, so I felt we needed some time. Sister Dowden and I are going to work this week on getting some social networking going for CBC and I’m going to help her get a store running online for her pole vaulting tips. I came home and wrote cards to Stephanie and Tara. I really felt like writing more, but I don’t want to be a distraction. I figure smaller items more frequently are better. I do really miss Stephanie. Seeing pictures last night – and this morning in the clerks office – as well as having Chris back around have made me realize this. I hope she is doing well. Brother D and I need to make good on our threat (?) to go and see her soon.

No Work Done

The day was pretty busy at the office. It probably didn’t help that we took a two-hour long lunch break. Bouse apparently had setup lunch with Richie, who brought his boss, Batch was in town with the day off and Christa happened to show up at the office. I first told Bouse that we had to stay at the office. He suggested we just leave Tara there and I told him I wasn’t going to do that. We thought about it some and just decided to invite Tara, that the business world could hold for an hour or so on a Monday. I think we all had a good time.

Bouse and I tried to get some work done in the afternoon, but it just didn’t seem to happen. We were trying to work on the employee manual and other things we had been talking about, but we couldn’t seem to put the world on hold long enough to actually get anything done.

We had a good meeting this evening after a presentation from Aflac. What they have to offer sounds good, but I don’t think any of us are really in a position to need it today. We got through a lot of things it seemed tonight. There are a lot of things that I should have done and haven’t yet, and there are also some things that we actually got to cross off the list that have been on there for a while, like changing out the truss.

At FHE tonight, Sabrina lead a discussion about prayer. I think I need to start taking better notes during these talks because I have a hard time remembering any of the details later. In any event, we need to pray and pray often.

After FHE I got a group together to go to Chili’s. It ended up being Melissa, Brooke, Tim, Lauren and I.

After Chili’s, I tried to return Lauren to Target. I don’t think Norma even recognized me at first, but she had to have figured it out when she saw someone carrying a girl to the return counter! She said that they had a crazy first day. She couldn’t even use her computer until about 9:30 and then kept having all sorts of problems from then on. It sounds like they are off to a great start this year!

Speaking of school, I think I forgot to mention yesterday that when I realized school was starting Monday, I got kind of sad that I wasn’t going back. I started looking at Fullerton, but they wouldn’t let me register for classes – even though I get an email everyday telling me when my registration window is! That made me start looking at graduate school. I first started at Fullerton, and then realized that would be the last place I would want to go for more school. I ended up looking at the Marriott School of Business at BYU and BYU’s law school. Both programs seem very intense, with lots of competition to get in and a full time schedule once you are in. The business school actually won’t let you do any work during your first year in the MBA program. The law school requires you to have a laptop, one of two specifically configured machines they offer. I decided at that point I couldn’t do it, but then I found the exception that you could do it with a MacBook Pro and bootcamp! I told Larilyn I was looking at going to BYU. While she couldn’t believe it, she told me I should apply just to see if I could get in. I guess I’ll see if I can enjoy some more time without school before deciding what to do. I do feel somewhat like I should use the time I have now to get all the education I can. However, at the same time, it seems like I should continue to see what we can make of this business.

Either way, I need to pray and get to sleep so I can attempt to join Tara in the morning!

OK, 11:30, I need sleep!

House to Beat

It’s almost official now. I saw my grades this morning for my last semester of college. That’s right, I passed the government accounting class with a C. I would have loved to have done better, but I’m 100% OK with that grade! I think the C in Strategic Management is a little off, but again, I’m just happy to be done.

When we were out house shopping on Saturday, I was wearing my gym shirt from BYU-Idaho. I don’t wear it all that often, but it was just the only shirt that looked good for the day. In any event, we ran into three groups of people who commented on the shirt. When we were walking into a Van Daele site in French Valley, a couple said something to the effect of great school. I wasn’t quite on my game (hadn’t realized what shirt I was wearing, I guess) and just responded “yeah” and left it at that. Later, at the last group of houses we saw, Ryland’s Jasmine Estates, we ran into a couple that went to school there who it seemed was purchasing one of the homes. We chatted for a while both on the in and the out trip through the sales office. After dinner at BJ’s, as we were walking out, this group of girls shouted “BYU” and cheered. I probably should have found out who they were, but I was so ready to go home at that point. Word to the wise… don’t spend an afternoon looking at houses.

I didn’t make it to Arizona this week. Alison ended up deciding to look for a job, which is probably a good thing, and I decided to wait to see what happens with the neighbor that might be interested in the house. I also figured it would give me some time to get through some of the other work I have to do with closing and collecting various accounts. I was also hoping to pick up some sales this week for CBC, but it has been fairly quiet.

I spent Monday doing odd jobs around the house mainly. After the family dinner, I headed out to the branch president’s land for the branch activity and FHE. He’s got some cool stuff going on out there with a lake/pool, outdoor amphitheater and other stuff. I wish I could have spent more time there, but I felt it was right to be home for dinner.

Nathaniel and I went and looked at some more houses Wednesday after work. What we ended up seeing was way too expensive and not very impressive. I was misled by some advertising. It turned out the one development I was really interested in was mainly townhomes, although it does have some detached townhome style houses too. They don’t have models built yet, so there really wasn’t anything to see. The other development they had there had one model in the 400s while the rest were mid 500s and higher!

Veranda Exterior

This evening we may have found the house to beat. It’s at Morningstar Ranch, on the 79 at Pourroy Road, less than 10 minutes from the office. The homes are by Brookfield and this is the Veranda community. The house really had everything I was looking for. Separate living and dining rooms.

Veranda Living Room
Veranda Dining

Good size kitchen with island and breakfast bar, which actually looks out the window instead of in at the kitchen like most.

Veranda Kitchen

One doesn’t have to walk through the laundry room to enter the house and it’s got a nice size laundry room to boot! It doesn’t have any bonus rooms or really cool amenities, but it has the necessities covered. The “standard” config has five bedrooms, one downstairs which can be turned into an office and one of the upstairs rooms which can be turned into a “loft.” The upstairs one just looses the closet and door, so I don’t see the point in it. It would be nice to have an office downstairs, but I think I would have it built as a bedroom too for more functionality. Either way, each room would have a full private bathroom which would be cool for renting the room out, which I would need to do if I was to afford this house! It is a bit over my pricerange, but might be do-able if I could guarantee one renter and find another. The house also has a double deep two car garage so there is lots of storage room with still ample parking. And the best part? We saw not only the fiber going to the houses, but signs from Verizon in the models advertising FIOS. Sounds like we might have a winner on our hands.

We still have a few more options to explore and a house in Tucson to sell, but we may be moving forward. The development has a few houses ready to go for 45 day move-in (i.e. they are built, just need to be finished with the desired options), but the development is only in phase 4 of 10, so they will still be building for a while. This is anther plus as many of the other places we looked at seemed to be selling their final phases.

So… anyone interested in renting a room to help me afford this house? It’s either that or I need to get married for another income!

I’m Done!

This semester may have pulled down my GPA, but that really doesn’t matter to me… What matters is that I’M DONE!

Spring 2007------------------------------------------------------------(Senior)
ACCT-403  Accounting Govern+Nonprof  3.00  C        6.00
ACCT-408  Problems In Taxation       3.00  A       12.00
HESC-342  Stress Management          3.00  A       12.00
HUSR-350  Leadership                 3.00  A       12.00
MGMT-449  Seminar In Strategic Mgt   3.00  C        6.00
Academic Status Not Yet Determined
Enrollment  Dates:   January 20, 2007 to May 25, 2007
Term         15.00     15.00     15.00     48.00    3.20       18.0
CSUF         84.00     84.00     84.00    277.20    3.30      109.2
Cumulative  165.00    165.00    185.00    633.20    3.42      263.2

I also think the C in Strategic Mgmt is bogus, but all I care about is that I passed!

Just Might Be a College Graduate

So as usual, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a public blog, so we’ve got a lot of housekeeping to do.

We held my mom’s memorial service about a month ago in Tucson. While I know she would not approve of us gathering and remembering her, it was good. I got to learn a few things I didn’t know and also got to meet a lot of the people that she got to know in Arizona. We drove her van back to sell it and also to bring back home a treadmill that will never get used in this house.

I managed to survive through the last few weeks of school. Even more exciting, I managed to survive without walking at my graduation! I was starting to feel some pressure, but it seemed like everyone forgot (or just gave up) when the time got closer. I am still waiting for the grades to come in, but I could very well be officially done with school for now. I certainly hope so anyway, because I would hate to have to take government accounting again.

I was called as Sunday School President about six weeks ago. I think I am finally figuring out what it is I am supposed to be doing, although I think I am still missing some of the pieces. We called a new teacher two weeks ago. Shawn taught his first class today and I think did a wonderful job. The class was very involved and I hope was able to take away some useful items from the lesson on being more child-like, forgiving and loving. We called a new teacher today. I am anxious to get him going and then maybe we can work on building the program.

I spent my first week out of school installing a domain controller at GT. Things went much better this time over last, but I still ran into a few kinks. Most things have been worked out, but I think I still have some tasks to accomplish.

I actually went to the branch activity this week for the first time. It was movie night, so I figured it was right up my alley. Of course, this happened to be on the one day that I wasn’t already in Murrieta, but I drove up there anyway. It was good to get out and spend some time with other members.

I was pleased to find out today that our branch is starting to host a Sunday evening branch prayer meeting at the home of one of the shepherds. That and the sweet swap that followed was one of those little things that just made me feel so much more at home when I was in Idaho. Of course, it was a lot easier in Idaho when we all lived within a two minute walk of each other, but I’m anxious to see how this works here. It is of course hard for me living in Fallbrook, but maybe I can solve that problem in the next few months.

I spent some time Friday morning, as well as all of Saturday afternoon house hunting in the Murrieta area. I really liked North Oaks townhouses, but my dad has talked me into buying a house as he believes it will appreciate more than a townhouse because the land will appreciate faster than the buildings. So, we re-evaulated the budget and I dragged Nathaniel along with me Saturday to go looking at houses. We came home exhausted after looking at probably 40 new model homes. It’s so hard to remember anything now, but we saw some things we liked, some things we didn’t and some really expensive houses – at least they were out of my budget!

I’m kind of leaning towards the Winchester/French Valley area, but there are two things that I have to figure out. First off, I would be limited mainly to 79/Winchester Rd as the way to get to a freeway. This could take 15 minutes on a good day, or much longer on a bad day. The good news is that I’d probably only be looking at a 10-15 minute drive to or from the office as it’s only about four miles. I might even be able to ride my bike to the office if I could find a way to avoid 79.

The second question, deals with the future… What school district would the house fall in? One group of houses falls into Hemet, while ones just to it’s south are part of Temecula Unified. I guess I need to figure out if there are major differences in the educations in case I end up staying in this house for a while. Some of these houses certainly were big enough to stay in for a while. If I was able to find a renter or two to help share the cost, I might even be able to afford the house too!

I found it interesting as we were looking what became the items I was looking for. I couldn’t stand walking into a house and being in the dining room. That just seemed really weird to me, even though it is really that way in our Fallbrook house. You are presented with four choices from the entry in our house now, East hallway (morning room), Dining room, Living room or West hallway. Many of these houses, you were just in the dining room and I felt it should be the living room one walks into first. I really liked one house we looked at that had stain glass like clear windows between the living room (front) and formal dining room. It had nice access to the kitchen from the dining room as well, but it was really separated. Of course, I don’t remember which one of the houses this was at this point, but maybe I could find it again…

The other thing that turned out to be a major pet peeve, and I don’t have a clue why, was walking through the laundry room to get in from the garage. I realize this is the most common way of getting in, but it really seems to bother me. Some were better than others and some just put the laundry upstairs (where it seems to make more sense to me) to solve the problem all together. Of course, it also seemed that some put the garage door miles away from the kitchen which could be a pain when bringing in groceries.

One thing I found myself looking for, but had never thought of putting on a list before, was having a breakfast bar kind of area in the kitchen. Just being able to sit at the island and eat seems really nice to me. Now, that would mean there are three places one could eat without even considering an unofficial eating place, such as in front of the TV, but I think this all revolves around my love of food…

We looked at one house that had a sitting room in the master bedroom upstairs. (You got into it via double doors and then the room broke off to the bathroom and bedroom which could be separated with doors if wanted.) I had this vision of holding family home evenings or family prayers in this room and sending the kids off to bed. It was really kind of odd. Along the same line, we looked at some houses that had “retreats” or exercise rooms off the master bathroom, but I thought it was very odd to have a room that one could only get to through the bathroom. (I also don’t understand why everyone puts the alarm system control panel and house wiring in the master bedroom closet – wouldn’t the garage be a great place for these things?)

I also found a bathroom feature I fell in love with. Instead of the typical Jack & Jill bathroom, it has what I came to call the zig-zag bathroom. Each bedroom had it’s own sink which was then connected with with the toilet/shower between. I thought it was cool and helped give each person some more personal space, but it also keeps things more separated as opposed to the straight through approach.

Nathaniel seemed to really love the bonus rooms in some of the houses, but all I could think about was furnishing them! I like the idea, but it also seems like a hassle to have another room. We already have a family room and a living room, why do we need a third room to never use? A lot of the houses we modeled with pool tables and such in there, so I guess it could be more of a game or theme room, but I would feel inclined just to have another bedroom. One can never have enough bedrooms or bathrooms in my opinion.

There is also the possibility of houses just off the 15 at Clinton Keith in Wildomar. I like the freeway access and that it appears this would make it about 15 minutes to most of the places I would be headed, but I don’t know that I would want my kinds going to Lake Elsinore HS. I don’t know why, I guess I just have a bad impression of it for some reason. I need to do some school research. I also could just not worry about that far down the road and assume that when I get married I’ll end up having to move because my leading lady won’t like the house I’ve picked out.

I also looked at some places in practically Menifee, but I really don’t think I want to live that far out there. But then I question if Winchester/French Valley isn’t just as far out there, or maybe even father. Nathaniel suggested figuring out where I wanted to live and find the best house available. i seem to be doing things the other way around. Find the best house and see if you can make it’s location work. We all knew there was more than one screw loose with me already, right?

Then there is the whole possibility of a “pre-owned” home. I have nothing against this route, it just seems impossible for me to find one I like. I’ve searched a few sites and it seems that either the seller hasn’t figured out prices have gone down in the last year or that they just don’t appeal to me. However, I could be a bit picker about location going that route and might have more options to choose from.

I guess I need to focus on getting the house in Arizona sold before I worry too much about buying a house out here, but that is actually this weeks task. I’m hoping to start getting things rolling on making the house look presentable and figuring out what needs to be done so that we can get it on the market in the next month if at all possible and get it sold quickly thereafter. I would love to have escrow closed before the end of August.

First problem… Anyone want some dogs? I’m thinking craigslist.

Idaho Spotlight

For once, I actually have a lot to report from the last two weeks or so.

Last Monday I was in the “spotlight” at FHE. They do this thing where one person gets up at the beginning of FHE and tells everyone else about him or herself. As part of the deal you get to pick someone to go the next week when you are done. As no one knew me, I got picked pretty much right off the bat. It wasn’t that big of a deal for me, I just talked about Idaho and joining the church, CBC and getting the heck done with school. Then they asked questions and it was my turn to pick someone new. That was certainly the hardest part, especially since I really knew no one at that point.

Today, as with many other days, I wore my BYU-Idaho sweatshirt to Cal State Fullerton. I literally wear the thing practically everyday, and have never that I can remember had one comment about it. (One girl at In-N-Out asked what ward I was in once, but that wasn’t at CSUF). Today, I got two within one minute of each other! Ashley, a girl in my leadership class who reminds me of Nicole Grondin for some reason, always sits at the front of class. Except today there was already someone sitting in her spot, so she ended up in the back in the same row as me. She saw the sweatshirt on her way back and asked, “Are you LDS?” Confused at first, I stumbled and said, “What?” She repeated and I answered yes. It turns out she is too.

Well, not more than one minute later, our teacher walks back and asks me if I went to BYU-Idaho. He tells me his wife’s family was somehow involved with Ricks College – and that was her maiden name! At this point I was just way confused. I hadn’t expected Ashley, to surprise me like that, and I never in my imagination could have expected my teacher to be married to someone involved with early BYU-Idaho! I think I spent the entire class just trying to sort out my thoughts.

I’m sure there is more, but I am practically falling asleep typing, so I think it is time to call it a night.

CSU Strike Postponed

I just got this message from CSU Fullerton:

The CSU Board of Trustees today deferred a decision on fact-finding recommendations.   The contract has been extended until April 6, 2007 to allow the parties to use the fact-finding panel’s report as a basis for settlement.  There will be no concerted strike activity during this period.

I’m glad to hear that the teachers have agreed not to strike during spring break, that would have been pretty stupid on everyone’s part! I guess it would have been OK to do it the week after to make a longer break, but I don’t know if I would give teachers that much credit. They’ll probably wait now to strike until the week before finals or during final exams.

Ten Minutes to Spare

Well a few days have passed, so let’s see what’s happened.

I worked late on Monday and then went to FHE before coming home and trying to get ready for school on Tuesday. We gout our group case back in strategic management; we got an 8 out of 10. I was happy, but we probably could have done better. In Leadership we rehearsed a meeting with role play and did some mock group counseling. It was interesting to see the group dynamics, especially with the participants role playing different parts. For example, there was a follower, reinforcer, negative leader, summarizer, etc. It made me think of some of the meetings I’ve been in before where one can’t actually get accomplished what was set out to be done. I think the test in government went well. It was 40 questions that all seemed fair and fairly easy. It was mainly figuring out journal entries. I guess we’ll find out next week how we did.

Wednesday morning I kept working through getting the books closed for 2006 and got through most of the hard stuff. Fortunately it was fairly quiet, so I was able to get a lot done. In my stress management class we reviewed for the midterm by making up test questions in groups and then putting the group work together and producing a practice test. I will give her credit for an interesting activity, but it was kind of weird. Our professor says that she is going to take one question from each chapter of our sample test and put it on the real exam, so we should be able to get 10% right! In tax we actually finished chapter 15, even though Kortney and I didn’t think it was going to happen. We got off on all sorts of tangents – or maybe rather long side stories – but I guess it keeps class interesting.

I was actually able to get the corporate taxes done and mailed today. I was planning on getting into the office early this morning, but I really only made it there basically on time. I tried to keep the interruptions to a minimum and got the taxes to the post office at 4:50! I wasn’t able to get the reconciliation to balance, so I’m going to attempt that later and file an amended return if I can figure it out! All in all, it wasn’t horrible, but it is never fun giving money away either. I guess that means we just need to spend more of it next year. We actually bought more equipment this year than California would allow us to expense under 179, so that was a first, but it probably won’t be the last.

Aimee came by the office to get some videos done. She looked a little confused at my car and couldn’t believe I got rid of the truck. I still haven’t seen the kid, but I’m sure I’ll have enough time to teach him to be a troublemaker later in life!

Ryan was trying to convince me this morning that I need to plan on participating in graduation ceremonies. I really haven’t been planning on it and don’t see the need or the desire to waste another day of my life at that stupid school. Plus, I’m sure they’ll charge me another $200 for something or other. How about I just get my receipt and get on with my life?

Thnk Dif

I went to the DMV this morning and got my personalized plates transferred to my new car. The process wasn’t all that bad, and took less than 45 minutes once I got there. It still amazes me that we can’t do something like that online, maybe in a few years. It also annoys me that one can’t get a refund of the fees paid, or at least apply them to a different vehicle.

The office was fairly quiet today, which helped me get some things done. Of course I’m not caught up yet, but I was happy with what got done today. I found out that Pyro was diagnosed with Shingles this morning. I hope that he has a speedy recovery and he can maybe use the time to get some other things in order.

I went to GT this afternoon to fly the projector for tomorrow’s wedding. I also took care of getting the new iPod hooked up in the rack in the grand hall. I bet Scott won’t know what to do if he walks in and sees that I actually, finally did something with it! I got to talk with Amanda for a while too before leaving for CYT. I was surprised to see all the staff in black vests – I guess they really are getting away from the maroon.

CYT tonight went fairly well. We tried to rig a palm tree, but ran out of time and couldn’t find all the materials to do it anyway. During the show, I was able to get about 3/4 of the way through the part of my tax class that I missed this week, so that was good. I also found out that I got an 87 (A-) on the exam! That is about what I was figuring I would get. Now I’m just curious to find out what questions I missed.

Kortney gave me some advice for the case for my management class, so hopefully I can work on my part of the project tomorrow and get it out of the way. Now I think it is time for bed so that I can get an early start on my long list of projects for tomorrow.

Tough Day

Today was pretty tough. Other than that though, things have been fairly good. School has been crazy and I’m not sure how this semester is going to turn out. I have a few interesting teachers and a lot of group projects. Fortunately, it looks like I am going to be able to spread them out fairly evenly throughout the semester to keep the impact down. …

Well, I should get to sleep, but I should write more often… I guess there are a lot of things I should do more often. Good night.

Fall 2006 Grades

Thank the Lord – I just hope everyone else in my Acct 301b class was able to squeak by too!

Fall 2006--------------------------------------------------------------(Senior)
ACCT-301B Intermediate Accounting    3.00  C        6.00
ACCT-302  Cost Accounting            3.00  A       12.00
ACCT-308  Concepts Fed Income Tax    3.00  B        9.00
ECON-335  Internat Economy (WEB)     3.00  B        9.00
MKTG-351  Principles Of Marketing    3.00  B        9.00
Academic Status Not Yet Determined
Enrollment  Dates:   August 19, 2006 to January 2, 2007
Term         15.00     15.00     15.00     45.00    3.00       15.0
CSUF         69.00     69.00     69.00    229.20    3.32       91.2
Cumulative  150.00    150.00    170.00    585.20    3.44      245.2


Three finals down, two to go. It was kind of nice going in to school later today, I was able to get a decent amount of stuff done – actually – homework and I made it to the office to ship out an order, process another one and deposit some money. But now here comes the best part of going into school late – I got to go somewhere for lunch after 10:30 and that wasn’t in the immediate vicinity of CSUF. I’m sure you’ve got it by now, but if not, here is your final hint: I haven’t been to this one all semester! Well, if you guessed Fuddruckers, you got it right.

In any event, my marketing final went well I hope. It didn’t seem too hard, but some of the questions were a little on the weird side that it was hard to come up with even the idea of what the question was trying to ask. I got out of that exam way early and had over two hours to kill before my accounting final. Fortunately, I was able to put the time to use by studying for the test. I had never seen the library so full before in my life, but I finally found a spot and worked through some problems from the book and tried to figure out what I knew and didn’t know. The test went well and I went over it many times trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything – at least not for stupid careless errors. I’m hoping that I did well and that I won’t have to be taking this class over again. Actually, I hope that Kortney and Ashley and the whole rest of the class did well as well and that no one will have to suffer through that class again!

Another Semester Down, Almost

So much for writing again… Yeah, yeah, I know. I really don’t have the time to do this tonight, but I think it will be worthwhile in the end, so here goes:

Today was the last day of classes for this semester. I have three finals next week and then a full month off! After that there will hopefully just be one semester left (5 classes) and then I’ll be done for good! This is of course assuming that I manage to pass my Acct 301B class. I also got my Grad Check back from the business advising center today and I turned it back into Admissions & Records. Supposedly, I am now an official candidate for graduation in just six months!

This semester has gone by really quick. It helps being so busy with other stuff, but I guess what everyone says is true – that every semester goes by faster than the last one. Kortney and I were talking just last week about how it seemed like the semester just started.

I went out to Tucson at the beginning of Thanksgiving break to see my mom and set her up with a phone. She seemed to do be pretty good, but certainly isn’t 100% yet. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.

CBC has moved to the new shoffice (Kelly – Chad’s wife – suggested the name as we sometimes call it an office and sometimes call it the shop). Almost all of the stuff is gone from the house and it has been nice to get out, even though it has been kind of weird and I’ve had a lot of long days in the office already.

Well there are tons of other things to say, but I need to get to sleep now!

Spring Class Schedule

I think this is the plan, assuming I can get the classes when I register tomorrow morning:

Tue or Wed 1 pm

MGMT 449 Seminar in Strategic Management Spring 2007
Description: Prerequisites: Business Admin 301, all other College of Business and Economics core courses and departmental approval. Integrative cases from top management viewpoint. Administrative processes, ethical-legal-economic implications of business decisions, international applications; organization theory and policy formulation. Individual and team efforts.
Units: (3)

Tue 4 p.m.

HUSR 350 Leadership Skills and Personal Development Spring 2007
Description: Prerequisite: completion of General Education Categories I.A, I.B, and III.C.1. Investigation of leadership concepts and skills, including psychological process, conflict resolution, counseling and human service skills. Course will help students become aware of their personal leadership styles; maintaining vitality through physical and mental health will be stressed. (Same as Counseling 350)
Units: (3)

Tue 7 p.m.

ACCT 403 Accounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Entities Spring 2007
Description: Prerequisites: Accounting 301B with grade of “C” (2.0) or better and Business Admin 301. Fund accounting as applied to governmental and nonprofit entities; state and federal governments, municipalities, hospitals and universities. Budgets, tax levies, revenues and appropriations, expenditures and encumbrances, various types of funds, and accounting statements.
Units: (3)

Wed 4 p.m.

HESC 342 Stress Management Spring 2007
Description: Prerequisites: one course from General Education Category IV.B; at least sophomore standing. The nature of stress and the physiological and psychological effects of prolonged stress responses. Includes short and long term somatic and behavioral techniques (exercise, relaxation, meditation, nutrition, time management and goal setting) for management of stress. Health Science majors may not count this course for General Education. Kinesiology majors may count this course either for the major or for General Education. (Same as Kinesiology 342)
Units: (3)

Wed 7 p.m.

ACCT 408 Problems in Taxation Spring 2007
Description: Prerequisites: Accounting 308 with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better and Business Admin 301. Federal income tax as it applies to corporations, partnerships, fiduciaries, and federal estate and gift taxes as they apply to taxable transfers.
Units: (3)

Doesn’t this just sound way too much fun?!?